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"God honey I love you so much." Troy Bolton proclaimed embracing his sweat drenched wife. She weakly smiled cradling the infant in her arms, their son. He had a light caramel complexion and sky blue eyes like his dad. Full curly hair and fully pouty lips like mom. He was so perfect. He truly proved the love between the married couple.

"What do you want to name him?" He asked still in awe of the small child.

Taylor bit her lip and held back tears as she chocked out the name she had in mind.

"Anthony Ch-Chad Bolton."

Troy wiped away the tears that had fallen on her cheeks and sighed. He knew how horrible she still felt about the rift between her and Chad. It was almost two years ago but he knew she still yearned to at least be friends with his former best friend.

"Baby don't cry, that's a beautiful name. We have a beautiful angel okay." She nodded in agreement smiling and placing a chaste kiss on his lips. Troy always brought out the best in her and for that she was eternally grateful.

"I'm gonna go get the kids okay."

" kay." She meekly replied before he exited the room. Moments later the room was filled with elated screams and laughter.

"Taylor!" Troy Jr.'s face lit up when he saw her with his new brother. He ran to her side and embraced her.

"Hey big guy, you want to meet your new brother?"

He vigourously nodded before Taylor revealed the baby to him.

"Whats his name?" He asked observing the infant in Taylor's arms.


Taylor fell in love with Troy's kids the minute she met them. She considered them her own, but didn't want for them to call her mom because Jenny always would be. She always felt empathy for the crude woman and didn't want to take away her kids affection for her.

"He has blue eyes like me."


"Clara doesn't have blue eyes." He said pointing to the little girl in Troy's arms.

The Clarissa was crestfallen and near tears, a somber mood filled the room. Even though she was two Clarissa knew she was different, but no one ever treated her that way. Taylor handed Anthony to Troy and took the crying girl in her arms.

"No she doesn't but she does have the prettiest green eyes I've ever seen." The girl's eyes lit up as she hugged her stepmom tightly.

Troy was floored, Taylor had given so much to be with him. She truly was amazing. Not many women would accept another woman's kids but Taylor welcomed them with open arms. He saw her tired expression and shooed the kids out of the room before leaving her to sleep in peace.

Chad watched in content as Taylor's chest gracefully rose and fell. He changed so much in the past two years and he really felt that he had to forgive her in order to move on. He softly probed her urging her to wake.


Slight anger pulsed with in him and immediately calmed knowing his mission was to make peace.

"No some one much sexier."

Taylor's eyes shot open. She knew that voice from anywhere. Taylor embraced him tightly almost afraid he would vanish if she let go.

"God I missed you." she whispered

"I missed you too Tay." He said genuinely.

"I thought you hated me."

"I've told you before Tay I could never hate you."

She nodded against his shoulder her tears coming too quickly to stop them. He pulled back and wiped them away.

" How are you?" Taylor requested desperately trying to reach out to him.

"I've been good. I've actually been seeing some one."

" Yeah?" Her face lit up thinking of Chad being happy again.

" Yeah she's helped me a lot with everything."

"I'm happy for you truly Chad. All I wanted was for you to be happy." She said referring back to their wedding.

"I know, and I'm glad you are." She nodded before kissing his cheek and embracing him again.

"So what'd you name the baby Bolton?"

" Anthony Chad Bolton." Chad looked at her perplexed.


"Because you mean a lot to me Chad, and even when we weren't talking I was still thinking about you. You were my best friend and it truly felt like I lost one after everything that happened. I just wanted a reminder of you."

Taylor's words truly touched his heart. If he was unsure about her caring for him before she reassured him now.

Troy watched them in silence from the doorway. He knew he did the right thing by contacting Chad when he saw the happiness in Taylor's eyes. She caught his eye and silently mouthed "Thank you." And he nodded.

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