Disambiguation : part 1

Uchiha Sasuke, age 5


For as long as Sasuke could remember, he had always looked up to his brother Itachi. Itachi was a prodigy, achieving things before the age of 13 that many ninjas didn't achieve in their whole lifetimes. He had always dreamed of being like his brother, of following in his footsteps, of being that powerful. Itachi was everything, Itachi was his world, the sun rose and set on his brother's time, and he followed the boy around everywhere.

Itachi was always training. Sasuke tried everything to get his brother to stop and play with him, like he had when they were younger, but nothing worked. Every morning the boy would wake up early, with their mother, and help her make breakfast, even if it was only to sit silently and watch his brother eat, always smiling, always having kind words for the boy, always making Sasuke smile.

Sasuke always walked his brother to the porch, pouting quietly, and asking why he had to go train like this all the time, why couldn't he stay home and play. That day, however, was different. It was early summer, and Itachi had just passed his Chunin exam, and he was on top of the world. He wasn't exactly sure what motivated him to do it, but he smiled down at his brother that day, before leaning to whisper in his ear.

"Want to come train with me?" Sasuke's eyes lit up at the prospect of spending the day with his big brother. Itachi smirked, he'd just be training alone that day, which he could just as easily do in the woods behind the Uchiha estate. Besides, his brother would be starting at the ninja academy soon, and it was never too soon for practice. He smiled down at his brother conspiratorially. "Meet me at the back gate in twenty minutes. Don't bring anything, you won't need it. Dress light." And with that Itachi was gone, leaving Sasuke standing on the porch impressed as always with a small fluttering in his chest. He was going to train with his brother.


Sasuke was waiting at the back gate for almost an hour by himself, grumpily tracing little patterns in the dirt with a stick he'd found, wondering where his brother was and what was keeping him. He resolved to give his brother a piece of his mind when he saw him, but when Itachi jumped silently down from a nearby tree, he forgot all of the things he had meant to say to the older boy and just smiled.

"Are you ready to go otouto?" Itachi asked, smiling back at his little brother. The boy nodded fanatically and they set off into the woods alone.


It was almost dark by the time they stopped, or by the time Itachi stopped at least. Sasuke had taken to sitting on the bottom branch of tall birch tree at the edge of the clearing Itachi had led him to a couple of hours ago, just watching his brother. The older Uchiha's muscles flowed like hot butter when he moved, his arcs always simple and beautiful, each movement essentialized until nothing unnecessary remained. It was like elegant music made silent and deadly, and it made Sasuke sit in awe of his brother. He had watched him throwing the kunai, running up trees and leaping tough the air, and every blade stuck firmly in its intended target. It was on one of these precisely landed weapons that the boy's eyes were now fixed. He didn't notice Itachi coming until the boy was sitting silently beside him, wiping the thin ayer of sweat from his brow.

"Well otouto, what did you think?" When he spoke, Sasuke jumped in surprise. He would have fallen, but for the strong arms that caught him around the waist and pulled him back. Sasuke clung to his brother's shirt then, heart racing, breathing heavy. As the panic subsided he realized that he could smell his brother, close and warm and male, musky and sweaty but still sweet. It calmed him greatly, laying his cheek against the firm surface of his brother's chest.

"Aniki..." he breathed. Itachi steered the boy's face up gently, seeing the uncertain expression in the small dark eyes. He leaned close and kissed him firmly, arms still holding the boy close to him. Sasuke relaxed into the contact, opening his mouth slowly at the urging of his brother's tongue, following the older boy's lead perfectly. The kiss caused a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach, it wasn't the kind of kiss that mother gave him, those were always quick pecks on the cheek, and father never paid much attention to him at all, so the boy wasn't quite sure what this kiss meant, and why it felt so nice. Still, he closed his eyes and gave in to it, knowing his brother was always right, knowing Itachi would always protect him.

When The older Uchiha pulled away, Sasuke was almost gasping for breath, hands still fisted tightly in the front of his brother's shirt. Itachi dropped a quick kiss on his forehead, before speaking, his voice sounding deeper and raspier than normal.

"Are you okay, otouto?" Sasuke just nodded mutely, not trusting himself to speak. Itachi smiled. "Let's keep this our little secret, alright?" Sasuke smiled up at him then, nodding once more before jumping to the ground, following his brother.

"Come on Sasuke-kun, lets get home before mother starts to worry."


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