I thought of this story because Raven's whole life has been nothing but tragedy … for someone who has led such a tragic life like her, it's amazing how far she has progressed … like Robin said "Raven's the most hopeful person he knows" … this story isn't about her with her powers, it's about her as a normal person … I hope you like …

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Too Late?

The sun would be rising soon; it was only 6:11 in the morning anyway. Her usual morning routine would include taking a shower, putting on her clothes and applying her dark makeup before heading out to school. Today, however, was different.

There would be no shower. For what she was contemplating, she didn't need to get dressed or have makeup on. For what she was about to do, she would never have to go to school ever again.

Looking down into her pale hands, she examined the gun she grasped. Gazing over this mechanism of death, she was entranced by it. She had taken it from her father's nightstand after he had left for work. If he were to find out about it, she wouldn't have to worry …

She hated her father. Ever since her mother left, her hatred for her father had intensified. She was disgusted at how he would drink himself into unconsciousness every night. Sometimes, in the worst of days, he took out his anger on her, beating her until his own hands hurt. During days like that, she tried not to cry out, or else he would hit her harder. For the most part, that explained the many days Raven had missed from school, she didn't want to reveal the bruises he inflicted on her.

Raven stared over to her dresser clock, noticing how fast time went by. It was already 6:35. School started at 7:15, but today would be another day she would miss.

For her, school was somewhat of a sanctuary. She always felt safe in the confines of its corridors and halls, away from her father. However, sometimes, school was just another hell. She had no friends. Always alone, she kept to herself and read the many books she acquired from the library. It was always hard on some days when the popular people would walk by her. She wasn't deaf. She could hear the taunts and insults they said about her once they thought she was out of earshot.

She knew she shouldn't be concerned about what others felt about her, however, it did. In her life, Raven had never known what true happiness was. All she knew was pain and sorrow … tragedy. Staring down at the gun in her hands, she knew it would all be over after that trigger was pulled. Grasping it, she brought it to her head.

Ring … Ring … Ring …

She lifted her finger off the trigger as her cell phone rang. Raven stared down at her cell phone, which flashed, until she finally made a decision. She placed the gun in her lap before bringing the phone to her ear.

"Hello …" She said sorrowfully.

"Hey Raven!"

On the other line, she recognized the voice as Garfield Logan … one of the skaters at her school, he usually was labeled the class clown and somewhat of a geek. She found his perky voice annoying in the early morning hours and thought about hanging up. Yet, she didn't.

"What do you want Gar?" Raven asked monotone.

"I don't know … just wanted to call you and see what's up?" He replied.

Raven sighed. They both had known each other since elementary school and used to be close friends, however, that was then. Recently, though, Gar had found himself in a class with Raven and was usually the only person who talked to her at school. Technically it was her fault that he had called at all, also, since awhile back he had asked for her number and she, stupidly, gave it to him.

"I'm busy right now." Raven coldly answered.

"Oh, sorry … umm, can I at least ask you something?"

Raven stayed silent. Gar continued after taking Raven's silence as an affirmation to speak again.

"Its kinda embarrassing and I apologize for calling so early in the morning … but … I just wanted to know if you'd like to hang out today … after school?" He asked as he stumbled to let the words out.

Raven stared down at the gun that rested in her lap. Gar was the only person who had actually talked to Raven at school even though his own friends criticized their friendship. Gar defended their friendship innumerous times because he knew that Raven was a good person. However, Raven wasn't thinking about the good times … she only saw the bad.

"… I'm not going to school …" She said at last.

On the other line, Raven could hear Gar's disappointment as he sighed. It confused her; of all the people who would actually call her, fate chose Garfield Logan. Was fate trying to tell her something?

"Are you okay Raven … cause, I haven't seen you at school much lately. I know we don't really talk because of that, but if something's wrong … you can tell me."

Tears formed in Raven's eyes as Garfield spoke. It wasn't just a coincidence that Gar called her, she thought to herself; seemed fate had a reason for Raven to not pull the trigger.

"Gar … I-I … I have no reason to live anymore …" She admitted as her voice cracked from her crying. "… I'm going to kill myself Gar, there's no other way …"

"Raven … what are you tal"

"… I can't stand it anymore Gar … I'm sorry …" She cut him off. Crystal tears were streaming down her pale cheeks as she spoke.

"… Raven, don't … let's talk about this; I'll be there in ten minutes! Stay on the phone with me, tell me what's been going on?!"

Garfield shouted from the other side in panic and concern as Raven could hear him rushing as he put on his clothes. Raven stayed silent as her indigo eyes scanned the silver pistol in her lap.

"Rae … please, let me help you, I'm coming …" Gar repeated over and over to reassure Raven.

"I'm sorry Gar …"



"Raven … Raven!?"

Gar desperately shouted at his cell phone as he raced across his lawn and to his car. He quickly dialed Raven's number back and jumped into the driver's seat while starting the ignition. The phone rang and rang; she wasn't going to pick it up.

"Damn it … damn it!"

Garfield threw his phone to the passenger seat and shifted to drive before speeding off. Raven's house was only three blocks away. He had only been there once, a long time ago when they were kids. He remembered how back then, things were a lot simpler and happy. He even remembered the crush he had on her.

"Please Raven … don't do this …" Gar mumbled as he came into view of her house.

He drove his car onto the curb, nearly careening it into the chain-link fence around her yard. Gar swung his car's door open and ran. He jumped over the fence and rushed up to her door slamming his fist on it.

"Raven! … Open up! … Please open up Rae …" He yelled at the silent house.

Looking around the front porch, he tried to find some sort of hidden key that she might have had just in case. He turned over dead potted plants, the faded welcome rug, and even checked the hanging light a few feet above his head. Getting to his knees, he felt around the edges of the front porch doorway and finally found the rusted, near forgotten key.

Gar got back to his feet and forced the key into the keyhole. Opening the door, he pushed it aside as he hurried to Raven's room. Down the hallway, he worried that he would be too late; however he suppressed this image out of his mind and found her door. Swinging her door open, he found her …


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