Chapter 9

Using her expertise, Mrs. Possible tested Kim every way she could to try and figure out what was going on with her daughter in regards to the power she had. After two weeks of test, Mrs. Possible ran out of ways to examine her daughter. Though all the test have been inconclusive to what she has, they did provide some information. "From what I can tell, you were not born with this power. Somehow, you received it elsewhere" said Mrs. Possible

"Is this power I have dangerous?" asked Kim

"The energy does not give off any dangerous radiation by itself, but it seems that this energy has empowered you. You can probably manipulate energy by focusing on the molecules around you" said Mrs. Possible

"So, I can become radioactive, among other things, with this power I have?' asked Kim

"In theory. I suggest you try these things while you train. So far, you have only used you powers in the most basic ways, such as amplifying your strength and speed. Like I said, this is only in theory, being that I have no idea how you obtained this power in the first place" said Mrs. Possible

Kim had a hunch to how she received her powers, but did not want to suggest it. "Your guess is as good as mine" said Kim.

"I would like to examine you during one of your trainings. I believe that I will be able to find out more by seeing you using your powers in a time of need" said Mrs. Possible

"How about we go down to the training area now? I haven't had a chance to work out today and this will be a great opportunity for you to check me out" said Kim

Mrs. Possible nodded. "Sounds good to me. Let me grab a few things and I'll meet you in a few minutes"

Kim walked up the stairs to her brothers room. Putting her face to a giant red eye, a light scanned her eyes. Once the machines scanned her retina and resolved that she was accessible to the hidden room, the platform below the rug began to lower in the ground below. She arrived at the complex, seeing her brothers and father working on the various machines they had created. At the sound of elevator platform arriving, they turned their attention away from their work and towards Kim. "Hi sis" said the twins.

"Going in the training center for some exercise?" asked Mr. Possible

"In a few minutes. Mom's coming down to test me while I work out" said Kim

"Has she discovered anything new in regards to you powers?" asked Mr. Possible

"She has found some rather interesting findings in regards to my new abilities" said Kim

"Like what?" asked Mr. Possible

"I think it would be better for mom to tell you about it" said Kim. "So tweebs, have you built anything new for me to break today?"

Jim and Tim, as smart as they were, explained to Kim that they could not advance her training with the robots they have built. "We thought up every way to upgrade the robots and the weapons, but it seems that we have officially hit our limit" said Tim

"We have been able to create robots that would be able to take down anyone except the emperor himself, and yet, you are able to defeat them by yourself" said Jim.

Kim looked rather disappointed at hearing such negativity from her brothers. Ever since they were able to talk, Jim and Tim had never said that they had reached a limit in anything. "There must be something that I use to continue my training. I must be a peak human condition, along with the weapons and robots you have created, if I am to succeed" said Kim

The boys looked at each other, and then back at Kim. "Well, there is that new gravitational station we have been working on" said Jim

"And we have already created the necessities to allow for training to be at 150 times Earth's natural gravity" said Tim

"What are you tweebs talking about?" said Kim, confused at what her brothers were trying to say.

"Tim and I have created a machine that can artificially recreate gravity at intense levels. We were going to use this to create a weapon against Ron, but we decided that it can be better used with your training" said Jim.

"With this machine, any training you do will exponentially increase your speed, strength, durability, and stamina. This is especially beneficial to you since you are able to stand up and move with out being crushed" said Tim.

Kim though of the ramifications that this device could have on her body, but also considered that this would not only be the best way to strengthen her physically, but allows her to work on using her powers. "All right then. Once mom comes down, I'll start training in this gravity thing you created, but I want light. I don't want to risk getting crushed by this invention of yours" said Kim

"Of course" said Jim and Tim.

After waiting patiently for a few minutes, Kim saw her mother coming of the elevator. She was caring a few devices that she was unsure of their purpose. "Sorry I took so long. I needed to get some equipment from my lab" said Mrs. Possible

"Mom, what is that stuff you have?" asked Kim

"Nothing much. Just some things to measure your heart rate, brain activity, blood pressure, etc. Maybe I can find some answers to your powers through physical activities" said Mrs. Possible.

Kim looked at the devices and noticed that they were not durable. "Mom, I don't think I should be wearing that equipment while training. It looks like the slightest bump will break them" said Kim.

Mrs. Possible looked at her daughter as if she had shaved her head. "Kim, you're not wearing any of this. This equipment will allow for me to scan your body while you train without getting in your way".

Kim looked at her mother as she assembled the equipment, not really knowing what to do or say. Kim's attention was switched over to her twin brothers as they cleared their throats loudly. "Kim, how about you test out the new training equipment we built?" asked Jim.

"We'll stay by the controls and make sure that everything is working fine. The gravity is set of Earth's natural gravity, so you won't feel any different" said Tim.

Though not completely confident about the invention, Kim trusted her brothers and father's intellect and would test out their invention. Waiting a minute or so for her mother to finish, Mrs. Possible cleared Kim to begin her training. Taking a deep breath, she walked to the sphere shaped machine and entered. Once inside, the opening that Kim had just entered through closed quickly behind her. The only thing that filled the empty sphere was a long, thick control panel that reached from the floor to the top, at least twenty feet from the group. The floor was padded, as were the walls and the roof. Kim walked the controls and saw a screen with many buttons. Looking at the screen, Kim saw what the computer had written on it. "Earth's Gravity: 1x" though Kim.

"Kim". Kim looked around for the source of the voice, but did not find the source. "Kim, its Tim. There are speakers in the wall"

"Oh" said Kim.

"We're going to start the training in a moment. We'll start the artificial gravity at ten times gravity. If you want to increase the gravity or stop, just say the word and we'll shut down the machine" said Jim.

"Make sure you give me a few seconds to get ready" said Kim. The twins didn't respond, though she was sure they heard her. Kim could not see outside the dome, but she knew that her mother was probably about finished setting up her device. Kim took a deep breath and prepared herself for the training. "Hopefully this training will allow me to be able to use my powers voluntarily. It won't do much good to have my powers rise up at the wrong times" thought Kim as she practiced punching and kicking in the air, warming herself up.

"Kim, we are about to start the machine" said Tim.

"Get ready, we are setting the gravity to three times gravity" said Jim.

"Ok" said Kim as the machine began to hum. Within a few seconds, the room's gravity doubled. Kim had prepared herself for the likely that she would be forced to the ground, but she was still on her feet. Kim did not feel any heavier than she did moments ago. "Jim, Tim, is the gravity increased?"

"Yes. Is it too much for you?" asked Jim

"No. Maybe you should up the gravity to six times" said Kim.

The twins did not respond immediately, which worried Kim a bit. "Kim, are you sure about that? You don't need to rush the training" said Tim.

"It's ok. I can handle it. Increase the gravity" said Kim confidently, though not feeling as sure as she sounded.

Though tempted to question Kim's answer, the twins decided to do as their sister says. Jim and Tim typed away at the controls and increased the artificial gravity to double the current state. As Kim waited, she wondered if the equipment her mother had set up would determine anything useful.

Suddenly, Kim felt her knees buckle as she tried to stand her ground. The increased gravity made Kim feel as if she had suddenly gained three hundred pounds. However, Kim was able to stay on her feet and straightened herself up as she tried to relax her body with the increased gravity pushing down on her. "Kim, how are you doing" asked Jim over the communicator.

"I'm fine" said Kim. Though her voice sounded strained, Kim was not bothered by the intense gravity that continued to pull her to the ground. "Well, let's see what Mom can find out now" thought Kim as she began to train.