Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, but the poem and this story are my own original idea. It's what Krillin felt when Android 18 was absorbed by Cell.

Warning: It's kinda sad…I cried while writing it.

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I can't believe it! A few moments not even twenty! I had known I loved her for maybe twenty minutes and then suddenly…WHAM! She's gone.


Running through me,

I suffer & fight,

For what?

That's monster! It's killed so many…17 and 18 included. I saw…there had once been a chain of islands here. Cell destroyed them…just to find 18. I hate him! All this pain!


It's total devastation,

The world around me,

She's gone.

I feel tears well up in my eyes…even as I glare at my enemy, hating him, I'm afraid. What does this world hold for me now? I don't know what's worse facing Cell, or facing the truth that she's dead.


I can't live,

I have no purpose,

Life is blank.

A warning bell in my head is screaming that Cell's complete and now he's going to kill us! I should be running! But I stand transfixed. Knowing, hoping this is my end too.

The end,

No! I won't believe that,

I can go on, I must,

To stop this evil.

I shake my head madly as Trunks jumps into the air. "I've seen this happen before!" He screams. "And I won't let it happen here!" He's right! We have to stop this thing! These people are counting on us!


This world, these people,

They will live, fight,

They, me, WE,

Will Survive.

It hurts. Dear Kami it hurts! To have lost her. But I won't lose; I have to be strong. For my friends, my world, for her. I will see her again. Maybe not till I go to the 'Otherworld' but I WILL see her again. And that, if for nothing else, is why I fight. I will Survive.


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