Okay … here's chapter two …

Too Late?

"Oh God no … Raven …"

Raven was breathing hard, almost hyperventilating as she lay on her bed. Gar hurried to her side and found her blankets and clothing bloodstained and red. Raven had shot herself in her chest. Gar knew it must have been only minutes after his call because the sheets were already soaked. In his mind, he believed he was too late, yet he spied Raven's cell phone beside her and grasped for it, calling 911.

"Hello … I need an ambulance! She's dying … a gunshot to the chest! Hurry damn it … the address is 8358 Willow Way! Send an ambulance fast! Please just get here!"

He pressed the end button on her phone and stared into Raven's glossy indigo eyes. Lifting her head gently, he laid her head in his lap and stroked her cheek.

"Raven … stay with me, help will come …" He whispered to her.

Raven tried to smile, but coughed as the pain shot inside of her. Blood trekked down from the side of her mouth and Gar wiped it away.

"… I'm sorry Gar … I'm sorry …" She said to him through the pain in her chest.

"Don't talk Rae … helps coming …" He reassured her.

Tears fell from her eyes. Gar couldn't stand the sight of his friend, dying in his arms. He closed his eyes as he felt tears forming. However, he opened them, knowing that if she died … he was with her.

"I love you Rae …" He said to her as he brushed her hair back. "… ever since we were kids, I've always felt this way towards you …"

Gar found her hand and grasped onto it. Her hand felt cold, she wasn't going to make it.

"… don't leave me Rae … don't leave me like all the others have." He said.

Raven coughed and he again wiped away the blood that fell on her face. He peered to her chest wound and found it soaked in red. Her black tank top wasn't black anymore. He held her head close to him as he turned his focus back on her.

"… Please Raven … stay with me …"

Raven stared into his green eyes. She had shot herself in the chest because of all the heartbreak she felt in her life. Somewhat metaphoric, she wanted to get rid of it all, however, here she was still alive yet slowly nearing death.

"Gar …" She spoke up. "… I'm sorry … I-I …"

Pain shot into her again as she moaned. There wasn't much time left for her, she knew.

"… I didn't know you felt … the same … I'm sorry …"

Raven's breathing slowed.

"… stay with me Rae … you can do it …" Gar tried to reassure himself and her.

"… I … love … you …"

Raven closed her eyes and her breathing slowed, until it stopped.

"Rae … Rae!" Gar shouted out.

He shook her a little to try to wake her, but it was too late.


Tears streamed down his cheeks as he held her head to his chest. He hugged her, not wanting to let go, but from outside he heard the front door being slammed open. Voices could be heard down the hall as footsteps neared Raven's room. The door opened and the paramedics moved inside, yet finding Gar, they knew it was too late.

Gar cried. If only things had been different, maybe he could have seen the signs … maybe he could have saved her. But life wasn't always about happy endings …


"I think about you everyday … I think about how I should have been a better friend … how I should have helped you … how I should have saved you …"

The wind gently blew as words were being spoken. It had only been a week since that fateful day. For Gar, however, he still lived it everyday.

"… I miss you Rae …"

Huddling a white rose against the wind, Gar finally laid it on Raven's grave. There was only one other flower besides Gar's, one that Raven's mother had left. Raven's death had almost gone unnoticed, until Gar found the courage to talk to a school counselor about the incident.

Yet, even through it all, barely anyone visited her resting place. Sorrow filled Gar. Is this how all people will go someday? Forgotten …? No remorse …? It scared him. Would he forget Raven? A tear came to his eye. Who knew, in ten years he might not live here anymore … in twenty he might have a family … in thirty he would be working and raising that family … it was true … in time he would forget about Raven.

"… I promise you Rae … I won't forget you … I promise …"


Well there you have it … this was pretty much my 'true' ending of Too Late … which is why I labeled it a 'tragedy' … yet I held off on putting his out … oh well … its sad yet I couldn't find a way to end it after Gar's promise … so I left it alone … hoped you liked it …