The bull pen at Amanda Woodward Advertising was a bustle of activity. Everyone wanted to look busy when the boss returned. Ryan and Jane had tried to discredit the rumors as much as possible, but there was only so much they could do. The most spread rumor that Amanda's husband had attacked her after overdosing on Cocaine. But most people knew that today was not a day to be discussing it.

Dressed in her business attire, Amanda confidently walked into her company. She was not going to let anything distract her from getting her company back on track. With Lexi's company continuing to grow, Amanda new she needed to land some big accounts to keep AWA on top of the industry. Truth was the company hadn't been the same since Billy left, hell since Allison left. She might have been a drunk, but she could do her job damn well.

For the first time in almost eight weeks, Amanda sat down at her desk. Almost as quickly as she sat down, her Blackberry buzzed letting her know she had a new message. It was Kyle telling her to take it slow and ease herself back into it. She knew she knew he was trying to show he cared, but it was a little late for that. Why wasn't he this concerned for her when he was doing drugs? She decided to reply later and hit ignore.

"Welcome back."

Amanda offered Ryan a smile. "Thank you. Do you have everything in order and we can go ahead and start?"

"I do, but we need to wait for Jane, she knows what's been going on just as well as I do. She also has some great ideas for the design department."

"Fine, but I hope she hurries, I'd like to get this over with and get back to running my company and putting Levi out of business."

Jane walked through the office doors before Ryan could say anything else. "Sorry I'm late. I had to pick up someone from LAX."

"You're here now so why don't you bring me up to speed."

"We have landed two new clients, Clothes Over Bros and Daisy Pottery," Jane started.

"How did you land COB?! We've been trying to sign a contract with them since they launched.".

This time Ryan spoke up. "Apparently the designer remembers Jane from her boutique. She liked that we had some one who knew the fashion industry and according to Miss Davis 'has amazing taste'."

"Good Job Jane. Glad you guys productive while I was out. Now what else has been going on?"

"We found out we are wasting money in Petty cash. No matter what we have left from the prior week each Monday we put $500 in petty cash. Right now we have about $5800. I suggest we take all but $500 out and deposit it in our account. Then at the beginning of each week we only put in what we need to have $500 in petty cash."

Amanda nodded. Here she had been worried that that her company would be run into the ground with out her. But they did just fine.

"That is a great idea. I must say I am impressed with what you two have done while I've been gone."

"Well, there is one more thing. We were able to convince Air West Airlines to come back to AWA."

"How did you get them to do that? They swore they wouldn't come back until Allison was back."

"Well, turns out Atlanta wasn't quite what she expected."

For a few minutes Amanda and Jane simply stared at each other. Ryan thought if two people were able to communicating without speaking this is what they'd look like.

"Fine, but she's on probation! She only gets one chance. If she comes into work with so much as a hint of alcohol on her breath, she is gone!"

"Deal. She is also going to need an apartment"

"Of Course she is! We'll work it out later."

They continued to bring Amanda up to speed, and before they realized, it was already noon. Amanda's secretary popped her head in the office to let Amanda know she had a visitor.

"All right Amy we are done here. Send them on in."

Jane and Ryan passed Peter as they left her office and he entered. Ryan hung back for a moment to see Amanda hug Peter tightly. An uneasy feeling begin to settle in his stomach. Amanda and Peter might have been just friends before the accident...but now he wasn't so sure. Was it possible that his brothers rash actions pushed his wife into the arms of her ex-husband?