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He sat in his throne, high above those that were under his rule. His power was absolute and his word was law. All those that didn't abide by his rules suffered greatly and those that rebelled against him suffered fates worst than death. He was cruel and showed no remorse to those that served him and has only known to show even the slightest among on kindness to his closest companion and second in command.

His intellect is beyond the understanding of most and is considered to be one of the greatest minds on the planet, even to those that have little fear of the horrors that this tyrant can inflict. He wasn't always considered to be the genius he was; in fact, most of his life he was considered to be below average because of poor grades, which were not due to a lack of understanding but that the work was too simple and boring to the future ruler of the Earth. Living in a castle like structure where the White House use to be the king of the world rules all with a mighty fist that few have dared to oppose. His castle is constantly being protected by robots that have similar facial features of the tyrant himself to remind all those that see them that their master is always keeping an eye on them. The layout of the entire structure consist of weapons that the tyrant has created using his genius intellect, such as gravity beams that can crush any opposition into dust, killer robots made out metal he had created that is stronger than a diamond, molecular disrupters which can rip anything apart down to a molecular level, among with other doomsday devices of the tyrant's creation.

Along with his weapons he is also protected by some of the more powerful servants under his control; some voluntarily while others by force. Monkey Fist, Duff Killigan, DNAmy joined up with their master, realizing that if they didn't they would be destroyed and by working as his servants they got to do what they wanted when not needed, such as DNAmy testing humans against their will through genetic mutations, Monkey Fist training and improving his skills through fighting and usually killing those he chooses and Killigan enjoyed playing golf using his exploding golf balls in populated areas. The others that work in protecting the master and his domain are those who were foolish enough to try and stop the mad tyrant, such as members of Global Justice. Using the neural compliance chip the master had created he can force anyone to do what he commands by overriding their nervous system and making them do what he commands while they are aware of it.

The second in command and the most powerful of the four villains that serve the master is no other than Shego, whose comet power gives her energy to take down those that get in her way. She is the only one who gets to see the master whenever she wants and is the only one who the master allows to get aware with the sly remarks she tends to make every now and then, which does not mean she gets away scott free but simply a beating rather than a slow death.

Not all those that were villains before joining the master fight; Dr. Drakken and Dr. Dementor work in the labs, keeping the machines working and fixing up the robots whenever they get dirty or damaged. Despite their hard work they are looked down as lowly as the peasants due to their masters belief that anyone could do what they do and that he only uses them because of their twisted views and complete obedience.

The master was sitting on his throne when he was approached by Shego, who fell down to one knee and bowed her head. "Master, it is time for your daily appointment" said Shego

The master stood up and stepped out of the darkness that surrounded his throne. His blond hair, brown eyes and freckled face had become visible to the woman bowing down. "Thank you for reminding me Shego but it was unnecessary. How could I forget to meet my guest after doing it for long? It has almost become ritualistic" said the tyrant

"I am sorry what I said insulted you sire. I only do what I do to serve you" said Shego

The tyrant mouth twisted into a wicked smile. "Rise Shego. I would rather have you kiss my hand rather than my feet" said the tyrant

"Yes, Lord Stoppable" said Shego to the young male.

Ron Stoppable was indeed the ruler of the planet through the use of his intellect that had not been hampered by others. He had no need for friends and believed that only fear was necessary in order to rule efficiently; love and kindness is something Ron stopped believing in a lifetime ago. Shego was about to kiss his hand when he pulled it away and slapped her across the face. "I told you to call me by my first name bitch. You may address me as Master or Lord Ron, being that you are my right hand woman, so I suggest you use it. Many would kill for the honor to call me by my first name" said Ron

Shego picked herself of the floor while wiping the blood from her mouth. She stood up and face her master, her eyes indifferent. She had learned that she was powerless against Ron and that it was better to stay loyal to him rather than even consider turning on him. "Please forgive me Lord Ron" said Shego as she bowed.

Ron's heart may have hardened greatly but he always felt bad after hitting the powerful green skinned woman. "You are forgiven. Take the rest of the day off Shego and do whatever you like" said Ron

"Thank you master" said Shego as she walked towards the door.

"Shego, one more thing" said Ron

"Yes master?" asked Shego

"Have the simpletons get me a large pizza with extra cheese. Tell them that if the pizza is not delivered to me in half an hour it will be their heads" said Ron

"Yes master" said Shego as she left.

Ron looked at the clock in his throne room to see what time it is. "12:30PM. I hope my guest isn't too upset if I arrive a bit late" thought Ron to himself as he sat on his throne. He looked at his hand, the one he slapped Shego with, and saw her blood on him. He smiled sinisterly as he licked the blood of. He knew that Shego had wanted to strike him but was frightened of him and knew she would have had no chance against him. Not only was his intellect used to protect the castle but to protect himself as well. Wearing armor he created that covered most of his body it had everything he needed to fight anyone or anything thrown at him. It had the ability to control matter and energy, which allowed him to generate force fields strong enough to withstand the force of ten hydrogen bombs, project energy beams, increase his physical strength, granted him telepathic and telekinetic abilities, the power of flight as well as other abilities. The armor was not his only defense; he was infused with Mystical Monkey Power from the monkey statues Monkey Fist had collected long ago, making him the greatest fighter in the world and the master of the Lotus Blade.

Ron waited patiently for his food to arrive as he watched the clock tick. At 12:58 Monkey Fist came running through the door with a pizza box in hand. He bowed down and put his face to the floor. "Your pizza Master" said Monkey Fist

Ron stood up and walked towards Monkey Fist. "Rise" said Ron

Monkey Fist did as he was told without hesitation. He was on his feet with the pizza in his hands. Ron took the pizza from Monkey Fist with one hand and grabbed his throat in the other. "You dare enter my throne room, push the doors open violently and let your sweat touch my floor? I should kill you right now but seeing that I'm late for an appointment I shall simply have you locked up in the dungeons for the day" said Ron as he let go of Monkey Fist and summoned two robots to take Monkey Fist to the dungeons. Ron was slightly surprised to see him offer no form of resistance as he was bragged away.

Ron went to his personal elevator and took it down to the sublevels of his structure. The only people that knew where he went was himself and Shego, and even she did not know who the prisoner was that Ron kept locked away. Once the elevator stopped he stepped out and walked through the dark halls that were only slightly lit. He walked through the hallway until he reached his destination: a cell holding a single prisoner. "Hello. Feeling hungry?" asked Ron

The prisoner was lying down facing the wall as she slowly turned over and faced the master of the world. This prisoner once was an opponent of Ron and had fallen to him and the power he had but rather than have the person killed or put under her control he imprisoned her, isolated from all the other prisoners. She did not speak but nodded her head indicating a yes.

Ron opened the door by putting his hand on the scanner as it read to see if the DNA was that of Ron. After it found the DNA to be a match it opened up. "I hope you're hungry. I brought you pizza with extra cheese. I know how much you enjoyed pizza and thought it would be nice for us to sit together and eat" said Ron as he sat down on a chair that was in the cell. The inside of the cell was not that if a typical prisoner; it had a television, a computer, a nice bed and bathroom that was not next to the bed as most prisoners have. The one she did not have was a refrigerator so the only time she could eat was when food was brought to her, which could have been twice a day or once a week depending on how Ron felt. The prisoner had to suffer a little.

The prisoner sat up slowly and stood up and approached Ron, who opened the box to reveal a cheese pizza. The prisoner could not resist the aroma the pizza produced and grabbed a slice and started devouring it quickly. "Slow down, you might choke. I'm going to turn the light on. It's much too dark for my liking" said Ron as he turned the switch to the light on.

The prisoner's features became visible to the young man. The prisoner's long beautiful hair had become frail and thin, her green eyes had become bloodshot and her slender body had withered away into a frail state from the time she has spent in this cell of hers. From what Ron could tell she has not bathed in about a week, which did not surprise him since he has seen her becoming more and more sickly for the last week. "I gave you a bathroom for you to shower, a toothbrush and toothpaste to brush your teeth and all the accessories a woman would need to look their best and yet you look as if you're about to die. Why is that Kim?" asked Ron

Kim finished her slice of pizza and looked at Ron with eyes full of fear. For the last three years she has been living in the cell Ron had built specifically for her so that he could keep his personal prisoner away from all others and keep her for himself. During her time there she has been beaten, raped, and almost killed on many occasions. Luckily for Ron he was able to use his powers to heal Kim just enough so that she wouldn't die. Ron stood up and walked towards Kim, who took several steps back and held onto the wall. Ron put the pizza on her bed and sat back down on the chair. "I'm not going to hurt you, I only wanted to put the pizza closer to you so you wouldn't have to come to me if you didn't want to. So, how have you been lately? Any contacts from the resistance group you had worked with" said Ron

Kim shook her head to indicate a no.

"Really? I could have sworn I noticed several e-mails from Wade and your brothers, asking how you were. I don't appreciate when I am lied to Kim, especially when you know I can easily pluck the information from your mind if I wanted to. Luckily for our deal or I might have had to deal with your siblings" said Ron

Kim remember when she was first caught about three years ago and put in her cell. She was still strong and full of spirit, thinking of ways to escape and continue the fight against Ron. He had confronted her and told her that if she tried to escape her family would pay the price for her by becoming his personal slaves. Kim gave up all hopes of escape after this, being promised that if she was a good girl her family would stay free, or at least as free as anyone could be under his rule. Kim looked down at the ground and began to cry. At least with her sacrifice the lives of those she cared for would be safe. Ron might be an evil monster with a black heart but he always keep his word.

"I'm glad you remember. It has been two years, eleven months and seventeen days since you first opposed me and fell to my might. I still remember the spark in your eyes and the confidence in your voice when you confronted me. I was so impressed how you managed to get pass all my weapons and my henchmen and henchwomen and made it all the way up to my throne room. You pointed a finger at me and demanded that I give up or else you would have to beat me. Of course it was you who fell to my might and all those who were with you in your attack on my castle were killed or enslaved. I guess it wasn't wise to underestimate someone else just because you know sixteen different styles of fighting" said Ron

Kim sat down on the bed and pulled her legs close to her chest. She remember that battle well, remembering how badly she was beat and how futile her attempts really were. She was so sure that she could win that she went against the young man without any weapons or gadgets, despite the warnings her fellow resistance members gave her. "Why?" whispered Kim

"Why what Kim?" asked Ron

"Why am I still alive? Why don't you just kill me or put me under your control like the others who have tried to stop you? Why am I so special?" asked Kim

Ron smiled and began to laugh at this, which caused Kim to pull herself in even tighter. "Why you? Why you? Has it not occurred to you that maybe you are not the same as everyone else, that you are special? Your fighting skills, your intellect, your valiant efforts; you are truly a unique person Kim Possible. I could not simply kill you or turn you into another one of my slaves. Even now you still have a look of defiance in your eyes, even though it is masked by fear of what might happen to the ones you love. I believe love is a pointless emotion and yet you still value the lives of others over yourself and for that reason I have I have kept you alive. I was hoping that you might be interested in joining me, becoming my new right hand woman" said Ron

"Your right hand woman?" asked Kim

"Yes. I want you to be second in command and help me rule over this world. You can take Shego's place and be allowed to do whatever your heart desires. Think about Kim Possible. You will be free from this prison and be only second to me. I would give you your own country to rule; any part of this planet if you join up with me. I will even vow to never threaten or harm your family and friends if you pledge your allegiance to me. I will give you time to think about it while I leave you to enjoy your pizza. Take care" said Ron as he stood up and walked towards the door to leave.

Kim let go of her legs and got of the bed. "Ron" said Kim

Ron turned around and faced Kim. He was surprised to hear her speak to him but was somewhat shocked to hear her call him Ron. Only Shego had that right and even she didn't say it without saying master or lord as well. "Yes?" asked Ron

"This is what I think of your offer" said Kim as she spat on Ron's face. "I would rather stay here and rot than join you". Kim stood defiantly as she stared at Ron with hate in her eyes.

Ron wiped the spit of her face and walked towards Kim. He grabbed Kim by her shirt and pushed her against the wall while his other hand pulled back to punch her. He punched the wall instead of Kim's face and let her go. "I said I would not hurt you when I came in and I am a man of my word. You will regret not joining me Kim Possible" said Ron as he walked out the door and closed the cell behind him. "Until tomorrow. I suggest you enjoy your pizza while it's still warm".

While Kim got on her bed and ate the pizza Ron walked back to the elevator to go back up to his throne room. He immediately proceeded to the bathroom to wash his face off. As he splashed some warm water on his face he smiled to himself. He had pushed Kim into becoming angry at him, even going so far as to make her stand up against him. It has been so long since anyone has stood up to him that it was almost refreshing to have Kim spat at him with such anger and hatred. He knew that one day he would corrupt her and manage to have her join him but until then he had to continue torturing her and forcing her to become more ruthless. He dried his face off and walked out of the bathroom and back into his throne room, where he proceeded to the large windows in order to look down on the peasants that served and feared him. He wondered to himself what life would have been like if he had met Kim when he was younger; would he have become friends with her and have her as his queen or would have thinks ended up the same with him being the sole ruler of the planet and her as a prisoner. He could build a time machine but decided not to dwell on things that could be. He knew eventually Kim would see things his way and join up with him. He could use his family as a bargaining chip but he promised their safety for her staying in prisoner and as vile and others said he was he never went back on his word.

He walked back down to his throne and sat down, planning what he was going to do next with the world he owned. Sometimes he would randomly choose people from the world and have them sent to his castle for him entertainment and other times he would go out and terrorize people. He knew that some of the peasants he abused wanted revenge but were aware that any attack on their master was futile. He almost wished their was someone to challenge him.

Suddenly he realized that he could have what he wanted. In thirteen days it would be the third year anniversary of the fall of Kim Possible and the last real resistance to his power. Ron decided that on that day Kim would miraculously escape from Ron Stoppables' castle to gather up the resistance and prepare to bring the master of the world down. Stoppable smiled at this idea; not only would he be able to keep himself busy and have fun but by crushing Kim again he could make it easier for her to realize that only by joining him will she have any hope of protecting the one she cares for. Ron decided to get ready for the big day by setting up the necessary steps for Kim's escape. As he got up and left his throne room he thought to himself how great it will be for him to remind the world that Ron Stoppable is without peer and that hope is merely the stuff of dreams. He would allow his servants to live under the delusion that with Kim they have hope of freeing the world from Ron's grasp; making it that much sweeter when he crushes the will of the peasants that serve him and makes their savior his second in command. "What a glorious day that will be" said Ron to himself as he prepared to set his plan into motion. Soon, he will get what he wants. He always does in the end.

That is what might have happened in Ron had not meet Kim when he was younger.

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