Title: Confined Spaces (3/3)
Author: smitha-r
Rating: M
Fandom(s): Bones
Pairing(s): Brennan/Booth
Summary: An arrest goes wrong, ending up with Booth and Brennan trapped in a warehouse. As times goes on, they struggle to escape and survive... and maybe more than just survive.
Notes: Thanks to all the people who poked and prodded me into finishing this fic, even though real life has been getting in the way. This chapter is shorter than the others and also unbetaed, so sorry for any errors. Welcome to Chapter 3... less plot, more smut! ;)


The moment Booth parked the car, Brennan wordlessly stepped out and began a brisk walk towards her apartment. She heard Booth call her name, full of confusion. She didn't want to give him the wrong impression, and so she turned back to smile at him, a rare mix of excitement and nervousness bubbling within her. How had this happened to her, that she was brazenly throwing caution to the winds? It didn't even matter anymore. All that mattered was getting to her apartment as fast as she possibly could, to go through with what they both were feeling.

She was fishing for her keys when she heard Booth's footsteps pounding up the stairs, approaching her at a tremendous speed. Before she could even get her keys into the lock, he was standing behind her, hands around her waist and breath in her ear.

Booth pulled her close. "You, Bones, are one hell of a tease."

She couldn't help but smirk as she unlocked the door, opening it slightly as she paused to speak. "That wasn't my intention. Sorry to leave you sexually frustrated."

Instead of arguing back as she had expected him to, Booth chuckled instead and began to kiss her just below her ear, slowly trailing down her neck until her eyes drifted closed and she leaned back into him with a quiet sigh. It was only when the keys dropped from her hand and clattered to the ground did they snap out of their reverie, looking at each other like sheepish teenagers.

"Maybe we should get inside before we start anything we can't stop." Booth said with amusement, leaning down to scoop up her keys and stepping through the open doorway.


Only a moment after Booth put her keys down on the kitchen counter and Brennan's lips were pressed against his, one hand around his shoulders and the other in his hair as she eagerly pulled him towards her. Booth wanted to take is slow, an attempt to compensate for the frenetic kisses and touches from their tumultuous night, imprisoned in that tiny room. He ran his fingers through her hair, slowing down her frantic kiss as he wrapped his free arm around her waist once more. But when he felt Brennan's tongue swipe at his lower lip, his resolve began to crumble once again. If only she knew what kind of effect she has on me, he thought before admitting defeat and deepening the kiss.

Their hands roamed over each other, so similar to the night they had almost lost control, and Booth remembered the sensation of Brennan's warm fingers on his cold skin with a flush. He wanted to touch her more than anything else, to feel her soft, sweet skin underneath his fingers and lips. He began to unbutton her blouse, and Brennan took his cue and ran with it, slipping his shirt over his head and reaching for the belt buckle on his pants. By the time Brennan started pulling him towards the bedroom, half of their clothes were already gone, littering the floor around them.

Booth had a wry grin on his lips as he pressed them against her neck. So much for taking it slow.


She didn't turn the light on when they got to the bedroom and Booth could understand why. There was no need; the sun was starting to set, basking the room in a rich, autumnal orange. The light glinted in Brennan's eyes as she pulled him towards the bed.

"You sure about this?" Booth asked, wondering again if things were happening too fast for either of them to comprehend the gravity of their actions.

Brennan looked at him with a frown and Booth instantly wished he hadn't asked. The last thing he wanted was to cause Brennan any self-doubt.

"Of course I am. You're not reconsidering this decision now, are you?" There was a strained terseness in her reply, like she was torn between getting caught in the moment and thinking things through. Just as he was. But she was looking at him with questioning eyes, and Booth knew that he could never say no to her.

"No, I'm not reconsidering. I just want us to be sure about this." he replied softly, watching her reaction.

"I'm sure, Booth." Brennan said in a confident whisper, returning her mouth to his. Her kisses were feverish and hot, burning across his skin like the fire he had always seen lurking beneath her cool exterior.

The idea of taking it slow was the furthest thing from their minds as the rest of their clothes came off. Booth could feel the pent up emotions bubbling under Brennan's surface, underneath her fingertips and in the touch of her lips. As his hands began to trail down her body, her gasps and moans against his mouth became fiercer. Booth knew what he wanted to give her, to free that fantastic fire that burned within her and know that he was the one to free it. Breaking away from her lips, he trailed a path of kisses down her body, from her collarbone, across her breasts, to the soft skin of her stomach, down to where her body ached for his touch.

He hesitated for a moment, if only to look up at her momentarily. Her eyes were closed, but there was a faint smile on her face.

"You're not about to ask me if I'm sure again, are you?"

"No. Just... taking in the view."

Brennan's eyes opened and she looked at him with that thoughtful gaze of hers. "Even since ancient times, the female form has been revered for its beauty and overall aesthetically pleasing nature. But it's only due to traditional gender roles that..." She didn't finish her sentence, choosing instead to groan loudly and grab fistfuls of the bedsheets as Booth's mouth descended over her moist folds, his tongue teasing every square inch of her. When he closed his lips around her clit, Brennan's hands flew from the sheets to his head, pushing him closer as she rocked her hips against him.

Booth's lips and tongue were slick with her wetness as he stroked and tasted her, sucking her clit faster and harder until she was writhing underneath him, her entire body trembling at his touch as her moans became louder and louder. Her fingers were tangled in his hair, pulling him closer to her with each thrust of her hips, until she arched her back off the bed with a wild groan. Booth didn't stop until her body relaxed completely, and when he pulled away he was rewarded with the sight of Brennan's flushed body, her eyes closed and a blissful expression on her face.

After her breathing slowed down a little, Brennan suddenly reached down and pushed at his shoulders and flipped him over in one smooth movement so that she was sitting astride him.

"Bones, what are you doing?" Booth asked, watching avidly as her hands drifted down his abdomen.

"Reciprocating." She murmured, her fingers deliberately teasing the length of him. "'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you' and so on."

Booth struggled to speak, both due to his incredulousness and the sensation of Brennan's maddening touch. "Did you just quote the Bible at me?"

Brennan shrugged slightly, hands never leaving his body. "It seemed an appropriate phrase for the situation."

Booth was about to tell her that it was never appropriate to quote the Bible during sex, when she suddenly lowered her mouth over his aching shaft. All of his snappy retorts were obliterated as he groaned, watching as her mouth moved up and down his cock. She quickly settled into a delicious rhythm while her tongue teased at him in a way he never imagined possible. He couldn't take his eyes off her, the way the soft curls of her hair were shining in the light of the setting sun, the eagerness of her hot mouth, the way (oh god yes) she sucked him so hard he knew he couldn't last much longer without exploding. After the close calls and waiting and utter drama of their evolving relationship, all he wanted was for them to reach that final plateau together, his own pressing needs be damned.

"Not yet, Bones." He ran his hand across her shoulder, getting her attention as she released his cock from his mouth with a final stroke that made him swallow hard. "I don't think I'll be able to last much longer. "

Booth resisted the urge to laugh as she looked back and forth from his gaze to his glistening cock. "But I was having fun." Brennan's disappointed frown was enough to start him laughing in earnest.

"Believe me, there'll be time for lots of that later." Booth said with a grin, wrapping his arms around her as she crawled back up to give him a long, deep kiss. They stayed that way for some time, enjoying the sensation of their bodies pressed against each other, no barriers or boundaries to hinder them.

"Fine. But I'm holding you to that promise." Brennan replied breathlessly, slowly grinding against him so that the head of his cock teased at her entrance. Booth sucked in a breath, hands drifting down to to hers hips as she slowly guided him inside her. She exhaled with satisfaction, lips parted and head thrown back, and it was such an erotic sight to see her like that, Booth couldn't help but arch up against her, driving himself in deeper. The movement caused her to gasp with pleasure, and she looked down at him with feverish anticipation, eyes ablaze. And then... he was falling. Or floating. It was hard to tell. The rhythm between them came effortlessly, naturally, like waves beating against the shore. He was drowning, drowning in the sounds she was making and the way she felt around him, drowning in the way her bright blue eyes were fixed on his, never turning away and never letting go...

He could hear her breathe above him, hot and frenetic as her fingers dug into his skin, marking him. He moaned and thrust into her one final time before they crashed together, her eyes wide with pleasure. Brennan's fingers loosened their grip and she fell against him, her head hitting his chest with a smacking sound.

"Ow." Booth said after a moment, feeling the blood course through his body, waiting for his heart to slow down just a little bit before speaking.

Brennan looked up at him with a smirk. "We have sexual intercourse and the first word that you speak after the fact is 'ow'?"

"I never figured you were the pillow-talk type, Bones."

"Pillow-talk?" She paused, languidly wrapping an arm around Booth's neck. "I don't know what that means."

Booth sat up slightly, looking into Brennan's curious eyes. "It means taking time to connect with whoever you're intimate with. Because sometimes we connect with people in more ways than just sex, or just conversation. Sometimes we connect at a deeper level, a level that's not one-dimensional or superficial. It's a connection that lasts."

A smile crept across Brennan's face, genuine and unfettered and so preciously rare. "I understand."

And she kissed him like she meant it.