3) Blurring the Lines

and now i'm not so sure

the lines begin to blur


Uchiha Sasuke, age 12

Sasuke crouched in the dirt, chest heaving with each heavy breath. He could see the first glimmers of sunset on the horizon, the colors still flat, bleeding in around the horizon. He'd been out here training for hours and hours now, and the nervous squirming in his belly hadn't gone away. His muscles were all sore, and he didn't know how much more he could do, but he pushed himself to his feet once more, wincing slightly as his tight muscles complained.

He rolled his shoulders, stretching his arms above his head, trying to shake the fatigue from his muscles. He knew he'd have to call it quits soon, or his body would give out. Just a little bit longer, he promised himself. He gritted his teeth and sank into a crouch once more. He was ready to spring when the voice behind him startled him. The kunai had left his hand before he had registered reaching for it.

"Sas- AH" He whirled around to find his blond teammate standing against the tree, rubbing his left temple, the skin scraped clearly where the kunai had nipped him. "Idiot, what was that for? You could have killed me, teme." The blond stuck one lip out, pouting like a four year old. Sasuke sighed, relaxing his pose a bit.

"If you don't want to get things thrown at you, don't sneak up on me while I'm training, dobe. I'm trying to concentrated here." Sasuke's shoulders slumped, knowing now that the blond was here he probably wouldn't be able to get much more done. He sighed again, disappointed. Then it hit him.

"Come here, dobe. Spar with me, since you interrupted my training." The blond boy didn't look too enthusiastic. He raised an eyebrow. "Come on Naruto, you owe me..."

With a sigh the blonde sunk to his fighting stance and Sasuke grinned. They lunged at each other, ducking and grappling. The battle was short though, Sasuke being as tired and sore as he already was, and it wasn't long before he found himself pinned to the ground, face in the dirt, with the blond ninja heavy on top of him. He was stunned for a second.

The weight, the familiar feeling of someone on top of him like that sent a thrill of sensation shivering down his spine. He could remember the last time someone had touched him like that, he remembered a different form solid and in control, pinning him to the ground beneath him. He felt himself getting hard then, pressed against the solid dirt, defeated and dominated. He shifted a little, remembering the only one who could ever pin him like that, the quick smirk he always wore when he'd won, remembering the way he would always lean forward and whisper such sweet things. Sasuke shivered again, at the memory his tired brain had conjured up. He breathed.

"Aniki..." Then the boy shifted on top of him, confused.

"What?" Naruto asked, and Sasuke was jerked back to the present. He pressed his eyes closed in frustration, shit, shit, what did I say? I have to stop doing that... He tried to flip the boy off of him, but Naruto had him pinned, his aching muscles rebelling against him, dropping him back to his former position.

"Let me up, dobe..." Naruto remained still, shaking his head, even though Sasuke couldn't see it.

"No, teme. There's something wrong with you and I'm not letting you up until you tell me what it is..." Sasuke snarled, before throwing everything he had left into rolling the boy off of him, only succeeding in sending the pair tumbling briefly, before Naruto settled atop him again, this time he was face up, looking into the blond ninja's questioning face. His eyes narrowed, he was slightly panicked now, still hard. He could barely suppress the slight moan as Naruto pressed against him through his pants. He had to get up, he had to throw the other ninja off before he...

The blonde's eyes widened in realization before his face settled in an evil smirk. Shit, Sasuke swore under his breath, his face blushing as he turned away, pressing his eyes closed. He waited for Naruto to jump up, roll away, start yelling, pointing, insulting, accusing.

When none of this happened, he opened his eyes tentatively, to see Naruto smirking down at him, face only inches from his own. He opened his mouth, but didn't have any idea what to say.

"I see now Sasuke-kun. I see your problem and I think I can fix it." The blonde shifted his hips slightly, rubbing Sasuke's hardness against his ass, watching as the color drained from the Uchiha's face as he tried to bite back the moan that rose in his throat. It emerged mangled enough though, the cry of his brother's name made incoherent. He was in enough trouble with this already, he didn't need Naruto knowing all of his fucked up secrets.

Then, Naruto leaned down forcefully, sealing his lips over Sasuke's and making it a moot point. The blond swallowed any further cries then, as he slipped his tongue into Sasuke's open mouth expertly, making the Uchiha wonder if the other boy had done this before now, and if so with who. Then those thoughts were banished from his mind as he felt the other boy sliding his shorts down slightly, to the knees, allowing him access to the sensitive treasure he sought while hindering his partners movement enough that he couldn't get away. It was too late for Sasuke now anyway, he was past coherency, bucking into the hand wrapped around him. It had been too long since he had allowed himself any kind of release. The blonde smiled above him.

He grabbed Sasuke's hand then, both still resting above his head where his dobe had left them. Naruto molded the teen's hand around his own bulge then, smirking as the boy looked startled, like there was some way that having the Uchiha writhing beneath him like this could be anything less than erotic. Sasuke fumbled with the button then, eager to feel the boy's flesh on his, eager as he'd always been with his aniki. He blushed when he heard the wanton noise that slipped from the blond's lips as he finally wrapped his pale fingers around his prize, pulling it out and pumping it experimentally. He let his eyes slide shut then, focusing on the movements, linking his pleasure to the movement of his own hand, following the other boy's pace exactly.

He could feel the warm pooling in his gut then, but knew it wasn't enough, letting out a frustrated growl. He knew what he wanted though, what would do it. He knew what Itachi would do, sitting over him like that, and he only wanted the boy to touch him like Itachi had. He pushed the blond off, catching him off guard and finally ousting him with an indignant cry.

"Sasuke, hey-!" The Uchiha cut him off there though, with a hard kiss, before dropping lower, taking two fingers in his mouth before dipping his lips to the shaft he had gripped before. Blue eyes slid shut with a groan at the sensation, and Sasuke trailed the fingers behind himself to speed up the process, circling his own entrance teasingly, pretending his own fingers were his aniki's instead, that it wasn't the blond crying in front of him, but the taller firmer form of Itachi.

He slid the first in, taking Naruto to the root, but backing off slightly after, not wanting to ruin this by bringing the boy off to quickly. He groaned as he stretched himself far too quickly, ignoring the sharp pain. He wanted it i now /i but he hadn't had anything in so long that he needed this again. He groaned, slipping a third finger in now, scissoring them all, brushing that small spot that made him gasp around the boy in his mouth, sending the vibrations through him, causing the throaty cry to answer back. It was enough then, he couldn't hold back anymore. He let Naruto fall form his mouth with a wet plop, the boy's silent protest cut short when he pulled the boy forward, flipping himself around so that he knelt in front of him, facing away.

"Please, Naruto i now /i . I - I need it inside." The boldness of those words combined with the throaty quality of his voice then made him blush like a virgin again. Naruto gaped at him slightly before lining himself up with the little hole, his member still damp with Sasuke's saliva, sliding in easily with a gentle roll of the hips. Sasuke hissed, bucking back, encouraging a faster, harder pace. He reached back, molding tanned hands to his hips more tightly, crying out suddenly when the shaft inside him brushed that certain place, and he saw stars.

He knew he was close then, letting his eyes slide shut and the memories take hold. In his mind, the hands on his hips were paler, more wiry, the cries deeper, less desperate. He caught himself before he moaned his brother's name again, biting his tongue hard. He was close then. He felt Naruto's hand slide forward and wrap around him and he was suddenly lost and drowning. He wasn't sure if his cry was legible or not when it left his lips, but the boy behind him kept going for a second before he pulled tight and hissed Sasuke's name, going limp inside him.

Sasuke fell forwards then, not able to stay up on his own and he felt the other fall on top of him, laying little kisses across his shoulders and neck, cooing something he didn't quite catch through the white noise of the blood in his ears and the ache of his muscles, just now remembering how they'd started this day. He sighed, feeling Naruto fall into sleep behind him, and decided following the boy would be perfectly alright.