Daddy didn't come home.

Mommy said he is late. He is late, sometimes. I ask mommy why, but she never tells me.

Ila told me not to worry. That maybe he was bringing me a present, like he does sometimes. He brought me a little gold dress once, and a flute. I love them. I play the flute for him when he comes home. I sit on his lap as mommy tells all the servants to go away. And I play little songs.

He says I play lullabies. I say I don't know what lullabies are; he says they're what I play. So I play him lullabies, and he smiles. Sometimes he cries, and hugs me. He never tells me why.

I wore my little gold dress today, so he could see me in it when he got home.

But daddy didn't come home.

Mommy said not to worry. I could wear the blue dress tomorrow. Daddy likes that dress too. He says it makes me look like Nayru. I ask him if he knows what Nayru looks like. He says yes; she looks like you. He says it makes him remember how much he loves me, and mommy. He likes it, when I wear the blue dress.

I let Ila have some of my dresses. I have too many. Mommy says I shouldn't give them away, but I like the way Ila looks in them. She says, we are princesses together. We already have a castle, and dresses, and we play games. We pretend we are the princesses, and the heroes, in mommy's stories. I told mommy I was Princess Zelda, and Ila was the Hero of Time. We pretended the dog was the bad guy, and played with him until he licked us. Mommy laughed, and then cried.

Daddy still hadn't come home.

Debating whether or not I should make it a chapter thing, or keep it a oneshot. Any input?