I like angst. Angst is good. You like angst too, yes you do.

This is written because I just reread Ginger Ninja's fic "All the Roads We Have To Walk" and I just had to write SOMETHING. PD:KoD is getting plenty of plot bunnies too so I should be able to do something for it pretty soon, whoo.

I don't own Kingdom Hearts, Sora, or Axel. This is somewhat indirectly an AkuRoku fic, and contains spoilers for KH2. Read at your own risk!

This is also a different take on how Sora gets a certain Keyblade later in the game. Enjoy!

It Was Raining

The rain drowned the darkened streets, encircled them in an almost solid mist, hiding the streets from the sight of those that inhabited the silent town. It was night, so most everyone was inside, sheltered from the rain that swallowed everything whole.

Only one person braved the night and the rain. A figure, dressed from head to toe in black, leaned against the accessory shop of Twilight Town. Steam rose from this figure, further shrouding it in mist, but that was okay.

It didn't want to be seen. It didn't want to be pitied.

The Nobody known as Axel watched the rain morosely, not caring that the rain was draining the life from his limbs with each cruelly cold drop. Water was death to fire. Water was death to him.

"But I don't want to live," Axel whispered aloud, two suspiciously wet tracks tracing their way down his cheeks. He shook his head free of its hood, his flaming red hair sticking outwards for a brief moment until the rain plastered red strands to his neck and face.

The rain bit into his skin, more steam pulsating from the red welts being carved into pale flesh. Drops of red intermingled with the rain and pattered against the pavement silently.

What point was there, he thought, to living without a Heart?

Without Roxas…

Without that shining light that defied Nature with its very existence.

Roxas was Axel's heart. With Roxas gone, forever more a part of Sora, how would Axel live?

Red fell faster, streaking down his black coat invisibly to meet the puddles at his feet. Axel raised his head to greet the rain. The pain was soothing, almost. It was one of the few things he could feel, now.

But what was this feeling winding its way slowly from the void where his heart had once been?

Suddenly the rain wasn't a comfort. The welts on his face stung horribly and he pulled his hood up again. The rain couldn't reach him anymore, but he hurt, and he couldn't do anything, weakened as he was by the rain.

He was afraid.

Just as he realized it, he heard the pattering of footsteps through wet puddles coming towards him. The figure came into view as Axel watched, knowing who it was.

Sora's instincts were as sharp as ever, the Keyblade appearing in his hand even before he saw Axel through the steam. "Who's there?"

Axel remained silent. He watched Sora almost hungrily for a moment, then allowed himself a smile.

Maybe he hadn't lost Roxas entirely after all. He saw something of his dearest friend in the way Sora looked closely at him, not quite sure if Axel was friend or foe.

Axel reached into his pocket and traced the object he held there. He'd never had the chance to give it to Roxas, but…

He threw the Bond of Flame keychain at Sora, then gathered the last of his fading energy and drifted into the corridor between the worlds.

Even as his happiness faded, he knew that he wouldn't forget it for a long time to come.