Hi everyone I changed my penname. So here's a sorta follow up on what happens after the magical moment in the park when Robin and Raven have to face their friends. Star is OOC but I think it will help with the next story I'm writing!

Disclaimer: I own nothing:sobb:

Robin and Raven returned to the tower later that night. As they walked into the living room Starfire jumped up from where she had been sitting on the couch and raced towards Robin.

"Friend Robin how was your evening out?" Star asked.

"Really amazing Star, really amazing." Robin replied back. Star looked at Robin and then Raven who was still standing next to him.

"Friend Raven I did not see you there. How was your evening out?"

"Good Star it was good." Raven said. The other titans were surprised by her response. Nothing was ever good with Raven. Cy looked between the both of them and then at their hands, which were still entwined.

"Finally you two bird brains got it!" He shouted. Everyone else just looked at him rather confused.

"Finally got what friend Cyborg?" Star asked confused.

Cy just looked at everyone and shook his head. Raven and Robin shared a knowing glance between themselves.

"What I think he means Star is that me and Raven are going out now." Robin explained.

"Going out? But you just came back." Star was clearly confused.

"No, going out as in boyfriend, girlfriend." Robin tried again.

"Yes, you are a boy and Raven is your friend that is a girl." Star was trying to understand what Robin was telling her. Could Robin mean what she thought, that he no longer wanted to be with Star but was instead choosing Raven the quiet one of the group who seemed to have no emotions?

"No Star, me and Raven are dating now. You know like we use to do sometimes." Robin made one last attempt to explain.

"You mean that you want Raven now and not me?" Star asked.

"It's not so much that Star as it is I love Raven."

"So you don't love me?"

"Only as a friend Star, only as a friend."

With that said Star saw well stars. She was spitting angry, most people thought Star to be a kind and gentile person that was not the case when it came to Robin.

"So you're leaving me for the dark girl with no emotions?"

Everyone looked at Star rather surprised; she had just spoken perfect English and seemed to be angry. Beastboy was the only one still confused as to what was going on at that particular moment.

"You no longer want me Robin? You prefer Raven to me? Fine if that's the way you want it good luck. Raven you might want to be careful next time you steal someone's man. I might just come back for you now." With all that said Star flew to her room and wasn't heard from the rest of the night. The rest of the titans after some explaining to Beastboy celebrated the joyous occasion. Some things are better left unsaid.