I walked into the kitchen to get a cup of orange juice. As soon as I glanced over at the island counter, I saw a cup of orange juice, no pulp, with an orange slice on the edge. I knew Lilly put it there. She is the only one that knows why I like my juice that way. My mom used to drink hers like that. I know its crazy, but in some ways I miss her. I see all of the other girls talk about how their mom's didn't get them the outfit they wanted to get, and I think well at least you have a mom! If there is one thing that people don't know about me- I keep my pain inside of me. I'll never admit in a million years that when my so-called-mother left me, saying she'd be back in a year or so, still kills me inside. It's been five years since I last saw my mother.

"You know, when you stare at a cup full of juice, it doesn't help your thirst!" Lilly said.

"Thank you…for everything!" I said.

"I didn't do anything Veronica, you did. But since you think I did, I think you should you should tell me something. Why do you always keep your pain bottled up inside of you. I mean after your mom left, you never talked about her. You acted like she was never even their! I want to know?" she said.

"Because it hurts! I see every other girl complain about their mom, and nagging about them all the time! I just want to hit them and tell them 'at least you have a mom!' It kills me! And I thought that if I didn't talk about then the pain would just…go away! But it won't! It just…won't…leave!" I spit it in between sobs.

"Oh, V! You can ALWAYS talk to me. I know she hurt you, but you don't have to act all tough! Come here." She said pulling me into a hug.

I cried into her shoulder and left a wet puddle on her shirt. We let go and she went to the cabinet and grabbed out all the things she needed to make for her special strawberry pancakes. A couple minutes later we were covered in dusty flour and laughing so hard we were crying. Seconds later, Logan and everyone else walked into the kitchen and we served them our pancakes. After breakfast, it was about 10 and every ones parents weren't coming until 1:30. We cleaned up the kitchen and walked into the living room. Once again we played truth or dare.

"Veronica truth or dare?" Lilly asked.


"I dare you to go into my parents bathroom and take my mom's hair brush!"

"You are so mean!" I said throwing a pillow at her.

----LATER AT 12:00----

"Hey Veronica…uh I was uh wondering, maybe we could go up to Lilly's room and "talk" he said smiling.

"You…are…so…bad!" I said grabbing his hand and walking upstairs.

We sat on her bad and he layed down and pulled me on top of him. I pressed my lips against his and closed my eyes. This is the definition of perfection! It was just getting heated when suddenly the door opened and Lilly popped her head in!

"Hey V…oh! Logan! I'm sorry I didn't mean to…interrupt anything. Please…continue" she said laughing and smiling.

I quickly jumped off the bed, my cheeks as flushed as anything. "you weren't interrupting anything! Me and Logan were…well…uh-"

"Don't bother with excuses Veronica! You know me, I heard and told every one of them!"

Me and Logan followed Lilly downstairs were every one was sitting. I guess every one knew what we were doing because as soon as they saw us dick yelled "Did ya get any!"

Logan started blushing and smiling then went over and playfully hit him. I smiled so big you could see all of my teeth. I thought about the future…and how long this would last. I mean it couldn't last for ever! Could it…