I Have a Large, Thick Sausage

Opening Note: The title is for my coworker (henceforth to be known as The Muse or Great Lord of Pizza Ovens), who once announced that his favorite part of the day was when someone ordered a large sausage pizza on thick crust for dine in so that he could call out, "I have a large, thick sausage". Yes, it's a little immature. But think of it as someone trying to bring something imaginative to their otherwise monotonous workday.

Disclaimer: I claim no legal rights to these characters. I do not even want to own legal rights to them. They give me enough trouble already.

Dedication: To the writers on FFnet who are, in my humble opinion, the best. There are very few. I can count them on one hand.

Especially to Dualism!

Epilogue: Love


I rolled over in bed, reaching for and cuddling up to the warmth, vaguely aware of a hand playing with my hair, lips brushing over my forehead.

"Axel?" I murmured.

The warmth vibrated softly and Axel's breath tickled my ear with its flame whisper of laughter.

"Could you let go of me, kid? I need to go to the bathroom."

I pulled away reluctantly, carefully opening my eyes. Axel's form blocked the sun and I smiled at him as he leaned over me to nuzzle my hair.

"You bastard," I groaned as he slid one leg over the edge and planted it on the floor, "You shouldn't be able to move after what I did to you last night."

He chuckled lightly, pressing a kiss to the nape of my neck as I rolled over to bury my face in the sheets, inhaling the musky scent of amber on them. It was as strong as incense. I let it drug me back to sleep and floated peacefully, my skin awake and aware of all the places that had been loved again and again the previous night.

I awoke again when Axel's warmth had faded from the mattress and threw both feet over the edge of the bed, snatching first a pair of boxers and then a pair of mistreated jeans from one of the many piles on the floor and pulling them on. I padded into the bathroom, washed, and went out into the hallway.

Riku and Sora were on the couch, watching SpongeBob, the case for Tinted Rose: The Saga in Sora's lap. Pluto was happily playing with his Goofy plush and effectively tearing it to shreds. Good dog.

"Morning, Beautiful," Axel murmured in my ear, wrapping his arms around me and trailing a hand down my bare chest.

I smirked.

"You left me this morning," I accused him.

"Sorry. I was making you breakfast."

I tilted my head up and sniffed the air. "Burning it, more like."

He cursed under his breath and went to go rescue it, limping like he'd been kicked in the shins every day for the past five days and 3,000 miles.

"Gods, Roxas," Sora breathed when Axel left the room, "Do you have him whipped or what?"

I grinned. "I will soon enough if he isn't already."

"I heard that!" Axel called from the kitchen.

"Never mind that," Riku spoke up, "I want to know what you did to make him walk like that." He put an arm around Sora. "You two pretty much ruined the mood for us, Axel moaning half the night. I'm going to start calling you The Machine, Roxas."

"I think the whole apartment complex will," Sora added.

"In fact," Riku said, not missing a beat, "I think that from now on when Axel calls out that he has a 'Large, thick sausage' at work, people will be likely to congratulate you."

That's it, Riku Miyano. You're sleeping with the fishes tonight.

They both laughed at the chagrined expression on my face and went back to watching the TV.

"Miyano," I said, "Are you actually watching this?"

"I like SpongeBob," Riku retorted.

I gave a short bark of laughter and went into the kitchen, where Axel was viciously scraping what used to be egg from one of the frying pans. He nearly dropped it when I walked in and turned the stove off with a flick of his wrist. He gave me an apologetic smile and threw the pan in the sink.

"Don't worry about it," I said. "We'll get a bagel or something on the way to work."

We'd hired Naminé and Olette the previous night and Pence and Hayner as well. Sora insisted on helping out, so he was the new dough roller, and Riku hired himself as a driver. It was pretty much a given that he'd excel at the job. After all the girls that followed him in last night, we were sure that delivery sales would be up even higher with him handling it.

"I wanted to make you breakfast," Axel muttered.

I grinned and kicked aside a chair, lifting myself up on the kitchen table.

"Come here."

He did, walking as carefully as he could and putting his hands on my hips. I reached up and grabbed fistfuls of his hair, dragging him down slowly and pressing my lips to his, dropping one hand to pull at one of his belt loops, eliciting a strangled gasp that I took advantage of, deepening the kiss and pulling back to tease his upper lip, dipping back into his mouth and out again, repeating the torture.

"Roxas," he moaned. "Do you want to make me a cripple?"

I laughed against his jaw, pulling him to me and gently biting a sensitive spot on his neck before whispering, "I want you this time, Axel."

His breathing altered momentarily and I felt his heart flutter against mine.

"So horny in the mornings," he said, pushing me back, clearing the newspaper and a few empty Styrofoam coffee cups from the table. "I want you," he said, dropping a kiss into the small hollow below my neck. "But I hurt like hell, Rox. It's not going to be as rough as I want to be with you."

I felt heat spread across my face.

"It's you and me," I said at last. "It'll be good."

He nodded and touched his nose to mine, softly sweeping his lips over mine a few times before I clasped my hands together behind his neck and opened my mouth to him, felt his hands working at the bindings of my jeans, running fingers up the inside of my thigh and pulling at my boxers.

We were late for work.

I was happy with my life.

Then Axel came.

And I loved it.

- The Writer

Ending Note: Yesterday was Valentine's day. We got Slammed at work. No, seriously. A coworker of mine wondered aloud why. "It's not like a heart-shaped pizza is romantic," she said. Yeah. We were making heart-shaped pizzas.

"I'll bet I know why," I answered. "A bunch of people probably tried to get into good restaurants but they were packed or they forgot to make reservations so they went home and thought, 'Fuck this, let's order a pizza'."