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Pamela's Heartbreak

A Poetic Tribute to the Character of Pamela from Teen Wolf

Tonight was the spring dance party

I went with Mick feeling oh so hearty

When we got to the dance

Everyone started to prance

When Scott Howard showed up

In a white suit, that sassy pup

Looking all cool with his hairy face

Dancing and jiving all over the place

He strode across the floor to that hooligan Boof

If he weren't with her, I'd say he was a poof

They danced the werewolf with style

At me he didn't even smile

It's so unfair, don't you see?

I took his werewolf virginity!

The whole room cheered and pranced with joy

All dancing with Scott, that awful boy

Then he and Boof left the dance floor

And when he returned through the gym door

He was just a normal, awkward teen

Dancing with his new dream queen

It broke my heart and I turned away

And that's why I'm writing this poem today.