A.N. : Have been told i needed to update. So here i go.

I got changed out of my costume back in my lair, and considered what to do, whether I should tell her or not. I decided to wait a little while longer, and to see where our conversations took us first. I exited my lair and walked to the next room, and entered the door to see Hayley sitting on the couch, the window wide open, and the room slowly freezing over. I asked her why it was so cold, and if she'd opened the window, as if I didn't know. She told me that it was some guy on the fire escape, and that she had opened the window to talk to him. I chose not to comment on the stupidity of her actions; after all it had been me. So I walked over to her and sat on the tiredly, before asking her if she knew who it was.

"Some freak in a Halloween mask" she said eating a mouthful of hot food. Silly girl hadn't tested the food before she'd eaten it, and it was too hot for her. She tried to cool it down unsuccessfully, so gave up and just swallowed it, a pained look on her face. She told me that the guy was some daredevil copycat. I almost lost it right there, she thought I was a copycat. I was myself, and nothing to do with the daredevil. We were opposites that was all, I had been told to exterminate his lover after all. I mumbled under my breath non-committedly, and she looked at the book that was sitting on the table. I was sick of her reading it, some soppy high school rubbish about love and escapism. I argued with her about it for a while, then decided that screw it, I would tell her the truth, even if she did not like it. So I brought it up again, I asked if the guy on the fire escape had given his name, knowing I had not. She repeated my words back to me, word for word. So I told her it was I, and tried to explain it to her, but she walked off, into her room. I figured she was going to get the handgun from her bed. I knew about it of course, but did not care if she shot me or not, as far as I knew I could not be killed anyway, so what did it matter if she shot me.

She walked back in, and accused me of being a bastard. I guess I was one, after all my dad had disowned me. I told her to go ahead and shoot me. The gun shook in her hands as she questioned my motives. There was only one motive, money. I tried to explain that I didn't want to hurt her, and that this was my final job, before I tried to live a normal life, with friends like her. She backed away and asked why I hadn't stopped before. I told her I needed the money to help her, to make sure she was safe and that we could live a normal life. She told me to stop, and pulled the trigger.

I managed to deflect the bullet, and it passed harmlessly through the window. I grabbed hold of her, and begged her to forgive me. She told me after a long while that she wasn't sure if she could. I told her not to tell anyone, and ran off, to the safety of my lair.