Writer's Note: This was written for National Novel Writing Month, and finished in December. It was also written for the LiveJournal Community, Fanfic100, in which the members choose a fandom and one thing to focus on, and then have to write fics at least 100 words long. The catch is that there is a table of 100 prompts - and each of those fics has to have one of those prompts. I will be posting which prompt and the order of continuity.

Writer's Note two: This idea is based off a fic I read (I think!) on this site. I tried to find it again, and finally had to give up, since I couldn't find it. The short synopsis is this: Eiji and Fuji were dating; Fuji was, it seems, trying to drive his friend toward Eiji's doubles partner (who was obviously, apparently, in love with him), by hurting and abusing him. The fic ended with Eiji breaking down completely on Oishi, and Fuji contemplating that maybe Eiji had gotten the point (I think - I read it before November, so I'm not completely sure). I made some changes - the original story took place their ninth grade year (if I remember correctly); I've changed it so it's their senior year (because torturing Eiji through a school system I didn't understand would be torture for me, too).

If anyone knows who did this fic, please let me know. I have not asked her permission to do this, and would like to get that (or remove it from the website) before this gets too far along.

Sorry about the long notes! They won't be like that after this (hopefully).


Continuity: 001/100
Prompt: 009: MonthsProlog: Transition
Disclaimer: Characters are owned by Konomi Takeshi, and whoever did the anime. At any rate, it's not me.

Prolog: Transition

The last two months of Kikumaru Eiji's stay at Seishun High school was like waking out of a nightmare. The best part had to be that there was no tennis; the regulars had retired some time before, so they could focus on University exams. He'd qualified for more schools than he'd expected, and had accepted the chance to go to one that was as far away as he could get.

He knew Oishi Syuichiro was worried about him; since he'd finally collapsed into tears on his friend and just sobbed everything out, Oishi's smile was usually… worried. It had been worried before, but his doubles partner never seen the evidence of what Fuji had done to him, until that Saturday night. Usually, his boyfriend was more careful.

It took some doing, but he avoided Fuji Syusuke as well; he got the impression Fuji was avoiding him, too. Or at least, not seeking him out. It was easier, since they weren't in the same class this year. His former boyfriend – Eiji had broken up with him the next day – had not seemed too hurt by it, had, in fact, seemed glad that it was over, and Eiji wondered why Fuji hadn't ended it before then.

It had been a strange relationship, to be honest. How often had Fuji sent him to Oishi? He seemed to insist that they spend time together – alternating with marking Eiji so Eiji knew, if no one else could see, that Eiji belonged to him. By graduation, all the bruises had faded, the cuts and bites healed, some of them becoming scars. But he couldn't get it out of his head, how… easily Fuji had let him go. It didn't make sense, it really didn't.

And it wasn't because he was stupid. Obviously, he wasn't, no matter how… much of an airhead the rest of the team might have thought he was. He knew Fuji was hard to understand, but this was… beyond normal. In anyone's book.

But the release from clubs was a relief; none of the other regulars were in his class, and he rarely saw them anymore. It was even more of a relief no longer being under Inui Sadaharu's gaze, knowing the tall player was collecting data, even if it was unneeded now. He occasionally caught sight of Tezuka-buchou – oh, he really couldn't call him that any more, could he? – but the other boy only nodded at him, as if he didn't exactly know what to say, or even interact with him about. Not that they'd ever really spoken before, of course….

The others? Well, Momoshiro Takeshi greeted him, same as ever, but with a strange look that told Eiji he'd changed too drastically for the junior to be comfortable. No question there; some days he didn't recognize the person he saw in the mirror. He had never had that good a relationship with Kaidoh Kaoru – well, no one did except Inui – so it was no surprise that the junior merely hissed when he saw Eiji, and didn't recognize him in any other way. And Echizen Ryoma, of course, was gone, had been for three years, now.

How much had the others known, anyway? How much had they guessed, wondered about as he stopped bothering them – Tezuka Kunimitsu's word, on a particularly bad day, and how that had hurt – stopped running everywhere, had matured suddenly and too fast for them.

So it was with relief that he attended graduation, walking with his friend and doubles partner, looking over the school and class that had brought so much into his life.

All of which he was leaving behind, except for the marks on his body that Fuji had left.

Undoubtedly, it was better that way.