Daimakaicho Ranma: an ending for the beginning.

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Author's note, and summary: what you're about to read, is something, rather an idea that's plagued me for quite some time. The basic principle to this idea is that what if Ranma was evil?

As in so many fan fictions, Ranma is portrayed as many things lackwitted, stupid, a hero, a heroine, a scapegoat, naïve, a pervert, and generally all-around good guy/gal hero/champion.

And to be quite honest with you I'm sick of it!

Sure there are fictions where Ranma has been bad, or gone into murderous rage, and even a few that even have Ranma descending into being a demon. But sadly very few of those are any good. And even in these, Ranma has still been, generally good. I would direct you to "The Merger" by deathgeonous, as a fine fic in its own regards, but even there where Ranma and Hild have merged (as the title may suggest) Ranma is still good.

So now if you'll allow me, I shall endeavor to fill the chasm found in Ranma fan fictions, and have Ranma end-up as the song says "Bad to the Bone" as the new supreme demon of the underworld, Hild's replacement. And in case you haven't already guessed at this fan fiction is a fusion between Ah! My Goddess and Ranma1/2, with cameo bit roles from Hellsing to be introduced later

Also in case any of you are wondering, the timeline in this is a Ranma based, two years post the incident with Saffron and the manga end. Why? Because I can!

Also, a decent understanding of Ah! My Goddess, season two episode 17 wherein Urd rebuffs Hild's offer to join her and the demons in Niffelheim would be helpful. Though the first chapter of the fan fiction "Ah My Demoness" by StarEyed2 on fanfiction(dot)net, is close enough for a general understanding if you haven't had a chance to view the episode in question.

Well you've been warned! So, Watch out world as Here Comes Daimakaicho Ranma!

- - -

- - -

In a plane of existence on a level of reality far removed from that of Earth, and even farther removed from that of Asgard, a dark swirling vortex of clouds began to amass in the perpetual twilighted sky above the spiritual city of the demons, Niffelheim. As cool winds began galling through the streets and mews of the city, and great purple vapors began to swirl and twist all the while dissipating out through the city, a great many lower demons began to grow fearful of what was approaching and the unknown.

Then there is a sudden thunderous roar and a whirlwind with whipping purple flickering lightning split through the city with a ground shaking force and crashed into the middle of one of the main thoroughfares near the "downtown" of Niffelhiem throwing debris and dust throughout the area.

As the whirlwind dies down returning to the normal soft yet cool and damp breeze that pervades the dimly lit streets of Niffelheim, there standing in the middle of the dissipating dust cloud and slight crater of debris, the Queen to realm herself; Daimakaicho Hild.

Hild has her head down, staring blankly at her slightly charred and still smoking regal purple, black and gold body hugging dress, then thought to herself, 'I must look to be an absolute mess…' as she sighed uncaring of all the demons and spirits that had stopped all activities to stare at their queen, her singed and smoking chaotically styled white hair and generally disheveled dress from her little parting "tiff" with Urd-chan.

Then the macabre silence was broken as someone somewhere in the assembled crowd coughed politely and asked in a weekly trembling voice "Um… Hild Sama?"

Her head suddenly snapped up still staring blankly but now her gaze was riveted upon the assembled crowd, and when she looked upon them they all flinched in fear and recoiled.

No one said a word after that.

'Of course they won't speak to You, you're their queen after all!' Hild thought to herself in exasperation as she turned away from the crowd and began trod down the street paved in the gray and ethereal wails of tortured souls, heading in the familiar route towards her Helheim Palace.

During Hild's quiet solitary walk she can't help but to smile as she sees to her right the Ginnungagap lake park. "It really is more like a small sea rather than a lake isn't it?" Hill said quietly to herself, as even she could just barely see the far shore on the south side of the lake and beyond the shore the fire city of Muspelheim: the 'twin' city of Niffelheim, the city of ice.

For a few brief moments Hild's worries and concerns seemed to just melt away in the unusually serene place in Niffelheim with the calm cool waters and the dominating vista of the base of the Yggdrasil near the east shore and the mighty welling spring Hvergelmir, its waters running through the three massive roots of great and imposing Yggdrasil to then cascade down the waterfall of knives, to then end in the Ginnunagagap lake as a mist in a fantastic kaleidoscopic array of sparkling colors in the perpetual twilight.

Hild wasn't certain how long she was standing there lost in her own reverie of such a simple pleasure as watching the water until she noticed that there was absolutely no one else in the park. Picnic baskets were left unattended and the playing area for the very few demonic children was empty. Turning around she saw why; all the demons and spirits that had been enjoying the park prior to her arrival were waiting on the street behind her, undoubtedly waiting for her to leave. Though none of them said a word, she knew why they were staying back, giving her room, it was fear. Fear of her.

She smiled slightly to the gathered crowd behind her, then one of them, a low-level fear demon by the looks of him screamed in terror shouting that they were all going to die as he ran off. Hild frowned at that and turned sharply on the heel of her white shoes and began walking back towards the castle, angrily and not stopping until she was finally in the quiet of her chambers.

Once in her regal chambers she practically slammed the massive wood door shut then sighed and leaned herself back against it. She stayed that way for a few moments collecting herself then straightened and began to walk into her chambers undressing as she went, as each article of clothing was removed she'd just thrown it in the air where it would audibly #pop!# and vanish, to go from where whence it came.

As she approached her luxurious red silk canopy bed now in the nude save for her headdress, she concentrated slightly on tiny miniscule fraction of her power and was then instantly clad in a violent hued silk night gown, then she gently removed her golden headdress and reverently placed it on a waiting stand by her bed.

She then realized it was far too early to actually rest, so she sighed sitting down on the edge of her bed and thought aloud with a sigh, "it's too quite here… Of course it's always quiet and solitary here…"

She then sighed again, and looked over her shoulder at the shimmering red silk of her bed and tried to think the last time she shared it, the last time she could recall was when she was with HIM, the all father Kami-Sama, in the nights she conceived Urd…

That line of thought abruptly stopped as a wash of feelings of unbidden pain, sadness and anger came rushing to the forefront of Hild's mind, to which she stood up suddenly clutched her head as if in pain and screamed, "Dammit All!" with such force that the light grey polished stone floor she stood on cracked in a spider web array around her feet and blackened to true and utter damnation from Hild's word alone.

For a few moments Hild stood there hands still clutched on her head breathing heavily, then took several deep calming breathes and started to say to herself quietly "Come on Hild get a grip on yourself now. Thinking about how much your own daughter and husband hate you isn't going to be doing you any good! And really who needs them?! You are the queen after all with trillions and trillions of subjects and unfettered cosmic power beyond reason! What could those two possibly that you don't already have?!"


She then whispers to herself quietly, "Family and love..."

With that said her shoulders slumped and she began to walk towards her large blood-wood desk carved in relief depicting the tortures of Dante's Ninth Circle of Traitors, her footfalls echoing throughout the nearly empty room, once there she sat down heavily into her large padded leather chair and called on her power to materialize a small bowl of popcorn and called up her Nidhogg terminal to access a view of the recently arrived list, Hell's newest denizens.

As the list slowly scrolls by in the nearly transparent ethereal screen, numbers and statistics of some artificial vampires from London or werewolves from France or the occasional martial artist demigod from rural China (it had been a while since she last checked the list) she reclined in her chair absently munching her popcorn paying the list scrolling by little mind and she thought back to her Urd-chan and her half sisters Balldandy and Skuld all staying in that temple, and more precisely Urd's flat-out denial to join her in Niffelheim, without even hearing why she was making the request at all.

"Oh my Urd chan, my precious baby girl, was it so wrong for me really to want you to come and be with me?!" Hill cried out to herself choking back a sob that threatened to escape her lips.

"Oh Urd, am I really so bad that you wouldn't even hear me out? To think I was going to offer my kingdom, my very realm and power to you my daughter. As out of all the beings in the universe you were one of the few that can understand and appreciate the delicate balance. Light and dark, yin and yang, good and evil, demon and god alike, Urd, you of all would have known this, and been able to take my place..."

With that said Hild let out a tired miserable sigh and leaned forward and placed her elbows on her desk, dropping her face into her hands, and shook with sobs and muted wails thinking of how she'll now have to find her successor elsewhere.

"Yeah right! Like someone that's uniquely qualified of understanding 'Balance' and capable of taking my place is going to just drop into hell any minute now…" Hild said with a bitter laugh and a choked sob once again staring at her newly arrived "guest" list.

- - -

- - -

Ranma sighed as she careened wildly through the air looking down at her landing spot; a drainage canal. When she first arrived in Nerima almost 3 years ago, landing in such an abundant source of cold water would have driven Ranma into the foulest of moods until she could have changed back into a "He".

Now though... now it was merely an irritation at getting wet, and then having to wash herself and her silk clothes free of that pungent stagnant water smell.

As Ranma was falling closer to her watery landing spot now she could clearly make out the pile of broken cinderblocks right in the middle of her shallow watery salvation.

'Heh, this is probably where Nabiki's been having Akane's broken cinderblocks dumped' Ranma thought darkly as she first struck the water then the pile of debris below the surface.



As Ranma then dragged herself out of the canal and on to the low bank, she grimaced at seeing her dislocated shoulder.

For a moment she looked around trying to get her bearings straight so she could head on over to Doc. Tofu's place. But then she could just smack herself as she remembered that Doctor Tofu, one of maybe only three people in all of Nerima who unconditionally liked her, and he skipped town just before she had to leave to go to China and face against Saffron.

So with a scowl on her face Ranma bit her lip to bite back the scream of pain as she realigned her shoulder herself.

As Ranma ascended over the canals embankment wall, she startled a great many of the passersby and shopkeepers that were out for the afternoon with her bedraggled and sodden appearance.

Though Ranma could only snort with disgust as she noticed most of the men probably didn't get a care over how mussed her hair was or muddied and wrinkled her black pants and red shirt were. But rather how her silk garments were clinging to her generous curves.

She sighed at that thought, as it was yet another "joy" of her curse to age and mature with her. Yes now nearing 19, Ranma was tall, very tall indeed for any Japanese woman, at 176 cm tall, almost as tall as Soun Tendo with a lithe supermodel figure from years of martial arts training and a bust line that men would have to be gay or dead to not notice.

Then while stretching and getting her bearings from her impromptu flight, she couldn't help but notice that a young man looking up her way at her "charms" had walked straight into a low fire hydrant, and was now on the ground groaning and clutching his groin.

In another life Ranma may have cringed with sympathy for the unfortunate young man, and his groinal pain from walking into such a hard iron object, now though all she can do is mutter "Men are such pigs…" as she stuck her hands in their pockets and started her slow trek back towards the Tendo dojo.

A few moments into her walking Ranma began to ponder her reaction towards that young fellow, as she was rather surprised by how uncaring she was, but also rather how feminine her reaction was to the plight of the ogling young man.

"I guess years of groping perverts, and Tatewaki Kuno would'a changed anyone's outlook…" Ranma mused quietly to herself and had to bite back a growl and grinding of teeth as she thought back to Kuno. Yes after all this time Kuno was still after his "Ossage no Onna", but on Ranma's 18th birthday Kuno went too far. Ranma remembered clearly how HE had been truly enjoying one of maybe only four birthday party's he'd ever had in his life, when Kuno crashed the party with one of his sisters knockout powders, and in a true display of Murphy's Law, cold punch splashed onto Ranma changing him from a male to female. Then of course the next thing Ranma knows, is that SHE'S waking up in Kuno's boudoir on Tatewaki's bed in her underwear

(boxers and muscle-shirt thankfully) with Kuno similarly undressed straddling her, kissing at the nape of her neck and muttering praises of how he'd bring her into the graces of womanhood as his present for her 18th year. Needless to say Kuno ended up in a full body cast in the traction ward of Nerima hospital for two months for his trouble.

For a few moments after her initial angered thought of Kuno, Ranma couldn't help but to reminisce on some of the other more poignant experiences she's had since she first arrived in Nerima as she walked. Things like the cats tongue, the ghost cat, Herb of the Musk and his damnable locking ladle, Saffron of the Phoenix, and the failed wedding…

"Ah, the failed wedding where everything got shot straight to hell…" Ranma thought that to herself of how such a simple thing that she, a He at the time, would have gladly gone through with was ruined by, in her opinion, the petty wants of the other fiancées and cursed martial artists alike…

What was more painful though was how for more than two months after that, Akane would say hardly a word to anyone, and seemingly took great lengths to avoid Ranma while also sneaking covert glances, that weren't so covert to Ranma's trained eye.

Ranma could only blush prettily as the clear memory of how Akane had dragged Ranma to sit under a tree in a park one day after school, and had their first actual talk since before the wedding…

- - - - -

"Geeze what's your problem tomboy that ya' gotta' drag me out here after school like this…" Ranma said with one of his classic grins and lack of tact. As not more than five minutes ago the school bell had rung and Akane had grabbed his hand and immediately began running at full tilt to one of the local districts smaller parks, with Ranma flapping like a flag behind her.

After seating herself on the ground beside a tree, Akane then patted the ground next to her as an invitation to Ranma to sit. After Ranma had ungracefully plopped down onto the ground, hands behind his head and leaning against the tree, seemingly uncaring of the world around him, Akane turned to face him a determined expression on her face.

After several moments Ranma was beginning to become nervous under Akane's hard scrutiny, so he said in typical Ranma fashion, "Yo, Akane what's the matter ya' sick or somethin'?"

But then surprised Ranma was that instead of being angry and shouting at Ranma for being stupid or insensitive, Akane broke into a bout of giggles, then said,. "No, nothing like that. I guess this is just really hard for me..."

Akane then sighed and looked at Ranma and asked, "Ranma at the wedding, would you've gone through with it?"

For a moment Ranma looked confused by the question and said, "Well yeah sure I would have. It's a matter of honor and all..."

Akane then let out a tired sigh and said, "Ranma, forget about honor here for a minute. Would you have really gone through with it for Me? For Love?"

Ranma then sat up straight and squirmed uncomfortably and thought, 'come on you idiot say it! You know it's true! You know you know you love her! This is it! So tell her already!' With his mind made up Ranma faced Akane, a determination in his eyes similar to her own and said, "Yes Akane I do love you."

For a moment Akane smiled warmly at him, and then there is a look of sadness and she turned her head away to look straight up into the clear blue sky, still looking at the clouds in the blue sky Akane said softly, "I can't, I'm sorry Ranma I can't... just can't love you... like that..."

After those words had left her mouth, Ranma lurched forward a pain in his chest as though he has been punched, feeling sick he turned his eyes towards Akane a pleading in them, to find an understanding.

Akane then continued seemingly unaware of how her words had affected Ranma, and said with a softer bitter chuckle, "You know Ranma, back in the days of the hentai-hoard, when I'd have to shout 'I HATE BOYS!' when going to school, and then had to fight off 20 to 40 boys of the school?..." Ranma nodded dumbly to this, but Akane didn't really notice as she continued "... well Ranma it seems I really did hate boys..." she then lets a tired sigh out "…gosh this is so hard, Ranma but what I'm getting to is that I think… I think that I'm… ah… um… I'm… I'm a lesbian... I think…"

For a few moments Ranma silently internally boggles at this… what-ever the heck this is, then said in a shaky sputtering voice "You mean, that you're a, you're really a…"

Akane then fed up with his lame sputtering says "Yes Ranma I'm a lesbian, I prefer women, a dyke, a carpet muncher, riding the fence, and last but certainly not least a Pervert!"

Ranma then absorbed this and said in a hurt tone, "So this is why, you and me and… you don't… love…me?"

Akane then whirls around to face Ranma shaking her head frantically and says "No! That's not what I meant at all!..." Akane then took a deep breath and grabbed Ranma by the shoulders, looking him right in the eye, "... no you baka, I do love you Ranma! I… I… I love that redheaded girl that first came into my home over the shoulder of the wet panda! That insufferably sweet redheaded girl who beat me in that first sparring match the dojo! That naïve girl who always tries to do the right thing no matter what! It's you! You Ranma, are the girl I love! The person I love!" Akane then reached into her school bag and pulled out a clear plastic bottle of clean crisp and cool natural spring water, just plain water, and presented it to Ranma saying in a voice trembling with anxiety "Ranma, would you be a girl for me? A pervert for me? You know, perverts together?"

Ranma then looked to her face and in her eyes, then looked down to the offered bottle, then took the bottle standing up he walked away looking straight down and Akane. Akane fidgeted with a growing nervousness thinking, 'You Baka! You told him all this now he hates you! She'll hate you! No one will want to be with a deviant pervert like you! Baka! I shouldn't have said anything at all! Baka! Baka! Baka!'

Meanwhile Ranma was thinking, 'Should I? I mean it's still Akane after all! So what if she prefers my girl side? If we'd gotten married she have to face that part of me anyway… but this way its open… and she's really taking a risk laying it all out like that, the way she did. And I am pretty comfortable in that girl's body now. Not to mention HOT… And what did Nabiki say all the time ago, something about "interesting combinations" and "never being bored"…?' Ranma then looked down to the nervous face of Akane smiling, he then unscrewed the cap of the water bottle and lifted it over his face and said to Akane, "For you Akane anything… I'll do it…"

And so he poured cold water over his face, changing himself from tall black haired boy Ranma to the slightly shorter than Akane redheaded girl Ranma. By now Akane had moved to tears of happiness as she jumped from her seat on the ground and rushed up and grabbed the shorter redhaired girl in a fierce hug crying tears of happiness and muttering "Thank you's" to Ranma.

Ranma just held Akane for a few moments until the dark-haired girl quieted down and they're just hugged peacefully, she then said quietly, "I'll do it on just one condition." She then felt Akane stiffen in her grasp so she pushed away from the hug but held Akane at the shoulders. Akane was now having butterflies in her stomach as to what this possible condition could be, when Ranma said in a playful tone, "My one condition Akane, is that I'M the tomboy of the relationship!"

Akane just stared blankly at Onna-Ranma for a moment, and Ranma stared right back with a cocky grin, then the silence of the moment was broken as they both broke into a fit of giggles, Akane then saying through her humor, "Sure Ranma, you can be the tomboy!" This of course brought out another bout of giggles.

Then Ranma had a wicked idea as she then brought her arms around the taller girl's neck, and leaned in for a quick kiss on the lips. But was more shocked when Akane grabbed her in tight, and devoured her in the kiss, parting her lips and forcing her tongue into Ranma's mouth.

Moments, minutes, hours later Ranma wasn't certain, they both broke the kiss coming up for air and looked into the other's eyes and simultaneously said, "Wow!"

Only then did they look around themselves and their surroundings to notice a group of young teenage boys had obviously been playing frisbee had all passed out from nasal blood hemorrhaging…

Akane then looked to Ranma and said blushing sheepishly, "I guess we were quite the sight…"

To which a Ranma replied with a grin, "Yeah but who cares? Men can be such idiots after all…"

Akane then stared at Ranma, a grin slowly creeping across her face, and said, "Yeah that's true, but sometimes they do get things right…" with that they both broke into more giggles, until suddenly Akane noticed how late it was getting and said, "Oh-my-gosh! Look how late it's gotten! We'd better get back to the dojo before we miss supper!" Ranma then said a quick "Right!" And the two girls began walking towards the park's western exit, heading right into the sunset, neither noticing they were holding each others hand…

- - - - - -

Ranma is then broken out of reminiscing over one of her favorite pleasant memories as she noticed she's arrived back at the Tendo dojo. Walking into the gate she noticed the previous signs of where the shit hit the fan, but also the new evidence of the fan hitting back, of the combined Tendo and Sãotomé clans, as well as an irate Ryoga, a pissed Ukyo, and a troupe of not so happy Amazon's standing in the yard, obviously waiting for her. But her gaze is immediately drawn to the tear stained face of Akane. 'She's even cute when she's cryin'…' Ranma thought she stared at the more matured and filled out Akane.

Ignoring everyone else for a moment Ranma looked to Akane and says with concerned voice, "Hey Akane, what's wrong? They didn't do nothing to ya' did they?"

Akane looked up to face Ranma smiling briefly before it turns back into the pained frown and she mumbles out, "I'm sorry Ranma, but I can't, we that is…"

Akane is then interrupted in her muttering by Soun Tendo saying almost angrily, "Akane, say it! Say to Ranma that we can NOT allow this… this depraved perversity in our noble house!"

Just as Ranma was about to interject, Genma spoke in a fake tone of hurt, "Yes! Well said Tendo! Woe is me for having such a deviant child! You shame your father boy!" Then before Ranma could get a word in edgewise Nodoka spoke up in a disapproving voice, "Yes Ranma, Genma and Soun-kun are most correct! Whilst it is a very manly fantasy to watch two women enjoy each others company, it is certainly NOT manly for you to be engaged in such deviant affairs!"

Ranma could only roll her eyes at her mother's words, as ever since she found out that "Ranko Tendo" was in fact her son, and had declared the Seppuku Pledge fulfilled. She's been ten times worse at the whole manliness bit… 'your not sitting very manly Ranma!', 'Ranma are you sure you ate enough? It's not very manly to go hungry!', 'Ranma, don't use a handkerchief! Wipe your nose with your sleeve! It's the manly thing to do!' and of course…'Ranma, are you getting enough manly sex? You have all those pretty girls around ready to service you, you know!'

"Yeah Saotome, I knew my baby sister was a hardcore dyke, but that you'd go along with it? Jeez, now that's just sick!" Nabiki said with grimace, to which Kasumi in a scolding tone just said, "Nabiki! That wasn't nice!"

Before the Amazons, Ryoga or Ukyo could speak, Ranma had had enough!

"I'm so sick of all of you!" Ranma exploded "You're all hypocrites!" she said pointing to the adults of the group, "You three morons kept pushing me an' Akane together for 3 bloody years! What'd you expect after we were married!? Huh! I'm gonna' have this curse for the rest of my life! Did y'all expect Akane to ignore my girl side for the next 50-60-70 YEARS!?"

"Now Son, raising your voice to your Mother is hardly manly! And your curse is irrelevant! It is after all your manly duty to marry Akane as a man and produce heirs for the school!" Nodoka reprimanded primly, confident in her argument.

"That's the gist of it, isn't it Nodoka?..." Nodoka flinched, then glared at back. "…The happiness of Akane and me is irrelevant to all of you, so long as you get an heir. For cryin' out loud we're just breeding stock to you people! And don't you dare scold meMother for raising my voice, and pointing you all out for who you all really are! After all, what kind of "mother" willingly gives up their own 5 year old child, and then has a death pact against said child should he not meet some vague notion of manliness! And for the bloody last time Nodaka, I've got bigger tits that YOU!, so do I look like your "SON"? NO! Would it really kill you to at least use my name or call me "daughter"? Ranma took a deep breathe and turned towards Akane and said, "Come on Akane, back me up here! Are we gonna' let them trample us down like this! Remember "Perverts together?!"

Akane lifted her head up to look at Ranma, fresh tears spilling down her cheeks and said in a voice filled with pain, "I remember, but I'm… I'm so sorry Ranma… I can't… daddy's threatened to cast me out Ronin, unless I marry you as a boy! We can't… not like we have been… together… sorry…"

Ranma paled as the implications all started pouring in.

This was apparently the point at which the peanut gallery had also had enough, starting with Shampoo shouting bubbly, "Ai-yah! Airen like kissy-kissy girl with girl?! No be with Kitchen-destroyer and be with Shampoo! We do good fun-fun-time at night in bed!"

With that Cologne and Mousse slapped their faces, and groaned, each for different reasons. Cologne was thinking, "Oh Great-Grand-daughter, did you have to say that so loud, or so stupidly! Ancestors save me…'

While Mouse thought piteously, 'I knew it, it just figures that the girl I like, likes the same things I do… other girls!'

Then Ryoga shouted angrily, "Ranma! How DARE you drag deer sweet innocent Akane into your sick perversions! How low can you go! Enemy of women, Die!"

"Shut-up pork-butt, this don't concern you!" Ranma shouted back to Ryoga, then turned to face Ukyo, still feeling the hit from that spatula earlier in the day that sent her flying through the air and into the drainage canal, and asked with some heat in her voice "And what about you Uc-chan? You've been awfully quite here?"

Ukyo turned her head to face Ranma, and Ranma flinched at the shear amount of hate in the Okonomiyaki chef's eyes, as she opened her mouth and spoke venomously "You! Ranma are The Worst person I know! All you do is take, take, take… my fathers Yattai cart! 10 years of my life! My Childood! My Femininity! And my Heart! And you just kept me hanging! Leaving me to be that bitches plaything!" Ukyo that paused her tirade to unsling her battle spatula and said in a quieter voice "… for all of that I can never forgive you!"

With that Ranma has a series of pained expressions cross her face before settling into a calm visage, and turned back to face her parents and Soun, only to see them all smiling. Nodoka then spoke in a sneering victorious tone, "Give up Ranma, and do the natural and manly thing and marry Akane, and sire grandbabies. It's for your own good… and really you don't have any other choice."

Before Ranma could speak, the as of now silent Cologne coughed politely drawing attention to her and said, "Actually, in case you hadn't forgotten Nodoka Saotome-san, Ranma most certainly does have a choice in the matter. As even though Ukyo seems to have dropped out of the running…" she made a hand motion to Ukyo who was running a slip-stone on the edge of her combat-spatula, as puffs of steam flared from her nostrils. "… there is still the matter of the Amazon engagement, and it seems Shampoo is more than willing to bend to Ranma's affixation of a female to female relationship." To this Shampoo only nodded vigorously, and 'bounced' herself…

To this Nodoka just sneered and said haughtily, "I can assure you Elder Cologne, no child of mine will be with a primitive Chinese-bimbo, and much less in such a deviant grandbady-less relationship! And that is final!" Nodoka then turned to Ranma, to notice she was backing away… "Come here Ranma, and we'll call a priest and have you and Akane married before the moon rises. It'll be romantic, and it's for your own good after all!"

Ranma looked across the yard to see faces of people she thought she knew thought she trusted… thought she loved as a resolve settled into her stomach, she carefully considered her next words, as she spoke in a low, almost menacing voice, "Is this how it's goin' ta' be then, is it? All the choices in my life made by you all, out of my control? Well, as far as I'm concerned "Mom" and Cologne… you can both take your offers and your plans for me, and shove 'em up your old dry cunts till you choke on them!"

Nodoka was absolutely livid in rage as she shouted, "You no-good ungrateful Brat! After all I've done and sacrificed for you… How Dare you speak to your mother that way! I Demand an apology!" she then started to grasp the hilt of her omnipresent katana.

And Cologne was no better, "While our plans for you Son-in-Law are different, I copy your mothers sentiments, and must force you to apologize at once!"

"Apologize? Apologize?! For what?! No, You "Mother" can apologize to ME! For sending me off with that fat moron of a man for 10 years to be tortured! Apologize to ME! Apologize for the Neko-ken! For starving! For Losing my Friends! And You Old-Ghoul! Apologize for the Cats-Tongue! For the humiliation! The lure of so-called 'cures', The Death Threats! Apologize for that!"

"I will not apologize for your training, Son/Son-in-Law!" Nodoka and Cologne said simultaneously, then glared at each other.

Akane then spoke with a pleading voice, tears still lightly streaking her face, "Ranma! Just apologize! We can even be married! We'll be together anyways no matter what! Just do what your mother asks!"

Ranma just turned to Akane, smiling and said, "You know Akane, that sounds really good… really good. But this is a matter of principal, a stake of honor. We've never been given a choice, but when we do finally chose for ourselves. They come along and knock it down away from us. Do you wanna' live like that Akane? Never making choices for your life? Always having "her"…" she made a gesture to Nodoka "… or them…" another gesture to Genma, Soun, and Cologne "… making all the choices in your life!"

"Brave words Boy! You got anything to back it up? Or are you gonna' hide behind your Chinese-bimbo-whore!" Genma sneered at Ranma, and leered at Shampoo.

Shampoo then went purple in rage and shouted, "Panda-man no insult Shampoo! Shampoo strong warrior of Joketsozucku Amazon!"

To which Genma just snorted and said mockingly "Bring it on little girl! Maybe when Ranma is finished playing with dolls, she'll fight too!"

With that chaos erupted, as Genma jumped to avoid a bonbori strike to the solar-plexus from Shampoo. Ryoga and Ukyo, stole each other covert glances and nodded. In unison they attacked!

Ryoga in a rush feinted to the left, and Ukyo went center for Ranma.

Ranma jumped and pirouetted in mid air to avoid Ukyo's over-head swing of her weapon, when she landed she was but a few feet from Nodoka, who said through grinding teeth. "Ranma. Apologize. Now!" as she then began to draw her katana from its sheath, Ranma said back, "Ain't gonna' happen "mom"." Sneering with contempt, at the "mom" reference. And then had to backflip away as Nodoka growled deep in her throat in rage and had made a sword-sweep that would've cut Ranma from shoulder to hip.

Before Ranma could orient herself, she had to dodge Ryoga's ki-empowered umbrella as he brought it down to crush her head with a loud "Kiah!"

By now Ranma could see that the three Tendo sisters were in the middle of the melee, and that Happosai was on the porch, watching. So Ranma called out getting his attention "Hey! Old-Letch, you just gonna' sit there or what?!"

To which Happosai smiled thinly and said shaking his head, "Sorry my boy, I've got to sit this one out. Free will has to be maintained this-time… good-luck though!"

Before Ranma could ponder Happosai's rather enigmatic reply, she had to duck and roll to avoid Cologne's whirling cane. Cologne then said, "Fight back Ranma! I trained you better than this! Apologize, Fight-back or Die!" And as soon as she said 'die' Cologne used the 'Splitting-cats-hairs technique, and blurred into several seperate Cologne's all attaking with the cane, as Ranma couldn't avoid all the possible strikes, she began deflecting with her arms, large angry bruises forming along their lengths. When she then heard Ryoga shout, "Damn you Ranma! Don't ignore me!" And then had to bite her lip hard as she felt a bandana-ken imbed itself in her left shoulder, only to watch the other three spin harmlessly away.

Then she tucked and leaped away from the multiple Colognes, as she knew that to face her like that was a one way path to defeat. To then turn around and literally bump into Soun, and nearly fall on her ass, as he pushed forward. "Ranma! Marry my Akane!" Soun bellowed with his demon-head trick, Ranma instead just roundhouse kicked his side causing him to fall to his knees on the ground wheezing.

Before she could press her advantage she was tag-teamed by Genma and Nodoka.

"Son, Apologize!" Nodoka said in mid sword-strike.

"Boy, Marry Akane!" Genma said as he through a punch for her face. Which Ranma grabbed and used as a spring point, launching herself over Genma to land behind him, where she shouted, "Katchu-tenshin-Amaguriken!" and began raining blows down hard and fast on Genma's backside, mostly around the kidney's. Successfully felling the big man, as he coughed out blood, but still sneering at her, then she felt it… And tucked and rolled to avoid the downward Spatula that would've cleaved her down the middle.

Then Ukyo said in rage, trying to pull her weapon free of the earth it was embedded in "Stand still and die already!!"

Standing once again, Ranma just wipped a little trickle of blood from the corner of her mouth, and said, "Sorry Ukyo, but that'd mean I'd lose. And Ranma Saotome never loses!"

"Damn you Ranma! DIE!... Shi-Shi-Houkodan!" Ryoga shouted to the still-standing pigtailed girl. In a flash of insight Ranma realizes that she can dodge, but that'd leave Akane in the path of the purple depression based chi attack. Choices made she bagan pumping her legs running, grabbed Akane up, and flipped to the side in a tucked roll, with Akane screaming in her arms.

Letting go of the now hysterical girl. Ranma once again engages the battle with her own shout of "Moko-Takabisha!" aimed right for Ryoga and Genma, only to see it deflected at the last moment by a series of Vacuum-blades from Genma. Though Genma was a terrible aim, as there is a scream… From Akane! She sees some of them heading right at her!

Ranma rushes in, praying to get to her love before the deathly curved lights of ki-compressed air slice into her. Just as Akane is pushed out of the way by Ranma, Nodoka readies her sword at a high arcing-swing, and Ryoga launches several more bandana-ken, as Ukyo had finished throwing three of her Spatu-kens.

Time slowed to a crawl for Ranma, as she watched Akane fall to her butt, then completely to her back, as she then notices she's in a kill zone: Four separate deadly attacks all from various vectors, unavoidable.

Ranma then thought, "Hey, always knew it'd end, sothin' like this…"

Then there is a pain in her neck, stomach, left leg, and right arm.

For a moment all the battles cease, as they all notice Ranma has stopped moving, all fighters seemingly unaware of just exactly what happened.

Then the combatants, Genma, Nodoka, Soun, Shampoo, Cologne, Ukyo and Ryoga, and the spectators, Mousse, Kasumi, Nabiki, Happosai, and Akane up close and personal, could only stare as thin red lines formed on Ranma's neck, on her right arm, across her belly, and across her left leg above the knee. Ranma then smiled right at Akane. She opened her mouth to speak. But only blood came forth, lots of dark inky blood, she then lifted her left arm towards Akane, and made a waving "Bye" gesture, as Akane notices a tear slide down Ranma's cheek, Akane could only screem, as she watched Ranma fall apart.

To all the observers, it seemed to happen in slow motion. First Ranma's right arm falls with a wet plop to the ground, then her left leg fell away to land with a moist plop, then in a horrific display Ranma began to tilt to her right, with that her upper torso began to fall away from her hips, intestines trailing out as she fell. And just before her upper torso hits the ground, her head rolls off and separates from her neck. To land with a dull, wet thud, in the blood saturated earth.

Immediately, Kasumi, Nabiki and Shampoo begin to vomit, as Akane wails out mournfully "RANMA!"

Everyone else is too shocked to move, though Genma, Nodoka, Ryoga and Ukyo all share a silent glace that communicated, "We Killed Her…"

The sound was only broken then by the sound of Nodoka dropping her sword from lifeless fingers as a look of horror crossed her face.

Then there is wind, more than a breeze, but not strong, but very… VERY cold, then there is a crackling electric sound, and slowly, very slowly not but a few feet from the remains of Ranma's chopped-up corpse, a blackness begins to form. From a small dot, a dark pinprick in the world of reality right on the verdant Tendo lawn, then growing larger, and larger, until it is a meter-wide sucking maw of angry blackness, from which then black wisps of smoke and dark light slither out from, snaking their way to Ranma's corpse. Then they dive in and through the corpse! Seconds later they pull back from the corpse, but now they're coiled around a grey, lifelessly colored and nude, but intact ethereally transparent Ranma-chan, flailing in her bonds, and obviously screaming, but no sound came forth.

Then there is a male voice renting the air with a boom , so laden with malice it made all those within hearing range cringe and feeling dirty down to their very soul, as is spoke, "Nodoka Saotome! The Wish conditions have been met! For the Cost of the Eternal Soul of Ranma Saotome, The Bargain is fulfilled! And now I, Th'rignal claim my lovely new property!"

With that, there was a tremendous vacuum of wind heading back into the blackness in the ground, and the black wisps constraining Ranma began to pull her into it. A pleading formed on her face, as twin trails of ghostly gray tears begain to stream down her colorless face as she is dragged to the emptiness. She is screaming something, but there is no sound. She then gets a hand free of the tendrils as she's being pulled down, and grabbed at the ground around the hole in reality, but the pulling is too strong for her insubstantial grabbing, leaving only five shallow gouge marks in the soft earth as she's dragged into the emptiness, finally all that's left above the hole in reality, is Ranma's fear filled face, which then turns into a visage of absolute fury seeing her family, friends, lover, and killers, all doing nothing to help her as her face is pulled into the blackness, leaving only her arm sticking up and flailing to slowly sink below through the same blackness.

Then there is nothing.

When just as it came, cold wind began to swirl over the void, a small twister forming, and pulling at the blackness, and pushing, pulling downward, and the darkness shrank, smaller and smaller, still with a small whirlwind over it, until it was but a speck.

The wind died suddenly, no lights, no sound, just stopped without fanfare. Revealing a patch of vegetation free black soil, in a perfect circle, with only 5 thin marks in the soil as testament as to what happened.

Minutes pass, and there is silence in the Tendo dojo. Only three beings there knowing the significance, of just exactly what happened, and only one, knowing the horror that awaits the young soul of Ranma.

Then the attention is drawn back to the remains of Ranma, as Nodoka slowly approaches the cooling chunks of a body of the daughter she never had. Looking down on the mangled flesh, she says with absolutely no inflection, in a dead voice to no one in particular, "Call the police… tell them there's been a training accident…"