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Author's Note: I saw that RHrWilLizKataangPrincess2010 had done something like this with songs from Oliver, except that she actually had the characters singing, so I thought I would work with the lyrics from The Music Man.

Good Night, My Someone

Good night, my someone,
Good night, my love.
Sleep tight, my someone,
Sleep tight, my love.

A 13-year-old girl in a blue and white parka sat on a hill of snow, watching the sun go down. She probably should have already been asleep; after all, spring had come to the South Pole, such as it was, and the days were getting very long. However, she had no parents to track her down and order her to bed. Her mother was dead, and her father had left a year ago to fight in the great war.

Actually, nothing about the war was great, as far as she could tell, but it was a word people used for things that were big. Or maybe it was the fact that it had been going on for almost 100 years that earned it the title.

All of the men of the village had gone with her father, so the girl had been left to grow into a woman to no apparent purpose. Her first monthly cycle had come and gone nearly un-remarked upon. There were no warriors to have crushes on, no boys her own age to steal kisses with behind an igloo. There was only her brother, a year older, trying to turn a group of children no more than five into warriors. She sighed and wrapped her arms around her knees.

Our star is shining its brightest light,
For good night, my love, for good night.

This had become the girl's special time of day. The chores were done, and she could steal away to her favorite spot and think while the twilight encroached. She especially watched for the first star of evening to appear. It comforted her to think that her father was under the same sky somewhere, and might be thinking of her while watching the very same star. She was saddened to think that soon, she would not be able to see the stars at all, as the sun would never go down completely in the days surrounding the solstice.

The girl always wished her father good night on that first star before leaving to seek her night's rest at last. She wondered what kinds of places he was seeing, people he was meeting. Would she ever leave this cold, little home and see the world? Would it ever be safe enough?

Idly, the girl played with the snow at her feet, drawing it into different shapes using the small amount of waterbending she had managed to teach herself.

Sweet dreams be yours, dear,
If dreams there be.
Sweet dreams to carry you
Close to me.

Bending always made the girl think about the Avatar, master of all elements. Her grandmother was a veritable storehouse of the old tales. Rumor had it that the Avatar was the only one who had a chance of ending the war and bringing balance back to the world. The problem was that no one knew who or where he was. He was supposed to have been born into the Air Nomads more than 100 years ago. That should have given him plenty of time to master the elements, so where was he?

There were some who believed that the Avatar cycle had been broken somehow, and he had not been reborn. Others thought he had been killed along with all the other Air Nomads. The girl still believed, though. He was out there somewhere, and something inexplicable was keeping him from doing his job.

I wish they may,
And I wish they might.
Now, good night, my someone, good night.

There was the first star, and the girl made her customary good night. It was time for her to go home, but she wasn't quite ready. Watching as additional stars appeared, she made one more wish. She had long wondered if there was some boy out there under the stars, someone meant just for her. Would it be one of the warriors coming back from her own tribe? Or perhaps a visitor from the Earth Kingdom, stopping by to trade goods? Or maybe they'd make contact once again with their sister tribe at the North Pole. Then, she might have another waterbender to practice with.

Even the most mundane of these suppositions seemed fantastic to the teenager, stuck on this lump of ice at the bottom of the world, but that didn't stop her from hoping. Her grandmother told of how she fell in love with her husband, though she always remained oddly silent on the subject of her childhood, and she went on at length about the girl's parents. Gran-Gran also knew many stories of the legends of the past, which the girl had drunk in as though she would die of thirst without them. She reached up to touch the blue pendant of her necklace, her only keepsake of her mother's, wondering if she might have a great love waiting for her somewhere.

True love can be whispered from heart to heart
When lovers are parted, they say,
But I must depend on a wish and a star,
As long as my heart doesn't know who you are.

Whenever she asked Gran-Gran about these things, her grandmother would get a mysterious smile on her face.

"Sometimes, you have to go out and look for your destiny, child," she would say. "And sometimes, it finds you. Be patient; only time will tell which it will be for you."

Gran-Gran also held that the stars could guide you to the people you loved, even if you hadn't met them yet. This made no sense at all to the girl, but Gran-Gran declined to explain any further. So the girl silently asked the stars tonight if they would bring the one she was meant to love.

Sweet dreams be yours, dear,
If dreams there be.
Sweet dreams to carry you
Close to me.

"Katara!" Sokka's voice interrupted the girl's reverie. "What are you still doing out here? Gran-Gran's worried sick."

"I'm sorry," Katara answered him as she stood up, truly apologetic. "I was just watching the stars come out."

"Well, it's time to come home now. Let's go," he said peremptorily. He'd gotten so bossy since the warriors left. She followed him obediently enough, but she glanced once more over her shoulder to look out across the water, that mysterious element that could bring both dangers and possibilities.

If you can't bring him to me, at least show me where he is, she added a final request as she made her way back home.

Far below the ocean's surface, trapped beneath an iceberg, a pair of eyes glowed in the darkness.

I wish they may, and I wish they might.
Now good night, my someone, good night.
Good night, good night.


Author's Note: This is the first installment of this collection, and I'm soliciting reader input for the rest. If you know this show and have ideas for oneshots that might work with the lyrics, please make suggestions. I might even be able to use the same song twice, if the stories are different enough. I'm particularly interested to know if anyone can tell me what I should do for the "Sadder But Wiser Girl" song. It's too good to pass up, but I'm not sure which guy from the show might think that way.