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Yet another nunu-inspired fic.

Short and stupid. Enjoy!


The cheers were heard all though the entire Capsule Corporation complex, followed immediately by "YEEEEEAHHHH!!!!" as the person…chugged.

"…Mmmaaaannn…" came the slurred voice of a man. "I love you, man! I've always…ALWAYS loved you!"

"You know…" came an equally inebriated voice. "I (hic) love you too."

"I love you BOTH!" said another voice.

The three men continued in rounds of drinks, only stopping to profess their undying love for one another.

The next morning:

"Oooohh…" came the groan of a mighty prince…"Tien. Move your leg…."

Blinking, as he realized what he just said, Vegeta got up to find himself stark naked, lying beside Tien, who was just as 'clothed'.


Tien woke up, and looked up at Vegeta. "…What the hell did we do last night?"

They both turned to their sides as another moan filled the room. Android 17 was on the floor, putting his hand to his head, trying to make the headache go away.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?" The other two men yelled at him. 17 nearly cried in pain.

"Can you two PLEASE not yell! SOME of us had a very tiring night!"

It didn't take long for the man, Saiyan, and Android to asses the scene. The littered cans and bottles of alcohol were clue enough to just what had happened.

"Kami almighty, please say there was a woman involved…" Tien said softly as he put his clothes back on. Vegeta had similar thoughts while 17 threw up like no tomorrow.

Nine Months Later:

"So, you see" Android 17 explained to his dumbstruck sister. "Apparently, Dr. Gero had a thing for giving both his female and male based creations the female anatomy. And when the dragon made me human, he didn't exactly fix that.

"And another funny thing, Saiyans have this unique, never known prior to this moment ability to add their genes to an already existing fetus." He said, watching as Android 18 burst out laughing hysterically.

"Don't laugh at me!" He cried, "I am in a VERY delicate mood! I just had to give up my baby!"

That statement only caused 18 to double over in more laughter.

Many Years Later:

"Hey! Hiei!" Yusuke called out.

Hiei ignored him, looking at the photo in his hands. It was of three men, all glaring into the camera. On the back of the picture, it said "Picture of Dads for Baby. We wish we could have known you."

"Oh, Dads!!" He cried, tears falling onto the faces of a man with hair that stood strait up, another with three eyes, and the last who looked relatively normal, except rather feminine looking.


And that, my friends, is why you shouldn't drink. You don't what you'll do, who you'll do it with, and if any you have female reproductive organs…even though you're all male.

The End.



First note: I haven't seen all of Yu Yu Hakusho (by that I mean I've seen about 15 episodes. Everything else I know is because one of my friends keeps accidentally telling me stuff). So I'm sorry if I just killed some fact about Hiei somehow. I'm not sure if there's anything about his parents in the show, but whatever. I've read MUCH worse fics.

Second Note: Closest thing to a Yaoi I'll ever write.

Last Note: For those who don't know, the reason for Android 17 being one if his 'fathers' is because they have the same voice actor.