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Rei-world: part one

Rei got up and began her morning routine. She got out of bed, took a cold shower (the warm water never worked) made a small breakfast of plain white rice, changed into her uniform and headed out. She followed this routine every day without fail. She knew she would arrive ten minutes early, where she would look out the window and think until class began. Did she wish for variation? Quite possibly, she never would say however, besides, keeping dead lines almost gave her a sense of purpose, something she had started to desire in the bottom of her heart. After school, she would run tests and then head home. If the commander was in a good mood, he might eat with her, though that event was becoming rarer and rarer. Was she happy? Probably not, her eyes were dull lifeless and her few words were either enigmatic or sad. She paused at the crosswalk as she did every day. Today would be ordinary, provided no angels attacked, and even if they did, she had a contingency for that.

"Excuse me miss, I'm raising money for a local charity, would you care to purchase any of my wares?"

Rei turned around and saw a man in a long red coat straddling what appeared to be a giant chicken. His hair shot out in multiple black spikes. He wore blue tinted sunglasses and a pair of black slacks and a shirt. He hopped down and pulled a table out of his coat. He then pulled out multiple items from his coat and laid them on the table.

"My name is Ca-uh, Gohan, yeah, that's it, Gohan. Now, is there anything on my table that catches your eye?"

Rei didn't respond.

"Aaah…you're looking for something extraordinary, aren't you?" The man said. "Well, I think I have just what you're looking for." He pulled out a flowered hairclip, "I think this would go perfect with your hair and…hey! Where are you going?"

The light had changed and Rei continued with her morning schedule, completely ignoring the strange man who was shoving the table and all the items on it back into his coat. The man then mounted the giant yellow chicken and said:

"Go Gregory! Follow her!"

The giant bird collapsed.

"Damn alcoholic chocobo! You drank the rum, didn't you?"

The bird just snored and let a puddle of drool fall from his mouth. The man who called himself Gohan got up and ran after the blue haired albino.

A little later…

Rei walked at her normal pace and before long she reached the gate of the school. Her only thoughts were the ones that caused her legs to move. She started towards the escalator, when all of a sudden a man in a long red coat and tire treads all over him blocked the path.

"Now hold up there!" The man said, "I think you are seriously underestimating the variety of goods I have."

"Please move out of the way," Rei said.

"Please, this is for a very good cause! Tell you what if you just buy one thing, I'll leave you alone." Gohan said.

Rei put on the slightest of frowns and asked. "what is the cheapest item you have?"

"Well, I see you want to talk business!" The man rummaged in his pocket and pulled out a 300page, 12 subject notebook that was cobalt blue, "This notebook is a one of kind, you never run out of paper, it can't be destroyed, and it…"

"How much?" Rei asked, wanting to get on her way.

"Only 800 yen."

Rei pulled out a wallet from her bag and dropped some coins into the man's hand.

The man put them into his pocket and handed over the notebook. "I'm sure you'll be most pleased with your purchase." He then stepped out of the way.

Rei moved on without a word and headed up the escalator. "I'll have to spread out my rice a bit more." She thought. She then entered the classroom and took her seat by the window.

"Well, it looks like wonder girl is a little late today!"

Rei didn't even turn around. She knew who it was; Asuka always liked to be a loudmouth before school (and during, and after).

"Well, did you not get enough sleep first child? Well don't you worry, I can take up the slack for both you and Shinji."

Rei kept looking out the window. What she was thinking about wasn't anything of great importance; at that moment she was merely observing a chipmunk that was climbing in a tree.

Asuka slammed her hand down on the albino's desk. "You listen when I'm speaking!" She then spied Rei's new notebook and snatched it saying, "a notebook, how quaint! Don't you know that all our homework is done on computer, I can't believe that you bought it!"

Rei continued to look out the window, now observing a fly that was buzzing by the window.

Asuka slammed the notebook down and headed back to her desk. Rei picked it up and out of curiosity, opened it. It was a plain, college-ruled notebook. The only thing that was interesting was a small post-it, which read "When you need to write something, and have no idea, write down whatever you think, even if it has nothing to do with what you set out to write."

"Asuka, why are you always like that?" Hikari asked, "You can be such a child some times."

"Hikari, you know I'm just trying to have some fun with her, I mean, if she would just talk a little more, she'd probably have some friends." Asuka retorted.

"But Asuka, don't you think that what you're saying might be hurtful to Rei?" after not receiving an answer, Hikari turned to her friend and said, "Asuka are you even…WHAT THE?!!"

A small redheaded girl with blue eyes and pigtails looked up at her with tears in her eyes. "I want my momma…"she then started to cry.


"Come on Gregory, you've drunken more than that before, what gives?" The man said as his cell phone went off.

"Hello, this is Cab329, avie and world jumper, how may I be of service?"

Cab, do you know anything about my notebook going missing?

"No, can't say I do."

Oh, that's funny, since I saw Chocobo tracks all over the room.

"Oh…um, yeah, I kinda borrowed it for an undisclosed amount of time."

Well, how bout you bring it back, cuz I kind of need it to write.

"Why don't you just use another one?"

Because that one is a medium for making changes in other worlds, without it I can't write stories.

"Oh, I kind of sold it to Rei Ayanami."


"What's the big deal? She probably won't do anything with it."


"I need to make a tinkle!" The child said.

The entire class looked at her.

"Too late."

Author's note: Well this is a fine mess.

Part two ad

Rei realizes what the notebook is capable of! God help the evaverse!

Cab329 gets some back up.

What will happen with little Asuka?