In The End
Spoilers: 2x13 "Doomsday"
Warning: Character Death, Future Fic

A/N: This is my first and probably only attempt at fic for this fandom, but something at the end of "Doomsday" just seemed to nag at me. Thanks to MissAndromache for the beta.

Mickey dragged his feet across the sand, shuffling to a stop several yards from his destination. There was a certain amount of irony in the fact that his final trip here would be the first time he actually got close. 351 days out of the year she was content with living the life she'd been left with, helping them build a Torchwood for this reality. But she'd insisted on returning every year, even though she knew there was no point. Normally they'd come in the spring, when the sand was still mostly frozen, but the air was breathable.

The first time he'd waited yards away while she stood, tears streaming down her face, in the last place she'd seen him, the Doctor. For five years Mickey had been inching closer, hoping that she would finally allow him close enough to catch her when her body finally collapsed from all the emotion she released. But Rose had shut a part of herself away when the rift in the void had collapsed, severing her from the Doctor and now he was out of chances.

This New Year's Eve the air was bitterly cold in Bad Wolf Bay but he couldn't find it in himself to move the last few steps to the end of his journey. Mickey looked down at the jar in his hands and something pushed him forward the last few paces. He'd always wondered if maybe she'd just chosen a random spot on the beach, but there was a charge in the air. A tingle of invisible fingers running up his spine, stopping him in place. He called out for the Doctor, but there was no answer. No shimmering outline in the air. No whirring vibrations of a landing TARDIS. Not that he'd really expected there to be. Rose had never gotten an answer, why should the Doctor listen to him.

He wanted to rail at fate, to curse the Doctor for taking her away from him. But he'd had her before the Doctor arrived and she'd come back to him afterwards. And they'd managed to be content, if not happy, until the captain-less ship had fallen from the sky.


It had had the same hull design as Jack Harkness' ship and Rose had become obsessed with the idea that it had traversed the void. And of course, if it had done it once it could do it again. She'd taken to sleeping on a cot in her office at Torchwood, for the few hours a week she could be convinced to sleep. In the end, it had been fortunate for all of them that she had; no one else had ever flown a space ship before.

He'd been home asleep when it had happened so all her knew was what had been in the official report by the night shift supervisor. Passages of it still played through his head at night.

"Self-destruct mechanism triggered…abort attempts failed…evacuation ordered. Agent Tyler…detonation…cascade reaction with stored weapons. Insufficient time…ship needed to be launched."

The explosion had been like a sun burning bright in the night sky. Flaming pieces of the ship Rose had managed to pilot away from the tower had scorched rooftops and singed pavement where they fell, but only one life had been lost that Christmas.


The bitter wind whipped around Mickey, pulling him back to the present; the chill was bleeding through his coat and sinking deep into his bones. He could have waited to make this trip or allowed Jackie and Pete to come along, but this was something he'd felt compelled to do alone. He fumbled a little with the lid before tilting the urn to release the ashes it held. He held his breath, but there was no mysterious force pulling the grey flecks together, no shimmering rift in space time opened for them to disappear into, nothing special at all. The last remains of Rose Tyler swirled away across the sand and sea on the winter wind.

She had died a hero and the most important person in her life would never know.