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So, what does that mean? Do I dream of Ben Harrison? I mean I'm pretty sure that's his voice I'm hearing right now……"Sadie…Can you hear me?"

Yeah I hear him alright. I'm confused.


Margaret? What just happened here? Why are my eyes closed? Why does my head hurt?

"Alright! Everyone outta the way! Make some room! She out of it. I'll have to bring her back with mouth to mouth."

What? Who just said that? It sounded enough like a man…but, no , it couldn't be. Oh God maybe it could be.

I struggled to fight against the darkness and I felt my eyes begin to flutter to an open. A searing pain offended my entire face and I quickly squeezed my eyes shut again.

" Wait Ms. Mann, don't. Look!" I heard Ben's voice say.

Hold up! That would mean that….Oh sweet Einstein! Yuck.

In shock and realization I quickly shot upright from my horizontal position. I quickly realized this was a bad idea as the collision of my head meeting Ms. Mann's in a


I was sitting next to Ben on the bus, thanks to Margie's oh so swell arrangements. He was pretty interesting. We were down to our last 5 questions each. We had plenty of laughs about sibling battles, parent embarrassment, goals and many other topics. At this very moment Ben was elaborating on why he had gotten so interested in photography and what he loved most about it. He must've been talking for more than 15 minutes on this question alone, which was more than any other.

"Wow, I didn't realize you could be so ….passionate…about things Ben." I smiled at him genuinely.

"Well, I can be." Benny replied without thinking.

"Is there anything else your passionate about?" I asked boldly.

Sadie's World

Whoa where did this confidence come from?? Where it came from it better stay. Since when does the small rabbit attack its predator? Never, well with the exception of a large group of stupid rabbits, but that's hardly ever the successful case. This is going to backfire…I just know it is.

Out of Sadie's World

"Well there's something I'd like to be passionate about" Ben responded smugly as he crookedly grinned and flashed his eyes in another direction and quickly back to mine.

I smiled as felt surely braver than ever. I was gonna move in for the 'prey chases predator' kill. "And what would that be?"

I thought I made some sort of feeble attempt at sounding as calm and casual as possible; for some reason it sounded pretty high-pitched and nervous when it actually came out of my mouth.

"Excuse me Red, but I do believe that it's my turn now." he said smirking and facing me full on. (Well his face looking are the side of mine anyway, I was way to nervous to look back at him directly.)

"Ahem" He cleared his throat. I turned to look in the direction of his face, but not quite at his face.

"So, how much more do I have to know about you before I get to kiss you?"

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Oh no oh no. What do I say??WHAT DO I SAY?? WHY??

"Um well…….um……I was born September 8th(??idk??). My favorite color is green(??idk??). I used to think there were alligators under my bed roaring, till I figured out it was really my cat. I like cheese….."

"Whoa Sadie." He interrupted while laughing, pretty loudly at that.

"Didn't know you were gonna freak out like that. You should've seen your face. Priceless. Oh, would you do it again so I can take a picture of it?" It was an order as opposed to a request.

He began to unzip the carrier bag that hung around his neck carrying his camera. He adjusted the lens and pointed it towards me. " And action!" he laughed.

"I don't think so." You replied icily.

"I'll settle…" he smirked behind the camera. And then there was a semi-blinding flash. He put the camera bag into it's black bag and looked up at me.

I had already turned my gaze to the window, to which I had the luck of sitting next to. The snow outside was getting thicker and thicker.

"Oh come on Red. I was just playing with you."

"Whatever." I replied blankly playing on the mad act. But it was kind of hard.

"Well then how bout I make it up to you by teaching how to snow board?" He asked you again with a tint of smugness.

Sadie's World

What? I though I was in control of the situation here. Hmmmmmmm maybe I could impress him with my mad snowboarding skills .Oh wait……….that's right, I DON'T HAVE MAD SNOWBOARDING SKILLS! Here's the backfire I predicted. This is what happens when the prey hunts it's predator….besides I suck at physical activity…due to lack in oh…uh…I dunno body-eye coordination.

Out of Sadie's World

"uh…I don't know…..Ben, I-" I nervously began.

"Come on Red. It'll be fun" He reassured.

"It's probably not to good of an idea. And I'll probably be too busy, what with my research and all so-" I rambled practically lying through my teeth as I looked down at my hands.

"Hmm. Sounds like your backing down from a challenge Red."

"I am not!" I replied looking up at him.

His arms were crossed. "You are too. Chicken."

"Fine. I'll do it." I blurted out.

"Do what?" he pressed on.

" I'll snowboard with you." …oh boy. What did I just get myself into?

"Great." He smiled.

"Absolutely." I replied as I looked back out the window.

In the distance the figures of large mountains were starting to appear behind the thick snow mass. I immediately began to regret my decision, but I wasn't about to let him know that.

The rest of the road trip went on with an uncomfortable and challenging silence. Neither of us were brave enough to dare to break it so I decided to pull out my Ipod and listen to some music.

I listened to your Danger Radio & the Audition playlist and closed your eyes. I felt my lips moving to the words but didn't realize I was singing until Ben, so rudely, removed one of my ear buds and 'shushed' me.

"Sorry…geez." I replied.

I noticed that he hadn't put the ear bud back into my left ear so I turned to face him with a false air of impatience. I saw the ear bud in his right ear.

"Seriously, Red what do you listen to?" he asked with a crooked smile growing on his face.


"Do you mind?" He asked planting a sweet smile on his face and extending his hand to reach for my Ipod.

"Uh sure." I smiled

He went through my playlist occasionally picking a song to temporarily let play as he searched for other ones. I was amazed that he knew practically all the lyrics to my songs.

"I like this song." He said as he finally decided on one.

"Yea? Me too." I smiled as he handed the Ipod back to me.

Suddenly everyone around us on the bus started cheering. I blushed as I nervously looked around to see why.

"Finally! We're here!" Ben sighed. He began to stretch in his seat.

"Right on time too, according to my calculations." I responded feeling relieved. The pressure of being in such close proximity with Ben for such a long period of time was starting to have an effect on me for sure. I'm not positive whether that's a good or a bad thing.

"Everyone please stay in your seats." came Ms. Mann's rumbling and raspy voice.

And as predicted at this everyone on our crowded bus were rumbling to their feet , cheering, throwing around…Frisbees, and streamers…..was that a sock? Anyhow, excitement flooded Bennett High's freshman and sophomore class.

"SIT DOWN!!" Ms. Mann's loud roar was barely even audible over the sound of approximately 56 students' noisemaking.

I noticed Ben stand up now. I looked over to him and he was smiling sheepishly at me while holding out a hand as if to help me up.

See a chance for me to prove that I wasn't some damsel in distress I rejected the hand and attempted to bring my sleeping feet and legs to life and stood. All the students brushed past us urgently, pushing Ben and I closer and closer to the bus's only door.

"Ouch." I mumbled.


And…. That's about all I remembered. Now I was in the center of a group of onlookers and I didn't understand exactly why. All I really know is that my head was throbbing with pain, and Ms. Mann's face was practically one with mine.

"Sadie, I want you to tell me what day of the week it is."

"Feebawabafubawa?" I answered incoherently.

"Hmm…precisely. And how many fingers am I hold up?" Ms Mann asked me again as she held up both hands.

"25?" I guessed shutting my eyes again.

"YUP! She's fine everyone. There's nothing to worry about."

And suddenly everything went dark again...

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