Yuuri slammed the door behind them and pushed Wolfram up against it pressing his lips to the smaller boys, Wolfram mumbled something unintelligible and Yuuri broke away resting his head against Wolframs,

"What?" he said breathlessly

"Is this you or the Maou?" Wolfram asked lowering his eyes

Yuuri sighed and pressed his lips to Wolfram's head "like I'm gonna let him take over my body and make me forget this" he said smiling against Wolfram's head and Wolfram lifted his head up meeting Yuuri's eyes,

"It's just your usually such a wimp, this is a bit…" he trailed of as Yuuri slipped his leg in between Wolframs, Wolfram wished he had put on more than a bathrobe before their mad dash from the baths to their room.

"Let's just say being stuck so far away from you for so long made me realise what I wanted more than anything" Yuuri drew in closer, his lips a breath away from Wolfram's "and I get aggressive when I'm deprived of something" and he captured Wolfram's lips again. Wolfram briefly thought about challenging this with some sort of logic but Yuuri's lips on his and his leg between his distracted him.

Wolfram pushed against Yuuri and directed them towards the bed falling backwards when Yuuri's legs hit the edge of the bed. Wolfram landed atop Yuuri and fell into him his head banging slightly against Yuuri's. Wolfram decided that Yuuri, clad only in a bathrobe, was wearing too much and pushed it down to his waist. Kissing his way down to Yuuri's bellybutton he discovered that Yuuri was ticklish and took great delight in brushing his tongue gently up against Yuuri's skin and watch the muscles in his abdomen tense up. Yuuri grabbed Wolframs shoulders and flipped them over. Staring down at Wolfram below him, his blonde hair spread around the pillow below his head, Yuuri was struck by how beautiful Wolfram looked now,

"Why are you staring at me?" Wolfram asked quietly looking away from Yuuri's piercing eyes

Yuuri ran a hand along Wolframs side and up to his cheek "Because your beautiful" Yuuri murmured and kissed him. Wolfram blushed, and tried to distract Yuuri by pressing himself up against the younger boy; it worked; Yuuri stopped staring at Wolfram and closed his eyes, his head rolling backwards. Wolfram took advantage, and flipped them over so they were in the middle of the bed. Leaning down he pressed his lips forcefully against Yuuri's and slipped his leg in between his. Yuuri moaned and pressed his head into the pillow behind him, Wolfram slipped off the robe he had worn back to their room and threw it at a corner,

"Don't stare," he said biting Yuuri's lip, Yuuri nodded in agreement unable to form coherent thought as Wolfram slid his hand between their legs. As his hand slid lower, Yuuri felt something enter him and he shot upwards, in shock

"Mnm" he exclaimed looking at Wolfram in surprise, Wolfram smirked at him and slid another finger in. Yuuri slowly adjusted to the intrusion and began to relax; Wolfram began to move his fingers and Yuuri's head once again forgot to support itself and fell backwards, moaning he moved his hips in time with Wolfram.

Wolfram pulled his king down for one more kiss before removing his fingers and sliding in fully, he closed his eyes and mumbled into Yuuri's mouth incoherently, as Yuuri tensed again at the larger intrusion,

"Relax" Wolfram, said, "You need to relax"

"How can I relax when you're…"Yuuri blushed and trailed off looking away from Wolframs knowing smirk; he had never expected the young blond to be this domineering, although he should have expected it from what he'd seen of Wolfram's temper. Wolfram began to move his hips slowly causing Yuuri to loose track of his thoughts, eventually the dark haired boy gave up, just enjoying the feel of Wolfram inside him. He closed his eyes and moved in time with Wolfram almost begging the boy to go faster, Wolfram obliged and sped up drawing Yuuri in close and placing kisses around his mouth, finally claiming his lips a his own as they cried out together.

Wolfram curled up beside Yuuri allowing Yuuri to take control, as the Maou wrapped his arms around Wolfram and nestled his face in his hair,

"Love you" he mumbled sleepily and Wolframs heart jumped, no matter how many time he heard it, it was still a surprise and joy to him that Yuuri felt that way. He still worried occasionally that it was a dream and Yuuri would leave again. Yuuri's arms tightened on Wolfram "Now I have you, I'm never letting go" he said as if reading the blondes mind, and Wolfram settled into Yuuri's arms to sleep looking forward to waking up still entangled with his king.

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