Of Werewolf and Man

A Harry Potter x Remus Lupin slash fanfiction, for dearest Athenaadante.

"So, it's just you and me then."

Harry clasped his hands around his hips and looked upon his companion, expression indecipherable. The taller, older, and somewhat shabbier man smiled back ruefully.

"I think you will find that you are, in fact, essentially better off than me -" he said, placing a gentle hand on Harry's right shoulder, and guiding him through the door. Once the oak door creaked close behind them, he added absent-mindedly, "- in due course."

Harry sat on the bed and smiled a same remorseful smile at the man while he did all the hard job – pulling the curtains, putting up wards, and magically whispers spells that shrunk the bed beneath Harry's body causing the Boy-Who-Lived to crash onto the floor.

"Ouch! What was that for?!" Harry sat in the middle of the now-empty bedroom and stared at the man incredulously. "I thought it was all tea and conversation while the rest of the Order is gone."

"I wish, Harry, I wish," came the reply, as the other man sat next to him. "But as you no doubt would have guessed, no one else in the Order is available at this particular joyful time of the year. So while Moody feels you need a bit of extra training, I seem to be the only fitting person. Or the only person available, really."

Harry arched a brow. "Um," he surveyed the man in uncertainty, not because of his skills but because of his appearance – he had constant black shadows under his eyes, somewhat even-shabbier-than-usual robes, a skin colour that screamed malnutrition, and a often tired however warm smile. "Remus – are you sure – ?"

Remus Lupin stood up and patted Harry on the back. "Technically, I'll be your teacher again, but you may still call me Remus, if you wish." Pulling Harry to his feet, he added, "Yes, I'm sure. It seems I'm the only additional help you are going to get during the summer – to help you maximise your chances against Voldemort, that is."

Harry grinned sadly. "No pressure there, professor."

Lupin peered at him, a light smile upon his lips, and suddenly drew out his wand. "Incendio."

Harry widened his eyes and jumped as flames leapt from the fireplace behind, almost burning his robes. He whirled around to catch Lupin's smile.

"Constant vigilance," the man said with a glint of amusement in his eyes.

Harry sighed. Apparently Lupin-being-an-easier-teacher-than-Snape was just wishful thinking.