Yuuri looked down at the blonde prince practising with his brother in the courtyard below and sighed, he knew what he had to do and he wasn't looking forward to it,

"Heika!" Gunter's voice snapped across the room and Yuuri looked over at him guiltily,

"Sorry Gunter" he said his cheeks flushing at having been caught not paying attention again

Gunter put his hand up to his forehead dramatically "Heika must study, he needs to know this" Gunter suddenly stopped and thought, "Maybe Heika doesn't care about me? Maybe..." Gunter looked tearful and Yuuri turned back to the window knowing that Gunter wouldn't stop until he had finished airing all his worries loudly, he sighed again.

Wolfram was well aware of Yuuri watching him from his window. He had felt Yuuri's eyes burning into his back since the boy had first glanced out of the window. Unconsciously Wolfram began to put more effort into his practice with Konrad, even coming close to beating him for once. Konrad; who was not stupid, had realised this and had let Wolfram gain an edge in the practice. Wolfram stepped away from his brother and sheathed his sword panting he told Konrad he was heading to the baths and left the courtyard, Yuuri turned back to Gunter, who had finally resumed teaching him, and sighed again.

Wolfram sunk into the hot water gratefully, sighing in pleasure as he felt his aching muscles relax. His thoughts drifted back to Yuuri and he unconsciously smiled,

"What are you so happy about?" a voice echoed in the baths and Yuuri stepped into the water

"Wolfram jumped and stopped smiling immediately "Nothing" he snapped "and what are you doing here anyway?"

Yuuri looked around "It's my bath" he said and sunk into the water beside Wolfram. He smiled happily for a few moments before moving to the centre of the bath and turning away from Wolfram

"Wolfram…" he started

"Yes" the blonde answered annoyed his bath had been interrupted, happy that it was Yuuri who had interrupted it and irritated that he was happy about Yuuri being here.

"I…" he stopped again and his shoulders slumped "We need to talk" he said finally unable to finish his sentence correctly

"We can talk here" Wolfram replied not wanting to leave the warm water

Yuuri swam back over and exited the bath "Not here" he said "Somewhere less…naked" and he wrapped his towel around himself and left

Wolfram watched his fiancé leaving 'I thought naked was good' he thought and shook his head banishing those thoughts

Wolfram waited patiently for Yuuri to stop pacing; as soon as he told him what was wrong he could help.

Yuuri turned and faced Wolfram he took a deep breath "I'm sorry" he said simply and turned back to the window "But I'm breaking our engagement" Yuuri cringed at the silence that followed and didn't want to turn around and face Wolfram,

"Why?" Came a small voice from behind him

Yuuri cringed again and sucking up his courage turned and faced him "I barely know you, Wolfram" he said "I was sucked into his world without any choice, I had no idea of the customs when I slapped you." He took a breath "I'm sixteen in three weeks time and I don't want to be engaged to a guy I barely know, in a world that isn't mine."

Yuuri stopped and thought for a moment "I don't want to be engaged to a guy" he said finally and stepped towards Wolfram putting his hand out to comfort the blonde who looked very close to tears.

Wolfram slapped his hand away and jumped up "Don't touch me!" he yelled and ran away from Yuuri's outstretched hands. Stopping at the door he turned back and faced Yuuri a mixture of upset and anger on his face,

"If you don't want me then fine, I'll leave. But come up with a better reason than 'because I'm a guy'" and he slammed out of the room.

Yuuri sighed "that's not the only reason" he said quietly but he knew it would be no use to argue with Wolfram, the blonde prince would only remember Yuuri's final words not the ones before them.

Wolfram ran straight to his room and slammed the door; it had been so long since he had been in here; for the past few weeks he had made Yuuri's room his own. Sitting on the bed he struggled with tears until he was sure they wouldn't come out, he refused to cry for Yuuri. Clenching his fist he stood up and grabbed the nearest object and hurled it at the wall, feeling slightly better he found something else and smashed that as well. He went on hurling items at the wall and floor until, his hands came to rest on a small figurine of some baseball player Yuuri had brought back from his world for him. Wolfram brought his hand up ready to smash the item on the floor, but he found he couldn't, collapsing on the floor tears started to leak out of his eyes and struggling with them he fell asleep. That was how Konrad found him the next morning; asleep, surrounded by smashed china and clutching the figurine tightly. Konrad sighed, he had heard about Yuuri breaking the engagement and he knew his brother would never admit to being in this state over such a thing. So Konrad picked him up of the floor, put him in his bed and pulled the covers over his small frame. He walked to the door and gave instructions to the guards outside not to let anyone in without Wolframs permission, and left to talk to Yuuri.

Yuuri hadn't slept last night, his room was not far from Wolfram's and he had heard the shattering of china, he knew that when Wolfram got angry he got silent and sulky. This meant that the burst of violence was due to him being upset and he knew he was the cause of it. As much as Yuuri didn't want to be married to Wolfram he had grown to like the boy and had considered him a friend, it made him upset to hear Wolfram like this,

"Heika?" came a voice from the door and Konrad put his head around the door "can I come in?"

Yuuri nodded and turned back to the window "I guess you heard then" he said not meeting Konrad's eyes

Konrad nodded "Yes" he walked over to Yuuri "I'm not here to talk you out of it" he said sitting on the bed "I just want to know your reasons"

Yuuri turned to him "My reasons?" he said and shrugged "he's a guy what more is there"

Konrad shook his head "that's not the main reason is it" he said "if it was you would have broken it from the beginning"

Yuuri turned back to the window he hated how Konrad could see right through him "I don't know him" he said " I was sucked into this world unwillingly, and overnight I'm expected to be your king and his husband and save the people and unite the country. I'm supposed to go play baseball for my school tomorrow, instead I'm here signing petitions and being all…Maouy" Yuuri finished with a wave of his hands

Konrad stared at Yuuri and successfully managed not to laugh at the word 'Maouy' "Yuuri, I'm sorry for bringing you here against your will, but this is your home. It's where you belong"

Yuuri shook his head "No, I don't belong here, not always. If I belonged here I would stay here" he paused "I would have a reason for staying"

"Are we not a reason?" Konrad asked, "Is your kingdom not a reason. Is my brother not a reason" he finished quietly

Yuuri flinched at the mention of Wolfram "There are things here but there is an entire life back there"

Konrad looked at him unable to think of an argument to convince Yuuri otherwise, it seemed the young king was beginning to regret his decision to become Maou.

The door was flung open suddenly and a guard burst in and bowed whilst gasping for breath,

"Heika" he gasped "Lord Bielefeld…is…gone" he said between gasp for air

Yuuri and Konrad turned as one to the guard "what!?"

The guard clung to the doorframe "Anissina came and I couldn't stop her going in…" the guard looked at Konrad aware that letting Anissina near Wolfram had gone against orders but Konrad shrugged, against Anissina orders meant nothing you just kept her quiet and hoped to get out alive. The guard continued "she went inside and he wasn't there, all of his things were gone and so had he"

Konrad and Yuuri ran out of the room and down the halls to Wolframs, flinging open the door they found that Wolframs room was indeed empty. Yuuri sat on the bed and put his head in his hands,

"This is my fault" he said, "If I hadn't been so mean just breaking it off like that…"

Although Konrad was inclined to agree with his King, he knew that Yuuri didn't need guilt piled on him, "It's not your fault, sooner or later one or both of you would have realised this wasn't right and it would have happened anyway. But for now we need to find him"

Wolfram turned and looked back at Blood Pledge Castle, he shoulders sagged as he thought of never returning, but he turned and continued onwards out of the city. He had dressed in his travelling clothes and had borrowed some of Yuuri's contact lenses to avoid being recognised. He wondered to himself if they had noticed him missing yet, and whether they would look for him, he stopped in an inn on the outskirts of the city and paid for a room for the night. Tomorrow he would have to find a boat heading out of this country.

Turning over in the bed he reached out for Yuuri before remembering he wasn't there, lying on his back he stared at the ceiling, it had been so long since he had slept alone, the room felt big and empty. Turning onto his sighed he closed his eyes against a wave of unexpected tears, squeezing his eyes shut he held it back; Wolfram refused to cry for Yuuri, it wasn't like he loved him, the proposal was accidental and he didn't want it anyway. Right?

Yuuri stepped out of the bathroom and walked to the bed, pulling back the covers he paused at the sight of the empty bed. He had got used to seeing Wolfram when he went to sleep and now the fact he wasn't there was painfully obvious. Yuuri climbed in, hating the feel of the cold sheets, this was what he wanted though; he wanted to be unengaged, to have a bed to himself. Right?

The next morning Yuuri woke up and turned over expecting to see Wolfram's sleeping face next to his. Instead he found a cold pillow and empty sheets, Yuuri was surprised at how much this hurt, he hadn't realised how much he liked waking up and seeing Wolfram sleeping. Slipping out of bed he walked to the bathroom and got washed and dressed before walking down to meet Conrad to discuss searching for Wolfram. As he did he noticed how empty the halls seemed now that he wasn't being followed by a whiny voice declaring him a 'cheater' and a 'wimp'. As he walked past the map displayed on the wall he stopped and looked at it; a conversation with Wolfram coming back to him, Wolfram had looked at the map and excitedly pointed to a small country several miles north of Blood Pledge Castle. He said his father had taken him there when he was small and he had always wanted to go back, apparently he had family in the area. Yuuri had paid little attention at the time but now he looked closer and noted the name of the country. Stepping he remembered more, little mentions of names he hadn't recognised, he wondered when Wolfram had said any of this, it was out of character for him to want anything to do with his father's family let alone express a wish to visit. Then he remembered, Wolfram talked in his sleep. At first Yuuri had found it annoying. Then, as he began to realise that a different side of Wolfram came out when he was unconscious, he had started to listen to him talk and watch as emotions played across his face, he had even started to like the boy. Yuuri turned and ran down the hall, now sure of where Wolfram was headed.

Wolfram looked at the boat with trepidation and wrinkled his nose, he hated boats. He looked at his horse and wondered idly if he could walk there, then looking back at the small boat bouncing around on the waves he decided he could, and setting his pack on the horse, started of towards his new life, without Yuuri Shibuya.

Wolfram could remember the basics of camping from a trip his father had taken him on when he was a child, but he hadn't been for many years and by the time he had set his tent up he was hot and angry. Sitting down he remembered he needed to start a fire before he could eat, but discovered much to his annoyance he was to exhausted to call up even a small spark. Grumbling he began to look around for flint or stone anything that could help, all he came up with was some soggy branches. Throwing them in a pile angrily he went to bed hungry and miserable.

The next morning he woke up to find the smell of something drifting around the tent, frowning he grabbed his sword and quietly moved outside the tent with it raised,

"Do you want some?" asked Konrad looking up at his brother and offering some bacon

Wolfram lowered his sword and hung his head in shame at being found so quickly and in such a state,

"No" he said rebelliously but his stomach gave him away and Konrad laughed and gave it to him anyway

Wolfram sighed and took it sitting down he asked, "How did you find me anyway?"

Konrad smiled "Yuuri" and he went back to eating

Wolfram stared at him "Is that it? That's all the answer I get?"

Konrad shrugged "Ask him when we get back"

Wolfram turned his nose up "I'm never speaking to him again"

Konrad was silent he knew nothing he could say would change his brother's mind, so why bother. They in silence for a few moments before Konrad spoke again "I'm to take you home" he said

Wolfram nodded "I know, I don't want to but…"he didn't finish, rather trailing off and looking at Konrad foolishly

"I know" he replied and stood up "time to go" and to two brothers set off for home, one sat high the other shoulders slumped forward.

Yuuri paced around his room, it had been almost a month since he had been sucked back into his world, and he had spent every moment worrying about Wolfram. The last thing he remembered was telling Konrad he was sure of where Wolfram was heading and begging to go and find him. Naturally Konrad had objected and before he could form an argument and get him to cave in he had tripped and fallen into the fountain. He had spent the past month cursing that moment, he knew that Wolfram would be even angrier when he found out that he had left. He had barely left his room other than to go to school and his mother had begun to worry about him so she had invited Murata Ken over to see if he could talk to him. Yuuri was not looking forward to this, he would rather just spend the day in the bath hoping that he would be taken back. However his mother was very insistent and now Murata was knocking on his door, sighing he stopped pacing and got up to open it.

"Hey! Yuu-chan" his mother's bright voice invaded his otherwise peaceful room and she pushed Murata in and closed the door. Murata looked a little shocked having been subjected to Jennifer's talking since he arrived about how her 'poor Yuu-chan'. But now he walked over to Yuuri and sat down,


Yuuri grunted not really wanting to talk and sat down facing the window, Murata looked at him and raised an eyebrow, "What happened?" he asked

"Nothing" Yuuri mumbled

"Sure, you've spent almost a month in your room because you a normal well adjusted person"

Yuuri sighed and turned to Murata knowing that he wouldn't leave until he had found the problem "Wolfram ran away, and I got dragged back before I knew he was safe, and it's my fault he ran away in the first place"

"How is it your fault" he replied laying back on the bed "from what I've seen that bratty kid does what he like"

Yuuri turned to him angrily "he's not bratty! And it's my fault because…" Yuuri stopped

"Yeah?" Murata pushed him

"I broke our engagement" he finished quietly and turned back to the window "I told him I didn't want to be engaged to him, I hurt him"

Murata swung his legs round to face Yuuri's back "Why do you care?" he asked carefully "I mean you broke the engagement, so you don't love him" Murata paused "Do you?"

"No!" Yuuri exclaimed "I just…I just…care about what happens to him" he trailed off as the impact of Murata's words sunk in and he picked up a glass of water on his bed stand "I can't love him, he's a guy"

Murata laughed "When are you going to realise that that doesn't matter? Love doesn't care what you are, and it shouldn't get in the way"

Yuuri poked his finger in the water and swirled it around "I just wanted to get to know him before I made a decision about being married"

Murata looked at him "You do know him, you just don't realise it" and he watched as Yuuri was pulled into the glass of water.

Yuuri sat up spluttering and found himself in the fountain at Blood Pledge Castle-where he had fallen before leaving. Climbing out wet and shivering he noticed Gunter running around the corner,

"Heika! Heika!" he cried as hurtled towards Yuuri with a large towel, Yuuri gasped for breath as Gunter wrapped him up "You've been gone almost a month Heika, we were so worried you weren't coming back"

Yuuri struggled for freedom and managed to gasp "Wolfram, have you found him?"

"Yes, yes. But first we need to get you dry" Gunter said as he fussed about Yuuri's wet clothes

"No" Yuuri broke free of Gunter's grip "where is he?"

Gunter paused "In his room, I think"

Yuuri ran off in the direction of his room leaving Gunter standing shouting after him holding soggy towels. As he passed Gwendal's study he heard voices and recognised Wolfram's. Stopping he burst into the room and ran to Wolfram,

"Wolfram, I found you!" he exclaimed and came to stop in front of him gasping for breath

Wolfram looked at him and carefully turned his head the other way and continued talking to Gwendal,

"I am quite happy to go into the humans land brother" he said "and I don't care how long I'm away"

Yuuri grabbed Wolframs arms and pulled him away "listen to me!" he said moving with Wolframs face to stay in front of the boy, Wolfram finally lost patience,

"Why should I?" he cried out "You broke up with me and left for a month, give me one good reason why I should care about what you have to say"

Yuuri shrugged "I can't, but I'm going to talk and your going to stand there so you have to listen"

The door opened and Gunter and Konrad walked in stopping and looking at the situation in front of them before shutting the door and waiting for Yuuri to continue. Yuuri hadn't even noticed they were there,

"I told you that I didn't know you and that I didn't care, but I was wrong Wolfram" Yuuri started "I do know you, and I do care. When you went missing everything seemed so empty and quiet, I missed waking up and seeing your face, I missed having you follow me everywhere. I remembered all those little things you said about visiting this far of country, conversations I didn't even know I was having at the time, I knew where you would go, Wolfram." Yuuri paused for breath "And when I was taken back I spent a month worrying about you and hoping Konrad found you. I spent a month denying everything until someone who has barely met you pointed out what should have been so obvious." Yuuri stepped back "and this is why I have to do this" and he deliberately raised his hand and slapped Wolfram across his left cheek, Wolfram was caught by surprise and the blow knocked him over, Yuuri caught him and held him in his arms "I love you Wolf. Simple as" and he kissed the surprised boy soundly on the lips before letting go of him and whispering "Now I need to know if you can ever forgive me for being so stupid"

Wolfram looked up at him and raised his hand to his cheek "that hurt" he said, "you'll have to do something to make up for that" and he took Yuuri's hand and dragged him out of the room leaving behind Gunter, Gwendal and Konrad to wonder about the pair.