Disclaimer- I dont own Hellsing, or Jack Sparrow, or anything remotely related to the two.
Please take note, the only references I have for Hellsing are what people put up on Youtube. There will be a lot of OOC action on both sides. If that bothers you... dont read. This is just ment to be a fun little one shot inspired by some off the wall roleplaying.


Within the depths of the Hellsing manor, hidden away down half forgotten passageways, there is a room. The interesting thing about this room was not its walls, stone like so much of the rest of the place, nor its door. No, what made this room stand out was the machinery it contained.

The mechinism inside these walls was at this moment shrouded in darkness. Night had fallen and the scientists who would normally have been scurrying about like ants had all returned to thier beds. Thats not to say that the room was devoid of inhabitants however.

There was a shadowy form standing next to it, an odd grin on his face as he looked the machine over. The human sized cylinder with the door attracted his attention first. It seemed designed to hold someone, though there was no locking mechinism on the door itself. From there his gaze swept to the control panel nearby, with all its knobs and flashing lights which for the moment were all red.

The figure moved to this control panel, unable to resist doing a little experimenting of his own. He was unconcerned about potential danger from the machine, since it couldnt possibly injure him even if it exploded, or at least not permanently. He looked over the labels underneath the knobs before picking one at random and giving it a turn. When the lights all turned green and a quiet whirring sound eminated from within, the grin on his face got wider. This was going to be interesting.

Several minutes and a number of switches and knobs later, a golden light was just fading from the chamber. The observer who had caused all this was gazing curiously at the foggy depths within, trying to make sense of the swirling cloth and hair that seemed attached to whomever was trapped inside.

When the fog finally cleared, he gave a rather disappointed huff. It seemed a perfectly normal if oddly dressed human was all the machine could conjure up. Not at all what he'd been hoping for. He returned his view to the panel to see about returning the human to wherever he'd come from.

Meanwhile within the chamber, Captain Jack Sparrow was looking around with his usual slurred vision wondering what exactly had been in that rum. The vision of someone in a long red coat and even bigger red hat poking at something while he himself was trapped in some kind of glass chamber was almost enough to make him stop drinking the stuff... or not.

He pulled a small bottle from his pocket and had a drink before shoving at the glass. To his surprise a door swung open, and he took the opurtunity to vacate the chamber. The opening of the door had the unfortunate side effect however of drawing Alucard's attention to him. The vampire had been unable to find a 'Return to Sender' button, and was now facing the fact that this fellow was here to stay, at least for a while.

"Might I enquire as to where I am?" Jack asked in an attempt to distract the man in the funny coat. "I seem to have misplaced my ship... and the ocean."

Alucard merely watched the pirate for the moment, for it was obvious that's what he was. Although as to how this one came to be standing in Hellsing castle he was mystified. He toyed with several ideas on what to do, but the one that held the most appeal was taking him up to see Integra. He could hardly wait to see the expression on her face in fact.

When the other man started coming closer with that gleam in his eye Jack decided it was a good time to make use of the door. Internally he wondered what it was that seemed to make this sort of thing happen to him so often. He didnt manage to quite reach said door when a gloved hand caught him by the coat. before anything could be done about that, a black hole opened up in midair, into which he was unceremoniously shoved.