As soon as everyone was in the room Giesela ran straight to Yuri to check his chest wound to find out that It was not there and stared at Yuri. While Günter was crying into Gwendal shoulder.

"They told me you got shot. But you are not wounded." Giesela said confused.

"I know it just healed on it's self when we where at the Temple. We do not know what happened I was just telling them if I did not make it to take care of each other. And them we all started to glow and my chest was not bleeding any more." Yuri said trying not to fall asleep.

"Yuri can you please tell us what happened. Who shot you?" Conrad asked a little concerned.

"Well I was walking home from school by the river and all I heard was a loud BOOM and next thing I know I am staring up at the face of my former baseball coach. He said that I ruined his coaching care because I punched him out for teasing Ken Murata. So when his mother found out she went berserk and when off and started yelling at the head coach. And he got fired and he when searching for me and just found me today because I have been here a lot. So I am glad that I have been here because he has already shot Ken and he is all right but he will be in the hospital for a while." He said as he saw all the worried looks.

"But did he get caught or did he run away when he shot you Yuri" Gwendal asked after Günter had calmed down and was not crying on his shoulder but was hanging on to his arm and would not let go.

"He got caught there was a police officer standing about 10 feet from me and as I was falling I saw him get tackled to the ground by about five guys and the officer running over to him. But I think some one was trying to get to me because I saw someone running to me right when I hit the water so I think they are very confused right now because I am not in the river any more." Yuri said while giggling a little which hurt is chest so he stopped.

Everyone was glad that there king was ok. Günter, Gwendal, Conrad, and Giesela left so that the king could get a little rest. The only ones who stayed in the room was Wolfram, Greta and Yuri who was laying on his back starting to go to sleep.

"Daddy can I sleep in here with you and dad tonight please" Greta asked as she started to feel a little sleep while sitting in wolframs lap who was also starting to feel a little sleepy from what just happened.

"If it's alright with dad you can." Yuri said half asleep.

"Yes you can Giesela go get in to your nightgown and you can sleep with us ok" Wolfram said while Greta started to walk out the door and down to here own room. Right when she got back wolfram was already in the bed waiting for his and Yuri's daughter to get in and go to sleep as some as Greta got in to bed all three of them fall asleep peacefully.

Later when Gwendal when to check on the king he was a little surprised to see that Greta and Wolfram where in the bed with Yuri as well as he just stood there smiling at them before heading back to his bed room.

"What took you so long Gwendal I thought something happened to you I was starting to worry about you please do not do that aging." Said Gunter as he was lying in Gwendals bed waiting for his lover to come to bed.

"Sorry love I was just checking on the king to see if he was alright. To find out that Wolfram and Greta are sleeping with him tonight I think they are scared some thing might happed to him aging. And you need to please stop warring so much ok. Nothing will happen to me I promise." Said Gwendal as he got in to bed with his lover and cuddled him close and fell to sleep.