A/N: I was asked to write a quick look at what it's like 1 week before Mickey visits Bad Wold bay.

Rose stares at the blinking countdown and sighs. She should have been home, safely asleep in her lonely bed, or at a Christmas service, or at the mansion helping Pete put out the last of Jonathan's presents. But she hadn't been able to tear herself from the memories, from the possibility, however nebulous, of a way home. And now here she is, stuck in a ship that she hasn't needed to pay much attention to since getting it in the air, with a clock ticking down.

Rose kicks her feet up on the console in front of her and leans back in her chair, wishing she had the fully stocked bar Jack had had. But unlike Jack's close call there is no Doctor coming to rescue her. No miraculously appearing TARDIS. She closes her eyes and imagines he was there with her, the man she had loved in both his forms.

She remembers his first final words, whispering them aloud, "Before I go, I just want to tell you: you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic!" She pauses to draw in a last breath as the timer ticks down to 2 and like an echo across time and space she hears her second doctor's voice. "And d'you know what? So was I."

"The End" is just another way of saying "Begin again".