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Summary:Sabaku No Gaara is well known for being a famous piano player.Also for having family treasures,everyone wants.Especially someone after him.To protect himself he not only has his sand,but he hires a bodyguard.A pink hair one.After being attacked,Gaara is kidnapped and the pink hair girl must go and save him...GaaSaku

Chapter One:Getting along isn't part of the job.

Gaara was at his house in Sungurake,of course.Sitting in his desk reading his music he composed,over and over.He gave a small sigh"Come in"he said leaning back putting his paper down as a familiar blonde came in.

"Gaara..."she said sitting in the chair infront of him leaning back also,she rose an eyebrow"you have a concert today...also there's a girl here..a certain..pink..haired girl.."Temari said as she watched for her brother's reaction,but as expected he just looked at her like everyone else.Not interested.

"A girl with abnormal hair color,my,isn't that shocking"Gaara said slightly agitated.He was busy and he had work to do,his sister was just wasting his time.Temari got up and placed her hand on the sheet of paper.Gaara looked up at her with his ominous green eyes as to say 'get out'.

"I think you'll like this bodyguard..."Temari said walking to the door slowly as she opened it"Come in,Sakura"Temari said emphazising.Gaara simply wanted to glare at his sister,but was busy with his music.His sister has been busy trying to get him a girl.A wife,a girlfriend,a female friend.Anything.He just didn't like any of them,they were all brainless and none of them knew who Bach was.

'Sakura..that name sounds familiar...'he thought to himself,but was interupted once Temari spoke.

"Gaara this is Sakura,Haruno Sakura"Temari said.Gaara exhaled and looked up.He saw a girl with pink hair and pastel green eyes standing next to a smirking Temari.She looked confident,somewhat.Her clothes were not what he would expect.She has a jacket that was open and too revealing it stopped over her bellybutton,alteast that's what he thought.It was black,and she has grey capris and a thick black belt,but what made no sense.Was her tie,it was red.(I have a picture of her outfit that I drew on my profile page.)

"Gaara-san"Sakura said bowing her head to him which,practically caught him off guard since her clevage was much more revealing then it was.He looked away with the smallest tint of pink on his cheeks.Temari noticed and tried not to laugh,but she grinned.

"She is very good...I fought her myself"Temari said as Gaara waited for what more she would say"and she won.."Temari said to Gaara's surprise.He looked at the girl and couldn't believe she beat his sister.

"You are hired,Haruno-san"Gaara said looking back at his music.Sakura smirked and walked to Gaara's desk,which stupefied Temari,but Gaara just rose his head calmly and looked at her with a hint of agitation.

"Call me Sakura"She said stretching her hand out.Gaara looked at her then glanced at her hand.He put his pen down and put his hand on his forehead.

"I will call you what I please.Now go,both of you.Temari give Haruno-san here a room"Gaara said closing his eyes waiting to hear the door open and close,just waiting.Sakura was in awe at his reaction and got pulled away from him by Temari.When they got out of the room Temari put her hand on her waist and looked at Sakura.

"Wow.you got guts..Okay...listen...my brother..is very,cold..emotionless...he speaks in monotone..he sees us all as-"

"Idiots"Sakura interrupted with a raised eyebrow.Temari walked infront of her as to say to follow her"Yes"Temarie responded as she walked.After finding Sakura aroom which was right across from Gaara's(Temari plans things-shifty eyes- jk)Sakura just layed on her bed.Temari came in without a single knocking of the door.

"Okay.Sakura my brother has a concert tonight at eight.It's barely noon so you can bring your clothes over here.We shall pay you a good fee.It's my LITTLE BROTHER'S life...after all"Temari said shouting.


Gaara just shook his head and continued writing.

"Thank you Temari-san-"

"Call me Temari...Temari-san..sounds weird"Temari said giving a grimace.Sakura smiled and nodded.A few hours past and Sakura had brought in all of her things into her room.She would get some glaces of Gaara in the house as she explored it.He would just ignore her and walk past her.

"Who are you?!?TEMARI!!CALL GAARA'S NEW BODYGUARD!!INTRUDER!!INTRUDER!!"Sakura turned around and saw a man with brown shaggy hair,a black outfit and make-up?She tilted her head as she saw the marks of make up on his face.Temari came running in with a piece of wood.

"YOU FILTHY-..Kankuro that IS Gaara's new bodyguar-"

"What.is.going.on."The two siblings turned oh so cautiosly to see Gaara standing there.Temari threw the piece of wood out the window,it wasn't even open.She broke it.All three stood there only to feel Gaara wanting to kill them.

"We-we..I love you?"Kankuro said twitching.Temari and Gaara turned to stare at him,uncomfotably.Gaara just rubbed his forehead.

"I haven't finished my piece,and I won't if people are too loud.Haruno-san kill anyone who is too loud"Gaara said looking at her.Sakura stiffened.

"Tha-that was a joke right..."Sakura said.Gaara walked to her until he was millimeters away.His breath brushed her lips and his eyes were penetraiting through her.

"I do not joke"He said as he disappeared thanks to his sand.Sakura was paralyzed and it took a few moments for her to move.She looked at Kankuro.


"...He's just stressed.."Temari said walking out of the room with Kankuro flashing a peace sign at her as he left too.

4 hours later,7:40PM

Sakura got out of the bathroom from taking a shower,which was right next to her room.When she got out she was beet red.First,she was only wrapped in a towel.Which stopped at her tighs and was really short.Second,Sabaku No Gaara had just came out of his room and was there staring at her.Both were quiet and stood there.Did I mention Gaara had a towel around his waist and was currently topless.He coughed.

"I"m going to the bathroom over there..."He said pointing at the end as he walked away.Sakura nodded and she ran in her room and locked the door'...that..that was embrarrasing..'She thought as she got her clothes for tonight.Sakura wasn't really happy that Gaara told her to dress nice..more like how he said it.



"Sakrua you must dress appropritate for tonight"Gaara said as he called in the pink hair woman.She took that as somewhat an insult.

"I DO dress appropriate Gaa-san"She said with a smile as she gave him that name.He only shuddered oh so lightly,making sure no one noticed.He looked up and leaned back in his chair.

"No Haruno-san you dress like a...well I'm not going to say anything but it's not right.I am going to a concert and I have to wear a tux.I hate those things,but I'm hoping that you might also sacrifice yourself to wear something more,how do you say...covering.."Gaara said,and if he had an eyebrow he would raise it to make a point.Sakura was fuming right now 'HE WAS JUST GONNA SAY I DRESS LIKE A SLUT!!''...you kinda do..show that clevage girl!''EH?! you're not helping at ALL''I know...'Sakura slammed her hand on his desk and he stared at her,coldly,as always.

"Fine."Sakura gritted through her teeth.She was about to walk away when Gaara got her wrist"Also Haruno-san...Call me Gaa-san again and I will seriously hurt you.."he said.Sakura only grinned.

"Don't underestimate me GAA-SAN!"Sakura said taking back her wrist.Gaara and her only stared at each other for what seem eternity.Gaara stood up and made eye level with her.Sakura was immediatly wrapped in sand from her feet to her neck.

"Oh I'm not..you beated my sister,but my sister could never beat me...now get out of my room before I decide to kill someone,which means you"Gaara said letting the sand go.Sakura only smirked and leaned into him and their faces were so close.Gaara gave a tint of pink,a light,light shade of it.Sakura only stared at him and smiled"There something telling me I should quit this job..but I'm not going to..also Gaa-sanmove.."Sakura pushed Gaara out of the way as ten kunai's came through the window in which the window was behind Gaara's desk.Gaara was thrown on his desk and protected himself and his bodyguard.Sakura was on him being a human shield but it was unecesssary.

A ninja wearing all black with it's face covered came in.

"Sabaku No Gaara"his voice hissed.When the sand went away Sakura had a kunai in her arm.She took it out with hesitation and threw it at the man.he smiply dodged it and looked at her.He took away the mask and Sakura couldn't believe it.

"...Brother.."Sakura said with disgust.He has long flowing blue hair with silver eyes"Ah dear sister..."but ther conversation was cut short.

"Jade-san!!we have to go!!"another ninja said as she was being attacked by Temari.She also was wearing black,pants,shirt,mask.She had white hair and red eyes.

"Hai,Skylit..."he said a the two ran away.Sakura stood there remeniscing about her family and looked at Gaara.

"Are you okay"Sakura said as she clutched her arm.Gaara went through his desk"Sit"he said as he got out a kit and began to put alcohol and bandaged it.Sakura didn't even wince at the touch of the alcohol,and much to his surprise she didn't wince at his touch.

"Go rest Haruno-san"Gaara said leading her to his door and he closed it.Sakura walked to her room and slept for a while

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Sakura looked at her wound and saw it heal,she picked out her clothes.

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