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Summary: Sasuke's a nerd that's got the hots for the blond captain of the Konoha lacrosse team. In an attempt to gain the attention of the blond Sasuke joins the lacrosse team. Does the JV rookie have any chance with the Varsity captain? And what about all the competition for the star athlete's heart?

Warnings: Lots of bad language and there will be YAOI dun like dun read!

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Stop at nothing (stupid title I know but it came from a lacrosse postersigh)

Chapter 1

Sasuke sat outside the gate that surrounded his high school's football field and track. He watched a gorgeous blond running laps with two of his teammates in preparation for lacrosse season, which began next week. Sasuke's eyes followed the boy as he silently wondered when exactly his little crush on his ex best friend had turned into something beyond obsession.

In elementary school the two boys had been best friends, practically inseparable. They had all the same friends and did absolutely everything together. Once they entered middle school though everything changed. Sasuke became instantly popular because of his good looks, his brains, and his older brother. Sasuke turned his back on the blond when he started realizing his feelings for the blond went beyond friendship. He did everything to deny it and pushed the blond away but his feelings only grew for his ex best friend.

In high school everything changed once again. No one cared that Sasuke was related to Itachi and they didn't care how smart he was. He was classified as a nerd and shoved away by the popular crowd. The blond however joined the lacrosse team and his skills on the field shot him to instant popularity. By the end of their freshman year Naruto was one of the most popular boys in school. All the girls wanted the blond and all guys envied him, and slowly Sasuke's crush grew to infatuation, to obsession, to something beyond it. The blond was in his thoughts 24/7 and nothing could distract him. As high school continued Sasuke threw insults at the blond, tried to start fights, anything to get the blond's attention on him but it never worked. The boy would laugh or simply ignore Sasuke and walk away with his friends.

They were now in their junior year of High school. Sasuke had become desperate for the blond's attention so he was resorting to drastic measures. He had spent the summer and beginning of the school year getting into shape so he could join the lacrosse team. Signup was in a week and Sasuke couldn't wait. He'd get to spend every day after school training with his blond obsession.

Sighing Sasuke stood up and brushed the dirt from his pants. The blond was done for the day and had disappeared from the track, headed towards his car. He rounded the corner in time to see the blond pull away in black 89' jetta with the two boys he had been training with. Once the car was out of sight Sasuke walked away from his hiding spot, across the street, down a little side street, and around the corner to his sleek black viper. Climbing in he started the engine and drove home.

X(With Naruto now)X

Naruto groaned as he tossed himself down on the blue couch adorning his living room. He stretched his sore muscles and popped all his joints happily. He had just finished another day of training and it was time for him to relax. All the air was pushed out of him suddenly as something heavy plopped down on his stomach.

"Get off me Kiba!" Naruto squeaked, gasping desperately for air he shoved the brunette onto the floor.

"Hey man you're lucky my soda wasn't open." Kiba growled as he stood up and snatched his soda from the floor.

"Besides where am I suppose sit, Gaara took the chair and your lazy ass is sprawled all over the couch." Kiba huffed angrily glaring at the blond. Naruto chuckled slightly and lifted his legs into the air.

"No you're not putting your legs all over me!"

"Fine then sit on the floor dog breath." Naruto snapped slowly lowering his legs. Kiba grumbled angrily but flopped down on the couch and moved his arms as Naruto draped his legs over the brunette's lap.

"So who do you thinks gonna join the team this year?" Naruto questioned his friends. Kiba who had just taken a sip of his soda suddenly started spluttering soda everywhere as he tried to talk quickly.

"AH GROSS!!" Naruto yelled as Kiba sprayed soda all over his legs. Too lazy to get a towel Naruto just pulled off his gray shirt and wiped the soda off his legs, tossing it in the general direction of his washing machine. Gaara covered his face with a book to hide the light pink that had spread across his cheeks. Kiba's blush was hidden under his tattoos luckily so he brushed it off and apologized for spitting soda on the blond.

"Whatever dog breath, what were you in such a rush to say that you had to spew soda on my legs?" Naruto asked cocking a brow curiously.

"Uhhhhhhhh……" A blank look crossed Kiba's face as he tried to remember what he had been so desperate to tell the blond.

"Are you serious? You already forgot…..stupid mutt." Naruto mumbled shaking his head as Kiba flushed brilliant red in embarrassment.

"What was the question again?" Kiba asked bringing the can of soda to his lips.

"He asked you who was joining the team this year." Gaara said quietly. Suddenly it hit Kiba and he spewed his mouthful of soda into the blond's face this time.

"AHHH YOU'RE DEAD DOGBREATH!" Naruto yelled launching himself at the boy. The soda fell from the brunette's hand and splattered across the carpeted floor as the two boys tumbled over the edge of the couch. Naruto pinned Kiba quickly and glared down at him, soda dripping from his face.

"SORRY!" Kiba yelled cowering away from the angry blond.

"Now what was it you wanted to say?" Naruto growled dangerously, squeezing the boys wrists.

"Oh umm YEAH. I was gonna tell you that Shikamaru told me Sasuke's joining the team this year." Kiba said quickly desperate to get out of the painful grip on his wrists.

"Oh, that's it?" Naruto chuckled slightly releasing the brunette and tossing himself back on the couch.

"What a joke, he's never played a sport in his life." Gaara commented slightly amused. Naruto chuckled and nodded in agreement.

"Probably can't play worth shit, we're gonna make his life hell." Naruto grinned evilly.

"Move your legs so I can sit Blondy."

"Not until you clean up your spill mutt face." Naruto shot back, nodding his head towards the soda splattered across the floor. Kiba stomped off to get a towel and cleaned the mess. Grabbing another soda, he lifted the blond's legs and sat down with a sigh. Kiba tossed his legs up over the blond's and stretched out.

The three sat talking occasionally as they flipped through channels looking for something to watch. Finally Gaara stood and stuck Night at the Roxbury in the dvd player and they all shut up and watched the movie. By the end of the movie all three had dozed off spread across the furniture in the living room.


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