After the whining sound finished, Jack just stood in place with his eyes tightly shut. He was a little bit afraid to look, certain that he would find himself standing in that chamber with nothing but his hat on.

Something was very wrong. In the first place he could definatly tell he was still indoors. The lighting was wrong, though it also told him he was still in that same wierd castle. In the second place...he was feeling a breeze in a place that ought not have any such thing touching it.

His eyes eased open, and the site that first greeted them was Integra's face looking bright red. She seemed more shocked than angry at first. As his eyes traveled a bit lower he realised why. Apparently he'd caught her on her way to bed.

Before he could take advantage of that fact, she pulled out a gun, and Jack didn't want to know from where. Integra was definately angry now. In fact Jack was beginning to wonder if he'd get out of this one alive.

"Your pardon." he said, forgoing the bow to grab a pillow. "I was, eh, just leaving... And may I say you look ravishing in that... no dress."

Not having seen a garment quite like that, he hadn't been sure what to call it. Apparently he'd said the wrong thing though because a shot rang out, and he felt the breeze of a bullet over his head. That he did recognize.

Much swifter now, Jack darted for the doorway. Behind him Integra was screaming all sorts of unpleasant things that he didn't care to experience. Since he'd only been here once before, it shouldn't be surprising that he got lost. What was amazing was that he somehow ended up in the time machine room again.

There was a scientist there, a woman wearing a lab coat. Jack gave her a brief wave.

"Just on my way out darling."

Taking advantage of her shock... and who wouldn't be shocked seeing a strapping pirate like that standing naked except for a strategicly held pillow... Jack flipped switches and turned buttons until he thought it looked the way it had when he'd sent Will back. He then ran for the chamber, all while the lady stared.

"Do us a favor and push that button would you love?" he asked, sounded rather exasperated.

From the hallway the sound of marching feet could be heard drawing closer. Integra did not take the violation of her privacy lightly by anyone, but most especially a strange man in the nude. The woman nodded, and pushed the button automaticly. The last view Jack had of that room was Integra shoving her way in followed by a number of angry soldiers.

The next thing he saw was his own ship. Unfortunately it wasn't so much under him as he'd planned as next to him. Jack let out a cry as he fell into the water, the pillow flying from his hands. Luckily his shipmates heard and pulled him aboard. When they saw his condition they were for the most part stunned into silence. When Gibbs started to question him, Jack just waved his hand as he tried to walk to his cabin with some kind of dignity.

"Don't ask Mr. Gibbs." he said. "Just find me a new hat."

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