Alvin and Brittany: Into the Mystic

by William Raymer

The Chipmunk (Alvin, Simon and Theodore), Chipette (Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor), David Seville and "Inspector Jamal" characters are the property of Bagdasarian Productions, Inc., and are used in this story for non-commercial purposes.


It has been eighteen long years since Alvin Seville and his brothers Simon and Theodore, along with their female counterparts-Brittany Miller and her sisters Jeanette and Eleanor-were involved in busting up an international smuggling ring.

Under the cover of a hot-air balloon race around the world, the Chipmunks delivered dolls of themselves holding money in them to twelve locations, receiving Chippette dolls filled with diamonds in exchange-and vice versa for the Chipettes. After the Chipettes argued over the dolls and ripped a Brittany doll's arms off, revealing the diamonds within, they opened an Alvin doll and revealed the money inside.

Upon returning to L.A., the Chipmunks and Chipettes confronted Klaus and Claudia Furstein, the people behind the diamond smuggling operation-turned-balloon race. After a chase through the airport and onto the streets of Los Angeles, Klaus and Claudia were captured by Interpol agents.

About a year later, a movie on those events called The Chipmunk Adventure (you should have heard Brittany raise a stink over that one) was released. After seeing the movie (and Brittany's worrying that the Chipmunks were in trouble after the diamonds were discovered), Alvin and Brittany shared their first kiss and became boyfriend and girlfriend.

It is nearly twenty years after the events depicted in The Chipmunk Adventure. Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor are all just about to appear at the premiere of Superman II: "The Richard Donner Cut." It is here that Alvin intends to take the "next step."

Alvin Seville smiled as, on his XBOX 360, he watched the Chipmunk Adventure movie. He smiled because of the determination Brittany showed in Athens when she said, "All right, Mr. Popularity. How much you wanna bet (that) we can out rock 'n' roll you?" All Alvin did was draw the brim of his baseball cap across his face. He smiled even more when Simon said to Jeanette, "We've got to keep these two apart."

"Hopefully," Alvin said to himself, "after tonight, there'll be nothing they can do." Alvin looked at a pink case with a darker pink stripe across the front. As "The Girls of Rock 'n' Roll" began, Alvin stood up, pocketed the case, turned off the XBOX and TV, then left his room.

At the Fine Arts Theater in Los Angeles, Simon and Theodore Seville stood with their Chipette counterparts-Jeanette and Eleanor Miller-and waited for their leaders. Little did they know that, in the shadows of an alley near the theater, waited a shadowy figure.

Meanwhile, at the Los Angeles International Airport branch of INTERPOL-the INTERnational POLice Organization, Inspector Henri Jamal was seated at his desk, looking over the day's reports when the phone on his desk rang. "Yes?" he said. "Monsieur Inspector, there is a Brittany Miller to see you," Jamal's desk watchman said.

"I have been expecting her," Jamal said. "Show her in." "Yes, sir," the desk watchman said. The door to Jamal's office opened and Brittany walked in. "Madame Miller, welcome," Jamal said. "It has been nine years since we last met."

"It is indeed good to see you again, Inspector," Brittany said as Jamal kissed her on the hand. "I was on my way to the Fine Arts Theater for the Donner Cut DVD release party and wanted to see if you had any word on Alvin and his plans for tonight."

"Yes, I do. In fact," Jamal said, gesturing to the desk telephone, "I am expecting a call from one of my field agents whom I have stationed in an alley near the theater, waiting for Alvin to arrive." Jamal turned back to Brittany. "No doubt Alvin has something special planned for tonight."

Brittany hoped Alvin would ask a certain question at the release party. But, for as long as she knew him, Brittany knew that Alvin was a pro at keeping her on her toes. Or, as Brittany's friend and WWE Hall-of-Famer "Rowdy" Roddy Piper was so fond of saying, "Just when they think they got the answers, I change the questions."

Brittany smiled. But, the smile disappeared as Jamal's desk telephone rang. "Go ahead," Jamal said. A voice-Jamal's field agent, Brittany decided-spoke in French. "Inspector, this is Passard. I am in an alley directly across the street from the Fine Arts Theater. Alvin Seville just arrived. He said to his brothers and the other Chipettes that "I intend to ask Brittany to marry me tonight at the post-screening party." "Very wellMisterPassard. Your duties are concluded," Jamal said. "Miss Miller will be on scene within the hour."

"As you command, Inspector," the field agent said before the call cut off. Jamal smiled at Brittany. "I'll walk you back to your car, Brittany," Jamal said.

As Brittany pulled out of LAX's parking lot, she wished she could understand French. But, she had a sneaking suspicion of what Field Agent Passard had said. It would only be a matter of time before she would find out if she was correct.