by taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi

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Japanese lesson- Harley uses –chan after his pokémon's names because he loves them very much. Take that as you wish.

15pairings theme: #9 photograph

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Shuu's eyes widened in shock at the sight that lay before him. What he saw seemed near impossible. Questions such as "what?", "why?", and "how?" ran through his head. But most of all, he wanted to know—

"When in the world did you take all of these?" Harley looked up from his task at hand and stared at his lover quizzically.

"What do you mean?" Shuu cocked an eyebrow and pointed to the multitude of photos sitting on the table. There were so many that the stacks were threatening to fall over and cover the floor. Harley had been sorting through them when he arrived, and it was the first time Shuu had ever seen them. Sure, he knew his lover had a camera and wasn't afraid to use it, but this was ludicrous

"I mean what I said. When did you manage to take all of these pictures? There are hundreds of them!" He picked up one of himself eating ice cream. When had Harley managed to take that one? He hadn't even realized that Harley had had his camera with him that day… He put the photo back down and picked up one of him after a contest that he'd lost.

…That contest had been before they'd started dating… And he didn't even remember seeing Harley there. Another photo from a contest caught his eye as well. He remembered it well enough. It had been before he'd become friends with Haruka… And he had won it. However…

He hadn't even met Harley at that point in time.

This was getting odder by the moment. What exactly was Harley? A stalker? God knew he had his share of those crazy lunatics. A rabid fanboy? He wouldn't be the first one. A psycho effeminate gay guy with a camera fetish? That sounded pretty damn accurate…

Shuu shook his head to clear his mind. He was being ridiculous. Harley was his boyfriend, and he'd known that he was odd long before they'd begun dating. He did dress up like his favorite pokémon after all. He knew he shouldn't be so surprised that his lover had such an odd hobby, but it did make him wonder…

"Exactly how many pictures do you have?" Harley's expression brightened at the question. He quickly stood up from the table and grabbed Shuu's hand, leading him into a different room that the boy had never been in before. Taking a key out of his pocket and unlocking the door, he ushered the astounded boy in. It was quite possibly the biggest room in the house, and it was filled with shelves lined with photo album after photo album.

Obsessive was definitely putting it lightly.

"Oh, I have six more albums of you, nine of Robert, seventeen of Noctus-chan, twelve of when he was Sabonea-chan, fifteen of Jupetta-chan, ten from when he was still Kagebouzu-chan, eleven of them together, seven of Ariados-chan, twenty-nine of all three together, six each of Octan-chan and Pukurin-chan…"

As Harley gushed on and on about all of his photos, Shuu couldn't help but smile. If it made him this happy, then Shuu could deal with him having so many pictures. After all, it wasn't hurting anyone, and it kept him occupied. Better to have him snapping photographs than trying to murder Haruka, right?

…He had noticed that some of them were of him undressing though. He made a mental note to have a nice chat with Harley later about a little thing called "privacy"…