Close Encounters of the Hunted Kind - Chapter Five

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His heart pounding, Dean shot up from his brother's bedside. Sam's head was facing him, eyes still closed. A dream. It had been a dream. But what was that thing doing to Sam in his head? Would Sam wake up taken by it? He could tell that Sam was still dreaming. Dean settled down next to him again. If Sam was turned by the demon, would he be able to stop it? Could he save Sam? Or would he have to kill him?

When Sam dragged himself awake, he was furious and felt betrayed and terrified. It didn't hurt quite so much as it had to breathe but he still found himself taking shallow breaths. The things he'd seen and heard made him shake. His mind had a hard time believing that he was really awake. What if. . .? He killed that line of thought.

A clipboard descended into view along with a pen. He looked up at Dean.

"Sign this."

Sam jerked the pen out of his brother's hand and signed. Dean pulled the papers away and handed Sam his clothes. "Are you all right? You said that you saw…" Dean didn't know what to say. His nightmare was still fresh in his mind. "Don't be mad at me Sam. The doctor said you would have complications if you had left when you wanted. Things like blood clots or pneumonia. Things I wouldn't be able to handle." He whispered, "Things I couldn't handle. I wasn't trying to hurt you."

Sam's anger dissipated. He knew Dean was looking out for him but he needed to look out for Dean. The last time he'd looked this bad he'd had a heart attack and was dying. He bit down on the words he wanted to say as he glared at Dean "All right. I just. . .I need you to take care of yourself too. You were running yourself ragged."

"Sam? Are you okay? The demon, did he hurt you?"

"I really don't want to talk about it now. Let's just get out of here."

Dean nodded his head. "As soon as you're clear here, we're on the road. It's not too far to Minneapolis. I figure it's a big city and we'd be hard to trace while we hole up somewhere before searching for our next hunt." He didn't want to go to Bobby's yard or the roadhouse yet. The chances of encountering someone who thought like Gordon at either place were too extreme.

Dean pulled out of the parking lot. Sam had his head resting against the window, eyes closed. He was still pale but his breathing didn't seem too labored. While he'd been kept unconscious, Doctor Rosado had explained to Dean all the danger signs he'd need to look out for. He couldn't give Dean any reassurances. Only time could heal Sam. He hoped they had the time. If Sam had a vision before he was ready, they'd learn what would happen when one was ignored. Hidden in his bag was some medication to slow Sam down if it became necessary. But now that he knew what waited for Sam in his dreams, he couldn't drug his brother again. Although they hadn't really spoken about it yet, Sam was still upset that Dean had lied to him about John's final words. Now, Dean had helped the doctor drug him against his wishes. He'd been alone with the demon and unable to escape. Sam might snap if Dean betrayed him again. Their faith in each other was all they had. They could only survive together.

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