Shut Up and Listen

by taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi

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Author's notes: Unlike every other fic in this project, this is actually connected to a previous chapter. This one takes place a few months after Separation Anxiety. If you skipped that chapter for whatever reason, you can probably read this just fine, though you might be confused by who exactly Saphir is and why he's living with Reiji. Mmm, this was my first time writing for Shinji (Paul in the dub; I think you all should know that Satoshi is Ash, but I'll mention that here anyway), and I tried my best to keep him as in character as he could be in this situation. If you have an opinion on how I did, I'd love to hear it. I might be writing for him again in the future…

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Some people might say that there was nothing in the world Shinji liked, but they would be lying. There were plenty of things he liked; he just wasn't as idiotic as the majority of the population to act all loud and obnoxious about them. He didn't even usually try to keep them a secret…he simply wasn't going to go out of his way to correct people he didn't care about. For example, he liked winning battles, despite his apparent nonchalance after a battle, win or lose. He also liked a few of his pokémon, namely the ones that had been with him long enough and proved their worth time and again, so he knew he'd never have a reason to replace them. He liked his brother, and even his brother's boyfriend, though he thought they were sentimental fools who spent more time trying to lick each other's tonsils than doing anything remotely productive.

However, perhaps most of all, there was a certain person he was…rather fond of, he supposed. He would, of course, rather hurl himself off Mount Tengan than admit to it, but the annoying fact remained that he did indeed feel that way. It was irritating to no end, and try as he might, the feeling only got stronger. Now he'd finally heard news that the certain someone was doing something that should have made him happy…

But he wasn't. It only made him feel these strange, unpleasant things that he didn't appreciate in the least. He didn't know what to do, and as much as it pained him to admit it…he needed advice. And as much of a sentimental fool as he was, Reiji was the only one he could trust to tell him what he wanted to know.

Though he'd convinced himself on the way to Tobari City's breeding center that this was the best course of action, when his brother answered the door and knowingly ushered him inside, he couldn't help but think he was making a horrible mistake.

Shinji and Reiji sat in the living room, the only sounds being the cries of pokémon playing outside in the yard and random noises coming from the kitchen. Soon Saphir came in with three cups—two with tea for himself and Reiji, and one with coffee for Shinji. Reiji smiled warmly at his lover as he accepted the cup, while Shinji muttered a small thanks. He didn't know if he'd ever forgive the man for what he'd done while with Ginga Dan, but if his brother forgave him, it wasn't his business to hold a grudge. Despite what his rival might think, he wasn't a complete cold-hearted bastard who hated every last human and pokémon in the world. He'd never been warm and loving, but he certainly knew how to be polite if the person warranted his respect. Through all his transgressions, Saphir was a brilliant researcher, and if nothing else, that could get him a thanks out of Shinji.

Part of him, the part that rarely got to see the light of day, thought that maybe the fact that the man had kept his brother happy for so long had something to do with it too. They'd met at ten while getting their starter pokémon, the same year Shinji was born. By the time they were the same age he was now, fourteen, they had started dating. Now, ten years later, they managed to stay together. He knew Saphir had caused Reiji to lose countless nights of sleep while he'd been an executive in Ginga Dan, but his brother had never stopped loving him. As soon as the fanatical group had disbanded, Reiji had him move in, and Shinji had no doubts that the three months they'd been living together could be summed up in two words: domestic bliss.

If that was what they wanted, fine. It was their life. Shinji couldn't imagine staying in one place permanently like they were though. As a child, he'd imagined the two would forever travel the world…that was before Reiji gave up being a trainer though. Plans changed, people changed… He didn't think he'd ever have a change like that though. It was far too out of character for him to even imagine himself in their position. Besides, he couldn't see that certain someone ever settling down either. Speaking of which…

"So, little brother, this is about him, isn't it?" Shinji calmly took a sip of the coffee, determined to keep a cool head during the visit.

"I don't know who you're talking about." Okay, so being difficult was counterproductive to receiving the advice he sought, but he'd be damned if he was just going to admit to such ridiculously sappy emotions.

Reiji, who was used to dealing with his stubborn brother, chuckled good-naturedly, knowing he was right. Seeing his boyfriend's confused look, he cocked his head to the side and grinned. Saphir's eyes widened in understanding. …Shinji would never know how they could understand each other when they did that, and he doubted he really wanted to.

"You could do worse I suppose," the younger of the two men admitted, tucking some of his hair—which Shinji was relieved to see no longer looked like he was trying to cosplay as a Bunyatto and instead simply fell down to his shoulders—behind his ear. "I can't say I didn't find him over excitable, but… If it weren't for him stopping Akagi, I wouldn't be here now."

Shinji barely resisted to overwhelming urge to gag as Reiji gaze practically radiated affection for his boyfriend's words. As it was, once he captured Saphir's hand in his own and pressed a kiss to his knuckles, Shinji couldn't stop a snort of annoyance from escaping.

"Oh Shinji, don't be that way." Reiji didn't sound in the least bit upset; he was probably amused that such a small act could get under his brother's skin. "Now, back you your problem. I guess you heard that he's headed to Jouto."

"Of course I did. He more or less came out and said he wanted me to follow him." Reiji looked rather perplexed at that admission.

"Really? Then what's the problem? He wants you to follow him, you want to follow him…" Had Shinji been the type to blush, he probably would have at that point. He wasn't though, and he only sign that he was uncomfortable talking about all of this was that he was gripping the coffee mug tighter than was necessary.

"It's those idiots who follow him around… How do you know all this anyway?" Reiji smirked openly at the question, looking far more like the cocky pokémon trainer he used to be than the laid-back breeder he was those days. Some things never changed it seemed…

"Why, little brother, is that jealousy I detect?" Shinji didn't bother to dignify that with a response. "He does call me sometimes you know. Half the time I think he's hoping you'll be here… It was pretty funny when he called this last time and Saphir answered." Shinji could only imagine the other boy's face, seeing Saphir answer his brother's phone…he wished he could have seen it. It was likely amusing as hell.

"I didn't think it was funny," Saphir muttered, glaring into his teacup. "He threatened to call Officer Junsa to arrest me…"

"I'm surprised he even recognized you with your hair looking normal for once," Reiji teased, earning himself the glare that had been on the teacup. A grin on his face, he turned back to his brother. "Anyway, I wouldn't worry about his friends. It's not an odd occurrence for rivals to follow each other, and they'll probably just think you want revenge for him beating you during the Pokémon League."

There were now two glares fixed on Reiji. Shinji didn't like being reminded of any loss, let alone that one. But he supposed it was true enough… If the idiots even ended up going to Jouto too. The Shinou League had been over a month ago, but the Grand Festival and Battle Frontier had kept them in Shinou. It wouldn't be long until he left, maybe with his companions, maybe alone…

"Satoshi…" When the sound of his brother's laugh met his ears, Shinji felt more mortified than he had…well, ever. Did he really just say that aloud? Considering even Saphir was snickering, he assumed he had. Just great… That idiot was making him do foolish things left and right… "I'm leaving."

"Oh come on, don't be so sensitive!" Just as he'd known, Shinji refused to budge after that. "Listen for a second, okay? I know romance isn't your forte and never will be. So whatever you do, just do what feels natural."

Reiji didn't need to tell him that; as if he would ever be a sap like they were. Besides, Satoshi was a complete moron when it came to such things, that much he knew. A traditional romantic gesture would just go over his head. How then…?

"Natural, huh. Guess that doesn't sound too stupid…"

It had been a week since Shinji had visited his brother and Saphir, and now he just needed to find that pathetic rival of his and…well, he wasn't exactly sure. As much as he'd tried, he still hadn't found the best way to go about doing what he needed to do. He'd treated the situation much like he would an important gym battle, but Satoshi was far more unpredictable than any battle. It was so easy to get under his skin and turn that happy-go-lucky mood he usually had into a seething rage. It was…fun. He had come to look forward to plaguing the other boy—he got to see that fiery passion of his, plus call him an idiot all at the same time. It was a win-win situation as far as he was concerned.

Where to find him though…

"Hey Pikachu, wait up buddy! Where are ya runnin' off to?" Well, that was certainly convenient timing. "If you don't slow down, Takeshi and Hikari will never—oh! Shinji!" Just as he thought the idiot would run right past him, Satoshi came to a grinding halt, a grin on his face as he waved pleasantly. No matter how much they yelled every time they saw each other, he was also so optimistic when they met again…

"Hnn, I'm surprised you're capable to going three feet without your loser friends at your heels." Satoshi's face flushed with oncoming rage, but he balled his hands into fists and forced his smile to stay where it was.

"Would it kill you to just say hi for once?" Shinji shrugged, allowing a small smirk to grace his face. Well, Reiji had said just to act naturally…

"Perhaps." Satoshi sighed deeply, the anger suddenly draining from him. It was so much work just to talk to Shinji…

"So… I, uh… I talked to your brother a little while ago. He said you'd be heading this way." Shinji didn't respond, as he wasn't surprised Reiji had told Satoshi where he'd be. Besides, it had made his search that much easier. "Is…is there some reason Saturn is there? It's kinda weird seeing him answer the phone…"

"Saphir," Shinji corrected, earning a blank stare from his rival. "That's his real name. You didn't really think all of the Ginga Dan executives were named after planets, did you? Wait, that's a dumb question—of course you did. Though it's not your business, they've been dating almost as long as we've been alive."

Satoshi wasn't sure if he should be angry at Shinji calling him dumb yet again, or if he should be shocked that Reiji was dating Saturn…or Saphir, whatever. He settled on the latter. At least then they wouldn't start their usual screaming match quite yet.

"Wow, I never knew Reiji was like that…" Shinji opened his mouth to say something Satoshi was sure insulted his intelligence—probably pointing out that his brother wore a pink shirt and an apron most of the time—so he didn't give him the chance to even start. "Are you okay with that? You know, two guys together?"

"That's not your business either." Satoshi frowned, but Shinji wasn't done. "I guess I could tell you though…" He took a few steps closer to his rival, who didn't react one way or another. Determined to get a reaction, he took a few more…then a few more…until there was barely an inch between them. Still, nothing. Interesting…

Shinji suddenly shoved Satoshi back, making the other boy bump into a tree. He groaned at the slight pain in his back, but he was more concerned about the suddenly lack of distance between him and Shinji, who was now in his face, pinning his arms to the tree above his head. He could hear Pikachu calling with concern, but Satoshi wasn't afraid. Confused and angry, sure, but not scared.

"What's your problem? If you didn't wanna tell me you should've just—"

"Shut up and listen," Shinji growled, his lips hovering over Satoshi's ear. "You wanted an answer, and I'm giving you one. I hate to think I'd have to sink to your impetuous violent ways, but if you were stupid enough to just pretend you've wanted this, I will beat you so hard not even your Pikachu will recognize your body."

Satoshi couldn't ask what he meant, because there was suddenly a pair of insistent lips upon his. He was so surprised by the turn of events that he didn't even resist when Shinji forced his tongue into his mouth. This…this was his first real kiss. Not a kiss on the forehead or cheek, but a real messy, sloppy first kiss between two teenagers who didn't have a clue what they were doing.

Shinji was getting frustrated. He'd never kissed anyone before—he'd never wanted to—but he'd walked in on Reiji and Saphir enough over the years. There was no way he was doing that bad, so why wasn't Satoshi doing anything but stand there? Reiji had said to do what came natural, and he was. It was perfectly natural for him just to take what he wanted and to hell with the consequences. If this backfired, Satoshi wouldn't be the only one he'd beat…

Just as Shinji was about to give up and see how hard he could punch before Pikachu intervened, a pair of hesitant lips finally began to respond. It was about time. While Satoshi obviously didn't have a hormonal brother to walk in on, he was at least a quick study, mimicking what Shinji was doing to him. Lips here, tongue there, one hand going up, the other down, cue a moan… Pikachu couldn't even watch anymore, turning around to give his master some privacy. It was pretty obvious the other boy wasn't hurting him…

Neither was sure who pulled away first, but they were soon both panting, their foreheads still pressed together, hands gripping each other like their lives depended on it. Nothing was said for several minutes as they caught their breath…

"So…does this mean you're coming to Jouto?" Shinji didn't have it in him to get mad at the moment, so he settled for rolling his eyes and pulling his rival closer.

"Yes you idiot, that's exactly what it means."

Satoshi walked though Kogane City, not for the first time in his life, though it was for one of his companions this time.

"Oh Satoshi, we gotta find that contest hall soon! I just gotta win that ribbon!" He smiled at Hikari's determination. She's had many rivals in Shinou, though as far as they'd been able to tell so far, only Naoshi and Urara had gone to Jouto as well. Satoshi himself already had all the gym badges in the region, but he was training to take on Jouto's Battle Frontier. Well, that and to defend his title against a certain rival…

"Don't worry, we'll find it," he assured her, though he had to admit he was looking for said rival more than the contest hall. He said he'd be there…

"You'll never find Shinji in this crowd," Takeshi teased his longtime friend, making Hikari giggle as his face flushed. The day in the forest when they got together, his friends had eventually caught up and found them making out against that same tree. He was glad they'd taken it well, though sometimes he wondered if Hikari cared a bit too much about it…

"And if you do, make sure you finish watching my contest before you go running off with him, okay?" …Yeah, definitely too much.

"H-hey you two, just leave me alone! That's just between us!" His flustered protest only made them laugh more, and he had to make an effort not to pout. The things he put up with…

"Don't you know that you shouldn't mess with other people's property?" A familiar voice filled Satoshi's ears…and a familiar hand cupped his bottom. Satoshi hadn't thought his face could get any redder, but he was proven wrong.

While Hikari giggled madly, he yanked Shinji's hand up to rest on his hip instead. The glare he sent his rival was met with vaguely amused indifference. That was probably the biggest surprise of their unconventional relationship—rather than be obsessed with keeping it a secret as Satoshi had thought he would, Shinji simply didn't care. If he wanted to make out in the middle of a crowded street, than that was exactly what he did, consequences be damned. Satoshi never knew whether he should be relieved he wasn't just Shinji's dirty little secret or upset that they were going to get in trouble for disturbing the peace one of those days.

"Sorry Shinji," Hikari managed to say through her giggling. "We'll be nice… Oh, do you wanna see my contest?" Like hell he did, and they all knew it, but she always asked regardless. Rather than respond when she knew what he'd say, he jerked his thumb to the east.

"It's that way." She thanked him and rushed off in that direction, yelling over her shoulder for Satoshi not to take too long. Takeshi followed after her, Pikachu at his feet, knowing he wasn't welcome at the moment. Satoshi almost wished he'd stayed. He knew what was coming next…

Yep, Shinji spun him around and pulled him to his chest, crashing their lips together. If he didn't enjoy this so much, he swore…

"Mommy, what are those boys doing?" Oh, sometimes Satoshi really wanted to hit him.

"Come on Shinji," he said through the kiss, trying not to think about the mother leading her curious child away in embarrassment. "T-the contest…"

"Tch, whatever," Shinji said as he pulled away, sounding more annoyed than he felt. "I have something I need to do anyway. Come to my room after you're done." He pressed a key into Satoshi's palm, smirking when his rival's blush came back. Too easy…

"Right, see ya then…" He quickly made his way after his friends before Shinji decided to change his mind. He stopped after a few seconds and turned around, a smile on his face. "Love ya!"

Shinji watched him go until he could no longer see his rival…boyfriend…whatever. Reiji was the type to have a boyfriend; he was the type to have a rival he just happened to kiss out of the blue when the mood struck him. Something that got him what he wanted, but wasn't sentimental drivel like most couples exhibited. Still…he supposed his interest might be considered love. One day he might tell Satoshi that, but not yet.

He made his way to the Kogane City Hotel, making his way to his room in peace. No one bothered him, just as always. He looked like he hated the world after all, and he wasn't going to waste his breath correcting the fools.

Once in his room, the door locked after him, he made his way to the video phone. Better to get this over with… He dialed the number to Tobari City, not bothering to mask his boredom when Reiji's face popped on the screen.

"Ah, you made it! Great! How are things? Have you met up with Satoshi and his friends yet?" Shinji ignored the frivolous small talk and got to the point.

"He's meeting me here after that airhead's contest is over. I'm going to make sure he has trouble walking tomorrow." He smirked when Reiji cocked an eyebrow. "Now, why do you insist I call you every damn time I get to a new town? It's not like I've never left Shinou before." Getting over his brother's bold statement quickly enough, Reiji smirked right back.

"Just want to make sure my baby brother is staying out of trouble… Don't worry, once I'm sure you won't have sex in the middle of the street, I'll let you be." Shinji muttered something about no one being dumb enough to do that. "Oh, you'd be surprised what you'll do when you have a hot little boyfriend being absolutely irresistible. Saphir and I were lucky no one went down that alley…"

"I'm going." Reiji almost pointed out that it seemed Shinji could dish it out but not take it, but he let it go. Saphir was yelling something from the other room about taking a shower, and he wasn't about to miss that.

"Well, have fun. See you later!" The screen went black as Reiji actually hung up first for once. If Satoshi thought he couldn't keep his pants on, he had no idea about his brother…

With his brotherly duty done, he laid on the bed, waiting for the contest to end and his rival to arrive so they could make up for the time they missed each other traveling around. One of those days he'd thank Reiji for telling him what he needed to hear to get him in this position…

Maybe Shinji didn't go around telling people every little thing he liked, but with someone like Satoshi around, he was going to let the whole world know there was at least one thing he was fond of, and it was all his.