XIII Ninja

By James the Fox

Naruto Owned by Kishimoto and Shonen Jump

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"Now for a Naruto Fic which takes place a while after Kingdom Hearts 2 and stars Naruto with all sorts of new/old powers..."

Naruto: "New/old? What the heck is that supposed to mean?"

"You'll see..."

As Xemnas' form finally faded away, he wondered how he could lose two insignificant boys. They were only children, and he was eternal. Then he remembered.

"You're right. Darkness and Light are eternal. Nothing probably goes on forever too. But guess what, Xemnas?" Riku, the one who had thrown his friends away for the power darkness had offered, then thrown darkness away as well, had said.

"It doesn't mean you're eternal!" His friend, Sora, had finished. In his hand he gripped the Ultima Keyblade.

Xemnas realized it now. They were correct. Ansem was correct, too. The Heart's true essence was beyond even his grasp. But somehow, someway, they had figured it all out. Maybe… maybe because they listened to their hearts.

Meanwhile, he didn't even have a heart. He was a Nobody, just a shell, after all.

He felt his power drain away, but he was puzzled at how it was draining. Instead of fading away like it should, it flowed off in a single direction, heading for a specific place. Xemnas could feel his consciousness being taken that way, as well. As he fell slowly into oblivion, He felt other presences, other powers, traveling nearby and to the same place as him.

XIII powers, XII presences, all heading for the same world…

Prelude Episode: Organization XIII and Kyuubi's new Host! Nothingness is eternal!

Xemnas awoke to find himself in the strangest place he had ever seen. It seemed to be a combination of many of the places Organization XIII had been to. Surrounding the edges of the large platform he was on were thirteen thrones similar to the ones he and the rest of the Order had sat in during their meetings, but instead of the white marble the thrones seemed to be made of a dark brownish-orange stone. He was also surprised to find the Memory's Skyscraper towering above him on one side of the room. As he turned about, he saw several locales in the distance, there but out of his reach. Twilight Town, Destiny Islands, the Dark Beach, Radiant Garden, and many more. Upon closer inspection he also noticed eleven others lying down, obviously unconscious. He could tell from a glance that each of them were members of Organization XIII, but this did not answer the question of just where they were.

Was this the place where Nobodies ended up when they… for lack of a better word, died? Where the beings of nothingness were doomed to be for all eternity, without hearts, without existence? And where was the missing member of… Roxas. He had merged with his original self. When Sora's time came, what would happen to him? Would he come here, or go with Sora? Xemnas wanted to know. It seemed that even though he existed even less than he had before, he still bore a desire for knowledge.

No, not a desire. After all… Nobodies could not feel… Emotion… They were only shells… cast off from both darkness and light, they didn't even exist…

Xemnas snapped out of his thoughts when he noticed # IV, Vexen, get up. He looked much the same as he had before. He noticed Xemnas and turned to him, asking two simple questions.

"Where are we? The last thing I remember… Castle Oblivion… Sora… Axel… How am I still here in the land of the living?"

"I don't know about the first question, but I can say that we aren't in the realm of the living…" Xemnas and Vexen turned to face Larxene. "Guess ticking the Keybearer off to control him wasn't the best idea I've had…" With the exception of Xemnas, each of the Organization members awoke in the order they had been defeated in. One by one, Marluxia, Lexaeus, Zexion, Demyx, Xaldin, Xigbar, Luxord, and Saix came to. They started walking about, trying to find some clue as to whether they were alone or not. Finally, Demyx did the only thing they hadn't done in their investigation other than try to get into the skyscraper. He turned his head straight up and yelled.

"Hello? Anyone out there laughing at us from in the dark? Where the heck are we? Anyone?" Larxene turned towards Demyx, annoyance visible on her face.

"Shut up, Demyx, nobody's gonna just appear out of thin air and-"

"So… you've awakened." Everyone jumped at the new voice.

"-Start talking." Larxene finished, unwilling to believe that Demyx's plan had worked. "OK… who are you?"

"A representative of the world of death."

Vexen looked into the sky, trying to figure out where the voice came from.

"Not to be rude and bombard our generous host with questions, but WHERE THE HECK ARE WE? WHY ARE WE HERE? IS THIS SOME KIND OF SICK JOKE THAT YOU'RE PLAYING ON US?" Axel yelled, not waiting for answers. The voice laughed.

"Do not be sorry. I was sent here to answer questions for you. The higher-ups thought you might want them. To the last question, no. You are inside a heart that is just now being brought into the world."

"Inside… a heart?" Zexion asked, shocked that something like that would be possible.

"Indeed. As for why you are here… the short version is Redemption..."

"What, like a second chance?" Xigbar asked, interested in the prospect.

"Why?" Axel asked. He knew he'd done horrible things in life, they all had, so why would any of them get a second shot?

"Feeling a little… regret?" The words the voice had used struck Axel to the core. Those were one of the last things Sora had said before Axel had destroyed himself to save him. Sure, it wasn't like he could… With those thoughts Axel came to a new realization.

"Yes… I am. I'm actually… feeling emotion! How?"

"Your first question first. You see, none of you lived a full life, or one that had emotion anyway. Your other sides, your original selves, have already been judged for the choices that they made, taking all their emotions into consideration." The voice sounded reluctant to finish the statement, but finally continued. "Plus, you got off on a technicality." Axel laughed at the annoyed tone the voice took.

"A technicality? What kind of technicality?"

"You could not be judged because you technically did not exist. You have been linked to this heart, fixing that problem. You now exist as much as any other being, complete with emotion. Now you can be held truly accountable for your actions. Try not to make the same mistakes as you did before."

Luxord grinned. "Sounds like a game to me. So, what are the rules?"

"You will exist inside this heart, guiding the person who is your host. The child holds a powerful destiny."

"What kind of destiny?" Xaldin asked.

"Take a look below your feet." Every one did so, seeing that the floor was made of bars that crisscrossed like jail bars. "Those bars are meant to hold something. A very deadly monster, one that holds almost as much power as every Nobody combined. The Kyuubi."

Larxene gasped in shock. She had seen that creature in the memories of her original self. It was that creature that had caused her to become a Nobody in the first place. Those memories were hazy, but she was still able to recall the Nine-Tailed Fox unleashing several horrible techniques on her village. She had fled, finding herself on a journey that intertwined with many other journeys. In the end, she had become a weapon that was designed to enjoy other's suffering. Was there anyone this child would meet that she had known?

"His life will be of great importance to this world. When the end comes, you will be judged by how you acted to guide him. If you pass, you will be given a new existence in the world of the living. If you fail… you will endure horrors greater than any mortal was meant to encounter."

Axel had only one thing he could think about left. "What about Roxas? Will he get a second chance?" Everything in the future depended on this. Roxas was Axel's best friend, and he couldn't imagine doing something like this without him.

"…Yes. He can't be judged unless he has a heart. When Sora's time comes, Roxas will be here."

Axel grinned. He was starting to enjoy having emotions like happiness. He knew this also meant he could feel sadness, but it didn't matter. With his friend by his side, he could do anything. Vexen suddenly thought of something.

"This can't just mean guiding him, does it? Otherwise we wouldn't need the power we still have. Logically, this could only mean there will be times when he will need to use our strength."

"You just answered your own question. Once he becomes aware of your presence, which will likely be at a young age, he need only call and your power will combine with his. This is an addition to a man-made seal that will be used to keep the demon at bay done by the higher-ups."

"These 'Higher-ups' you keep mentioning seem to be really involved here," Marluxia said.

"No more so than they were with everyone else. They work with every being out there so that they fit into the tapestry of existence. Even your original selves were designed to do whatever you may need to do. Now, that is all the time I have left before this heart goes into it's body and I am disconnected." 5 seconds later, the world around them shook as the heart entered existence.

The Kyuubi roared as the man known as the 4th Hokage performed several hand signs. They both knew what would happen should the Demon be unable to stop the man. It unleashed several fire blasts in desperation, all of which either missed or were blocked by the Fourth's summoned toad, Gamabunta. Finally, the last seal had been created. Taking one last look at the child beneath him, sleeping soundly, he unleashed the Justu that would end his life and drastically change another.

"Shiki Fujin!" The demon cried out in defiance as the Justu took affect, knowing that now it was doomed to be trapped for eternity. Shinigami, the Death God, reached out, taking the soul of the Nine-Tailed Fox from its body and toward the child. The Hokage unleashed two more Sealing Justus to ensure that the demon would not escape or use the boy for any purpose. The spirit of the monster disappeared into the body of the young blonde. As Shinigami took its payment for its services and the Hokage felt his soul being torn from his body, he heard a voice that was able to reassure him, although he didn't know why.

"You need not worry about the child. He is safe in the hands of the XIII Order."

"H-hello. I'm Hyuuga Hinata. I was having a normal day till a few minutes ago, when someone kidnapped me. Wait, who's that? A boy? What's he doing?"

Next time on XIII Ninja: Kidnapping Caper! The key child returns!

"I'll s-see you there."

"Yeah… I've kinda had this idea in my head for a while."

Naruto: "So, Organization XIII is sealed in my body along with the Fox?"

"Kinda… And yes, Larxene does have a big role in this story. Her memories are a little fuzzy from being a Nobody, but as time passes she'll remember people she's met and techniques she forgot. Also, certain events and people will happen/appear in different places than in canon. Until then, see ya!"