Chapter 5

Almost Over

As I ran to the kitchen I almost ran into my mother on the phone.

"…Unless we find somewhere else for him to go," she was saying.

No! I mouthed to her. She looked at me confusingly. "Hold on, Callie just came in."

She covered the phone with her hand and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Kenny can't come with me! He'll ruin everything!" I shouted.

My mom's eyes grew confused and then brightened. "Callie, that's a great idea! Mom, I just had another idea. It would be easier and this way you wouldn't miss your knitting meetings! I'll arrange the details and I'll call you back when I know it's for sure," she told my grandma.

But I had barely heard a word. Kenny had tricked me! He was going to go to grandma's, didn't want to, and tricked me into telling mom about it myself!

I paused thinking this over and then thought about what Jason had said. Maybe Jason was right. His jokes are kind of smart. They'll ruin my life, but smart.

Mom hung up the phone and said to me smiling, "Callie, where did you get the idea of letting Kenny go with you? I would have thought you would have wanted to go by yourself."

I smiled politely like I had been asked by a stranger a question I didn't' know. Then I turned around and trudged upstairs. But instead of going to my room I went to Kenny's.

"Very funny Kenny! Your master, evil plan has worked. You are going to California with me!" I said to his door.

But is shot open and he barreled past me to run downstairs. "MOM!" he yelled. "Am I really going to California?"


"YES!" he came barreling upstairs again and slammed his door going back in. "I'm going to pack right now!" he said like he thought I was listening.

After my little nap I felt refreshed, an idea suddenly dawning on me. I decided to call Tess.

"Tess," I said, after I reached her. "Guess where I am going?"

"Where?" she said.

Explaining to her I was going to California to meet Jason Curry and be in his new movie, I also told her about my brother coming along.

"So what?" she said.

"What do you mean 'so what?'" I asked.

"So what if your brother comes along? What is he going to do?" she asked.

Knowing she didn't have any siblings, I gave her the benefit of the doubt. So of course she wouldn't understand. "Tess," I said calmly, "you do not understand what is like obviously. You won't get it even if I told you."

"Whatever, anyway, if you see Jessica Simpson, will you get me an autograph?" Tess asked me.

"Of course, but I doubt I will," I told her. "I'm just seeing Jason Curry and he isn't that big a star."

"You'll be sorry you said that once he is a big star," Tess told me.

We talked about stuff that could happen when we got there and then stuff that probably would happen instead. Finally my mom called me.

"Callie? Time for bed."

"Tess, I've got to go. I'll call you later," I said.

I hung up and got ready.

When I was done I looked at the calendar. Today was Thursday and tomorrow would be the last day of school until I, we, left. We would be leaving Saturday right before lunch. Then we would arrive about 3:00. Wow. I thought. I haven't even packed yet. I decided I should pack tomorrow after school.

The next day at school I met up with Tess at her locker. "Now remember Tess," I said to her. "Don't tell anyone about me leaving. Got it?"

"Got it. But what about Linds?" she said, referring to our other friend.

"I haven't told her yet. But I'm not sure I want, you know? She isn't the best at keeping secrets. Remember last year?" I reminded her.

"Yeah," she said remembering last year when Linds had told the whole seventh grade about Tess' crush on Nathan, the most popular guy in the eighth grade. "I guess you have a point."