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"No you hang up first!!...Jamie you hang up first...ok on a count to 3. 1,2,3...laughs You have to hang up first!" Margaret laughed into her phone at 2:27 a.m. to her boyfriend Jamie.

I was so sick off hearing the couple talk non-stop on the phone. You are probably wondering why I, Sadie Hawthorne was listening to Margaret talk on the phone for the past five hours with Jamie. It was all because


Margaret-"Since tomorrow's the field trip wouldn't it be so much more fun if I sleep over and we can come in the morning together tomorrow?"

Me-"Yea. Why not?"

End Flashback

THIS is why not! I was now regretting my decision immensely. "Marg..if someone doesn't hang up that phone in 5 seconds I'll do it myself!" I told her annoyed and sleepily at the same time. This was not exactly my idea of 'so much fun' !

"Okay Sadie, relax will ya ? Jamie...I really am gonna go this time. I'll hang up first. On a count to three. One, two, thre-" she was cut off due to the fact that I snatched the cell phone out of her hands and hung up for her.

"SADIE! I didn't get to say goodnight or even bye yet! Now I have to call him back." she said dialing Jamie's number which she knew by heart."Hello? Hey I forgot to say goodnight...Thank you...Yea...But now you have to hang up first...no you do!"

"Ugh..Not again!" I groaned as I pulled a pillow over my head and tried to fall asleep.

I woke up 1 hour later so tired and completely deprived of any rest.--"Good morning Sadie!" came Margaret's perky voice.--And for some strange reason, in theory, Margaret wasn't. I found this strange. I didn't spend enough time thinking about it when Hal barged into the bathroom, without knocking might I add. He was dressed in his pajamas which meant he had not yet taken a shower. He grabbed my deodorant and began to attack under his arms as I watched through the mirror in major disgust.

(Sadie's World)

Sharing deodorant with someone as perspiring as Hal , that couldn't be hygienically safe could it? (pulls out a chart and starts to point at it with a pointer pole) In theory,...no! Out of theory...Same Answer!

(Out of Sadie's World)

I tried to force myself not to look but to instead concentrate on brushing my teeth. I finished brushing and I was about to rinse the toothbrush when came Hal's voice saying "You don't have to rinse it. I'm about to use it."

I looked at Hal in disgust and was about to evaluate for him how that was physically and hygienically incorrect that was but when I opened my mouth to speak Hal had already stuffed my toothbrush into his mouth. "Eww Hal! Gross!", were the only words that came out of my mouth as I headed out of the bathroom and into my own room.

I found Margaret was inspecting the contents of each of her 6 bags. It was actually quite a sight. I wanted to stay out of her way so I simply grabbed the clothes that I was going to wear along with my towel and headed to my parent's bathroom. I showered and got dressed and by 4:58 both me and Margaret were ready and set to go. We stepped downstairs for breakfast as my dad began loading the luggage into the car.

"Margaret..what's up with all the bags anyway?" I asked.

"Sadie,...Sadie...Sadie, you can never be too prepared with your wardrobe when it comes to traveling. The thing is that you always have to dress around the weather. For example it's too cold, you can't be wearing summer clothing now can you? My point exactly! So I had to come prepared with cute outfits for both seasonal changes! And no outfit is complete without it's accessories, hence the small duffle bag." Margaret said with her hand extended to my dad who was now carrying one of Margaret's smaller bags.

"You mean-"Sadie began but was cut off by Margaret's voice.

"Yes...that bag is full of my accessories. The perfect companion to every good outfit! Are you bringing any?" she asked me.

"Oh come one Marg...a girl doesn't really need an-" again cut off by Margaret "Sadie! Bite your tongue! Of course every girl needs good accessories! It's okay. They'll probably come in handy when your trying to impress Ben."

I blushed a bit at the sound of his name. "What makes you think that I want to-" "Oh, I don't know. Might have been the fact that I must've heard you mumble his name like 80 times last night in your sleep! Even Jamie heard it."

"And besides you write about Ben almost everyday in your Diary." Hal added. I looked at him wide-eyed. "HAL!!"


My dad pulled into the school yard where all the students were waiting. Hal, Margaret and I got out of the car. "Mr. H., If you could put my bags over there that would be so great! Thank you!"

"Mines too Dad! Thanks." I said to my dad before he drove the car closer to where there was a mountain of luggage on the field. Hal disappeared completely and before long I noticed that Margaret had disappeared too. I looked around for the missing Margaret when I finally spotted her ducking behind some bushes. She made a hand motion as if gesturing for me to turn around. I shrugged and said "What?" When I heard...

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