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Recap:"He is NOT a monster.."Sakura said standing on her two feet glaring at her brother.Jade pulled the trigger but no bullets came out,he dropped it and stared at her.

"What?are you going to kill me now?"he said laughing.Sakura glided across the roof and gave him a kick on the stomach.

"No...I need you to tell me where he is.."Sakura said grabbing his hair and pulling his head back so he would make eyecontact with her.Jade felt his lip let out a drop of blood,the kick she gave him was hard.Very.

"Now why would I do that."He said still not giving in,Sakura came down eyelevel with him.

"Because...I don't want anything to happen to you don't want anything to happen to Skylit.."Sakura said in a soft voice.Jade listened and gave out an exhale.

"I will not tell you..."He said grabbing her by the neck"and it's my job to kill you."Sakura wasn't in shock hearing those words coming out of his mouth.

"Atleast tell him how much he means to me"she said seriously as she felt numb and the color black consumed her thoughts.

Chapter 6:Life Less Frightening

"...Hmm...will do.."Jade said dropping his sister on the floor,he didn't kill her though.Self,you should have done it.It was your job, still may be a killer,but she did look attached,he thought as he headed towards the cave.




That constant beeping made Sakura go crazy,she layed on a hospital bed.She felt terrible,her back aching,her neck felt sore,and yet she had to go find Gaara.She fluttered her eyes open only to see Naruto,Neji,Hinata,Temari,Ino,and Kankuro.

"Sakura!"everyone but Neji and Kankuro shouted

"What happened!!"Temari said straight to the point.Ino smacked her shoulder.

"She.Is.hurt.CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT."Ino shouted.Temari took out her fan.Kankuro and Neji sighed,deep sigh.

"Stop it both of you"Neji said"Now.let us get back to Sa..."Neji and everyone turned to Sakura's bed,only one thing.

"Where'd she go!!"Naruto shouted as he looked under the cover.Kankuro shot his eyes open and was confused.

"Na-naruto-san...I doubt...she'll be there"Hinata started"the be-bed is empty."Temari ran out of the room with Ino behind her trail.

"Idiots."Neji said as he closed he let ou his byakugan and felt Sakura left out through the window,and not the hall"..Hmm..why is she leaving."he said to himslf as he got out through the window.

"NEJI!WHERE IS SAAAKURA!!"Naruto shouted at the man as he began to run to the forest,Naruto sat back down and looked at Hinata"He really needs to talk's not healthy"Hinata smiled at him,but knew why Neji left.

Sakura ran through the forest in her hospital gown.It didn't matter to her though,the fact that she had no shoes,or that she was only in a gown.She just needed to find Gaara,especially since the deeper she goes into the forest,the more she felt her brother's presence.She stopped.

It's not that she wanted to,but something made her stop,her lungs felt crushed,and she couldn't breathe.Gasping for air Sakura fell on her knees,rocks colliding with her knee caps.She pressed her hands on her throat to see what was wrong,she could see nothing ahead of her since her bangs blocked the way.At last she fell on the floor.

"Sakura!!"Neji shouted seeing a pink haird girl from afar collasping,but he ran even more once he saw a girl with white hair stand next to her.Next thing Neji knew,she was immediately right infront of him.

"Now,now.."Skylit said placing a hand on his forehead,Neji began to groan"...time to ...sleep.."she said with a pernicious glint in her red eyes,the last thing the Hyuuga saw was her smirk as he fell to the ground unconsious,alive but unconsious.

Hinata stood up from her seat in the hospital bed next to Sakura and looked out into the forest,Something isn't right. she thought to herself.Naruto looked at her in an inquisitive manner,and grabbed her hand.Which caught her off guard.

"Naruto.Something is wrong."Hinata said to him with a serious look,he looked bewildered and gave a smile.

"The first sentence you said without stuttering."He got up"what has your cousin gotten into Hinata-chan"he said with amusement dancing in his eyes.

"I'm sure he's hurt.That is all I know"Hinata said once more,surprising Kankuro that she actually speaks.

"Well,let's go find that idiot..."Kankuro said sighing and going out the window with the rest follwing.

"I'm starting to think she didn't go out this way..."Ino said as she looked everywhere around the hospital.Temari nodded and went back to Sakura's room.

"Guys we can't find her-"Temari opened the door and got greeted by silence"great...just...great..."she said rubbing her forehead.

Sakura swore to herself,that if Gaara still lives,she will chain him down to a chair and make sure he doesn't go anywhere.She gave a smirk to herself and opened her eyes only to see Sasuke sitting infront of her.He gave a smile,a disgusting petrifying smile.What made Sakura loose her smirk is that on his left cheek was a streak of blood,that obviously she knew it wasn't his.She looked around in every corner of the cave and layed eyes on Gaara.

At the far corner he sat there,helpless,his sand crawling everywhere but it appeared weak.Sakura let go the air she held in once she saw him raise his head and looked her directly in the eyes.His once intimidating aquamarine eyes appeared caliginous and scared,but he wasn't scared for himself,but for her.

"Gaara..."Sakura said to him,a tear running down her cheek"I'll get you out of here,afterall...I've been a crappy bodyguard"she said with a soft laugh.He gave a smirk,feeling some blood dripping off his chin.

"Now you two."Skylit said"let's get down to business..."she said standing up facing the two"one of you...has to order for people to take us seriously and give us the money we need."she said with a raised eyebrow.Sakura heard a laugh from behind her and saw her brother.

"You sound so terrifying"he said and looked down at his sister"hello,Sakura."he said turning his heel and walking away to sit on a rock.

"Well...take me"Sakura said trying to stand up but failed to do so,her knees were weak.Weak.I'm always weak,but this is just pathetic,she thought to herself.


"Gaara.You are Kazekage...I'm just...a bodyguard"Sakura said placing her palm on the floor and raising herself up.There she stood,staring Sasuke in the face.

"Want to be the hero,Haruno.."Sasuke said placing his fingertips on her cheek.She turned her face away from him.

"Don't touch me."she said as she began to walk,she felt somewhat stronger and with every step she got more confidence"well?"she said to Skylit who had a stupefied look on her face.

Skylit gave a scoff and looked down at her case of her belt to get a knife,once she looked up Sakura was gone.

Neji got up only due to the screaming of Naruto.Actually the happiness.

"HINATA WE CAN GET MARRIED!!..oh..crap.hey knocked out pretty bad?"Naruto said helping him up,Neji shot him a glare and looked at Hinata.

"...I would say something about that whole marriage...but Sakura and Gaara are near,and in danger."he said looking Kankuro who was staring off to some place.

"Have any of you noticed that cave before..."he said glancing back at the three.

"A cave?"Neji said looking far up.

Skylit dropped her knife,she felt something about the pierce her skin on her throat,"Jade,sit..."Sakura said as her brother got up and was about to pounce on her for placing a knife on his love,but that would put her more in danger.

Sasuke gave a smile"Kill her.I don't need her in anyway."he said walking towards Gaara.Skylit and Jade's eyes widened at what he said.Jade began to bit his lip too hard making blood be the only taste in his mouth.

"Don't.Please."Jade said to her with a reluctant face,basically the only emotion Sakura has witnessed of him in years.

"Of course I will..."Sakura said giving him a wink.Jade stared at his sister and gave a smile,Skylit on the other hand didn't know and carefully took out a knife.

"I wonder where they went.."Temari said laying on the hospital bed,she wasn't sick or anything,just lazy.

"I hope their okay.."Ino said.

"No,I haven't...let's check it out"Neji said running,avoiding tree branches and heading for that cave.Hinata and Naruto were wasting no time fooling around anymore,this was serious.

Suffering from something we're not sure of

Sakura felt the grasp she had for the knife loosen as she gave a small twitch,and she looked down to the hospital gown.Red consuming the white over the cloth hanging from her leg.

in a world there is no cure for

Sakura gave a scream,and sat down to clutch her leg and take out the knife.She felt a gust of wind past by her face,and then pain on her cheek.

These lives we lives test negative for happiness

"Gaara.."Sasuke said ignoring the comotion from next to him and walking towards the corner of the cave,where the Kazekage was at.

Flat line,no pulse,but eyes open.

Sasuke took out a gun"I think your body is worth alot."

Neji,Kankuro,Naruto,and Hinata where crawling up a wall,after hearing a scream they decided to go alot faster.

single file like soilders on a mission

"No!!Skylit stop!"Jade said grabbing her and trying to whisper in her ear"it's a game...Sasuke's been a lousy boss...don't you think..."Jade said to her as she looked at Sakura who had freash tears run down her face.

"Stop it Haruno...grow..up.."Sakura said healing her leg and getting up with a struggle.

If there's no war outside our head's why are we losing?

"I can't believe she fell in love with you,you're deserve no you always had.."Sasuke said pulling the hammer of the gun.Gaara glared at him,his eyes no longer held fear for Sakura,that was overcome by hate.

I dont ask for much,truth be told I'd settle for a life less frightening.

Sasuke was about to pull the trigger but felt something on his leg,he looked down confused and saw sand wrapping already up to his tigh,he looked up and saw Gaara standing,shooting him was completely worthless,but he did so.The sand blocked the bullets and the sociopath gave a sadistis smile as he wished for the images in his head of being soused with Sasuke's blood,to become true.

A life less frightening.

"Haruno!"Neji said getting up and standing on the cave,he looked at Jade and Skylit"are you fine?where's Gaar-"

Hang me out to dry I'm soaking,from the sins of knowing.

Eveyrone turned around to the end of the cave when they heard a scream,Sakura ran and found Gaara doing his Sabaku so so.He turned around and saw her,she had a few spots of blood land on her.

What went wrong,but doing nothing I still run.

"Sorry"Gaara said plainly as he made the sand put the body somewhere else.Sakura blinked her eyes a few times.He's dead,the man she once loved was dead,the man that wanted to kill her and her new love,was finally dead.She gave a small smile once Gaara walked towards her.

Time again I have found myself stuttering.

"I..I.."Sakura couldn't help but look down,oh god.Her knees were bleeding and she was badly scrapped everywhere,nevermind!time to look up.Gaara wrapped her in his arms.

"I thought something was going to happen to you"he said gripping tighter.she placed her head on his shoulder and exhaled.

"I thought the same.."she said hugging him back.She admire his scent,she swore Gaara almost smelled like cinammon glazed buns.Okay maybe not,maybe she was just hungry,but Gaara actually smelled like blue berries.

" smell like blue berries.."Sakura said smiling against his neck,he stiffened.Blue...berries...I just killed someone,and I smell like blue berries?,He thought to himself.

"GREAT!!make children."Naruto said.Sakura and Gaara looked and saw that everyone was looking at them,they were both beet red.

"You and my baby we're nothing but mammals,so let's do it like they do it on the -"((I dont' know who sings this..but it's

"Naruto,unless you want to be like Uchiha,meaning dead.I suggest you be quiet"Gaara said,he turned to look at Sakura laughing and giving him a smile.He gave her one back.

"People.Take pictures NOW.this is the ONLY time...Sabaku is smiling"Neji said taking out a camera.Gaara shot him a glare"Great,I lost it."

"Well,sister..."Jade said coming up to Sakura with Skylit and hugging her waist"I guess I'll have to thank you...for Skylit,and getting rid of Sasuke.He was an ass"he said laughing.Sakura smiled and gave him a hug.

"You better go before people start hunting you down,you did kill alot villages..."Sakura said crossing her arms.Jade gave a sheepish smile and scratched his head.

"I'll do that"He said with a raise of his brow and in an instant him and Skylit were no longer in the cave.

"...That was a hardcore ninja move"Naruto said amazed.Gaara took Sakura by the hand and lead her to the entrance of the cave,watching the forest that was spread out in every corner.

"Are you still going to be my bodyguard.."he asked looking into her viridian eyes.She gave a pensive look which made Gaara nervous,but she gave a laugh.

"Of course!"she said to him as he smiled"not."his smile disappeared"I want to be more than that.."she said wrapping her arms around his neck.He GRINNED and his lips collided with hers.Gaara's hands traveled to her waist,to her back,to her neck,god they were just everywhere.I mean everywhere.

"Gaara!!"Sakura shouted embarrassed as she pulled up the top of the gown,he gave her a smirk.

"It's your fault for wearing a gown that just looks great on you"He said as he pinned her on the wall.

Everyone was quiet"...that's kinda disturbing to watch.."Naruto said,but gave a suggesting look to Hinata,which made her blush.

"Naruto...about"Neji said taking out his knife.Naruto gulped and fear for his life.Kankuro was just watching them and saw Sakura and Gaara disappear,thanks to Gaara's weird sand techniques.

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