Once Upon a Time They Lived Happily Ever After – and everything that happened in between


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A/N: I wrote this a while ago, as a Christmas present for biggesthousefan53. A bit unrealistic and mushy, but I guess a lot of Chase/Cam is, right? The chapters will be short, as I didn't intend it to be a chaptered story, and they're broken into parts the best way possible. Fast updates, though!

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess, and a handsome prince. The prince and the princess were secretly in love. So secretly, not even the other knew. Indeed, so secretly, not even they themselves knew.

"Coffee?" Cameron turned around, stirring a mug of steaming liquid. Chase, and a pencil slowly getting eaten, looked up.

"Nah. I've already had one." Chase made a face. "I'm trying to cut down."

Cameron smiled into her mug as she took a sip. "Good luck with that."

There was a minute's silence, in which Chase stared longingly at Cameron's disappearing coffee, and Cameron, with amusement, watched him do it.

"You wouldn't mind pouring me a cup?" He smiled sheepishly. Cameron laughed softly at his blatant dismissal of his endeavour. When she turned around to fulfil his request, she heard a third body traipse in.

"You two want to grab a drink on your way home?" Foreman took of his lab coat and hung it over the back of a chair, reaching for his bag.

"Forget that coffee, Cameron."

She put away the empty mug and finished her own in a couple of mouthfuls.

"I'll come." She got out some dishwashing liquid to wash up her mug and another one on the sink that she suspected belong to House.

"I'll get that," Chase offered, pushing himself out of his chair.

"They're not even yours," she protested, filling each mug with water. Chase came and stood so closely behind her that she could feel his body heat radiating off him.

"I'm ready to go," he said. "Go pack up your computer."

Resignedly, Cameron handed over the dish cloth she was using. Chase's fingers curled around hers, and for a brief second, the world was still, and Cameron desperately tried not to look away. Although the second felt like an hour, it was, really, only a second, which ended when chase tugged the cloth out of her hand.

Cameron willed herself to move over to the table, where her laptop lay shut. Foreman obviously noticed the tension. Cameron watched him out of the corner of her eye, glancing from to her to Chase, fishing around for something to say.

Cameron slipped her computer case into her bag and went back over to the sink with a dish towel.

"Let me dry."

Chase nodded and moved aside to give her access o the sink.

"So slow," Foreman said, showing his obvious impatience through his body language, standing at the door. "Are you coming? Or are you gonna stay and play happy families for a while?"

Cameron almost threw down her towel in an attempt to get away from Chase, but he calmly picked up the discarded towel and dried his hands.

"I'm good. Let's go."