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Stop at nothing.


Papers scattered everywhere as a heavy FST textbook full of notes was knocked out of a pale teens hands and kicked across the hall. A short white blond haired teen high fived his chubby dark haired counterpart as they laughed at the pale ravenette collecting his scattered notes on his hands and knees.

"Hurry up faggot don't want to be late to class." The chubby brunette jeered kicking the textbook further away as the boy reached out for it.

Sasuke shot a glare at the shorter boys as he stood to retrieve his book from across the room. He began walking towards his book but was stopped when several of the short boy's companions stood in front of him and shoved him backwards roughly. His back collided with wall hard and the air was ripped from his lungs.

The short blond that had started it all jerked his book bag out of his grasp while his chubby partner ripped the notes out of the Uchiha's hands, ripping them in half right in front of the boy's face. The blond grinned and cheered his friend on, both boys then took a hold of the book bag and tore it open dumping its contents on the red and white tiled flooring.

People had gathered around the three boys cheering on the shorter two as they kicked the contents of the bag all around the room. Sasuke held still refusing to fight back like he usually would. It was Friday and he couldn't risk destroying his day, it was finally the day of the party he had been waiting for eagerly. He wasn't going to fuck it up just for two little shit heads like them.

"Pick it up fuck face!" The brunette yelled shoving the Uchiha to the floor.

Sasuke hissed as his face came into contact with the cold hard floor roughly. His torn book bag was thrown at him and his stuff was kicked at him as the crowd laughed loudly, yelling insults at the boy trying to get a rise out of him. Sasuke balled up his fist and slammed it into the floor angrily wishing he hadn't separated from his friends.

He pushed himself onto his knees but was pushed right back into the floor by a foot in the middle of his back causing the rather large group to laugh louder. Sasuke couldn't hear what anyone was saying as the laughter and shouts started to blend together. The foot on his back was pressing way too hard, he couldn't breathe and was slowly growing very dizzy.

Suddenly the laughter ceased and the weight was lifted from his back. A strong tan hand was shoved in his face and he took it gratefully being pulled gently to his feet. His eyes met bright blue ones and he realized his savoir was his blue-eyed blond obsession. Gaara and Kiba each had a hold on one of the short kids but the rest of the group had quickly dispersed.

"You okay dude?" Naruto asked placing his hand on the Uchiha's back carefully, a concerned look adorning his features. Sasuke nodded dumbly overcome by the warmth radiating off the blond, he never wanted to leave the boy's side. Assured that the Uchiha wasn't dying he turned his attention to the two boy's that had done this.

"You guys are such fucking dicks! Why the hell do you do shit like this?" Naruto hissed, venom dripping from each and every word. The boys lowered their heads and visually flinched when Naruto moved closer to them.

"Pick all his shit up." Naruto demanded. The boys nodded quickly and scrambled to pick up the Uchiha's belongings when they were released. Once everything was picked up and neatly organized the boys handed Sasuke his stuff and tried to bolt but Naruto caught the short blond boy by the collar of his shirt.

"Ryan give him his money back." Sasuke's eyes widened slightly he hadn't even realized the boy had taken his money. The smaller boy quickly dug into his pocket and shoved two twenties into the blond's outstretched hand. As soon as the grip on his shirt was released he darted disappearing in the blink of an eye.

"Sorry about him he's a little asshole." Naruto said turning back to Sasuke and handing him his money.

"Sorry about your bag dude." Kiba spoke up picking up the shredded remains of Sasuke's black book bag.

"Thank you." Sasuke said quietly looking down at his feet.

"No problem dude." Kiba barked happily slapping Sasuke on the back.

"Well if you need a bag I have an extra one in my locker." Naruto offered. Sasuke nodded quickly thanking the boy again.

"Well Gaara and I are gonna get to class now we don't have a free period." Kiba spoke up as he caught sight of the clock. Naruto nodded and they said a quick goodbye before parting ways. Sasuke quietly followed the blond towards his locker to retrieve the extra bag.

"You sure you're alright it looked like they were being pretty rough?" Naruto asked growing uncomfortable in the silence.

"Hn. I'm fine dobe." Sasuke said snapping right back into his normal attitude.

"Sheesh fine teme." Naruto mumbled. They walked in silence for a short time before the blond decided to speak up again.

"So you going to the party tonight?" He asked quickly trying to break the silence.

"Yeah." Sasuke answered a small smile tugging at his lips, which he quickly fought off.

"Cool ah here it is." They stopped in front of a red locker and Naruto quickly twisted the combination and jerked the metal box open. Reaching in he pulled a blue backpack out of the locker. Sasuke sighed in relief he had expected the thing to be bright orange.

"Here you go." Naruto grinned holding it out to the paler teen.

"I don't have three arms dobe." Sasuke teased, Naruto blinked in confusion before realizing that Sasuke's arms were full of his belongings.

"Oh here." Naruto unzipped the bag and held it open helping the Uchiha put his belongings into it.

"Thanks dobe." Sasuke said as he hoisted the bag onto his back.

"No problem teme." The blond grinned brightly shutting the locker behind them as they started walking towards the student lounge. It reminded Sasuke of elementary school when they had been absolutely inseparable. He missed those times dearly and knew he would never be friends with the boy again unless he apologized for being a royal asshole. So he sucked up his pride and decided the blond deserved an apology finally, he had held out way too long anyways.

"Listen dobe, I'm sorry." Sasuke started staring intensely at his feet when he felt Naruto's gaze fall on him.

"Huh what for?" Naruto asked confusion evident on his face.

"For acting the way I did. I shouldn't have ditched you like that in middle school. I made a stupid choice and lost my best friend." Sasuke spilled refusing to lift his gaze from his feet, suddenly finding his shoes incredibly fascinating.

"Thanks Sasuke, that really means a lot." Naruto spoke after a minute a grin spreading on his face. Sasuke smiled slightly looking up at the boy. He didn't know what he expected but he hadn't expected the blond to be so forgiving of him he had been a complete and utter asshole to the boy after all.

"So friends again?" Sasuke asked tentatively hoping the boy would say yes.

"Sure teme." Naruto smiled brightly smacking the Uchiha on the back. Try as he might Sasuke could not fight off the huge smile that spread on his face.

'Sheesh that wasn't hard why did I wait so long to do that again?' Sasuke mused quietly as he walked alongside the blond. They took a seat in one of the empty bright red booths adorning the student lounge, tossing their bags up onto the window ledge next to them. Naruto relaxed into his seat immediately, placing his hands behind his head he began giving the Uchiha advice for lacrosse.

There were other ways Sasuke would rather spend his time with the blond but for now he was satisfied just being around the boy again.

XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSKIP TO THE PARTYxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX

Sasuke checked his appearance in the mirror one last time making sure not a hair was out of place. Satisfied with his appearance he pulled his keys out of the ignition and climbed out into the cool crisp night air. Shutting his car door he pressed the lock button on his key and the car beeped in reply signaling that it was locked and the alarm was armed. Pocketing his keys he made his way towards the brightly lit house blaring music loudly.

Sasuke was in a good mood as he hopped the few short steps to the door. Lifting up his hand he rapped on the hard wood with his knuckles 3 times then waited for an answer. After a short wait the door was flung open and Sasuke was greeted with the beaming face of Naruto who looked damn good in the Uchiha's opinion. A tight black wife beater hugged every curve and every muscle on the blond's torso and a pair of loose gray sweatpants hung dangerously from tan hips, orange plaid boxers peeking out over the edges.

"Hey Sasuke you made it! Come in." Naruto shouted happily a slight hint of alcohol lacing his breath. Sasuke nodded and stepped inside the warm house quickly as the door slammed shut behind him. Naruto draped his arm over the Uchiha's shoulder and led him deeper into the house.

"Here's the kitchen, there's pizza, chips, soda, beer, and pretty much any booze you can name." Sasuke's eyes roamed over the numerous bottles of alcohol wondering how the boy's had got their hands on so much and such a wide variety. There was pretty much any flavor of vodka you could name along with plenty of plain vodka. Whiskey, rum, and tequila bottles lined the counters and an ice filled tub overflowing with beer was tucked into a corner. Dozens of pizzas were stacked up next to mountains of chips in all kinds of flavors. Two liters of soda filled the other end of the table and red Dixie cups were littered everywhere.

"Wow." Was all Sasuke could say he had never seen so much alcohol in one place before.

"Yup help yourself, everyone's in the game room back there." Naruto pointed pulling his arm off the Uchiha and heading towards the noise. Sasuke just nodded and trailed after the blond down the hall and into a large room where the majority of the lacrosse team was gathered, playing video games, pool, air hockey, or just standing around sipping on alcoholic beverages.

Sasuke scanned the room and was very upset when his eyes landed on the freaky clone of him sitting on a couch with Gaara. Naruto walked over and joined the boy's much to Sasuke's displeasure

"Naruto come on I need a partner!" Kiba hollered from the pool table holding a pool cue out.

"Not again Kiba I always lose when I'm on your team!" Kiba snorted indignantly glaring at the blond lounging on the couch.

"Fine Uchiha come play pool." Kiba demanded. Sasuke opened his mouth to refuse but was cut off when he was shoved forward by the varsity goalie.

"Yeah Uchiha play some pool!" Another two boys holding pool sticks taunted.

"Come on dude help me kick their asses." Kiba prodded, poking the Uchiha with a pool stick as he drew closer.

"Fine." Sasuke spat snatching the annoying pool stick out of Kiba's hand before he could poke him again.

"Good you better be able to play dude, don't screw me over." Sasuke just snorted and shoved Kiba out of the way, leaning over the table he lined up the shot carefully. In a fluid motion he made the shot the white ball whizzing across the table and breaking the colored triangle. There was a clacking sound as the balls bounced around the table followed by thumps as two striped balls fell into pockets.

"Ah sweet dude! He's even better than you Naruto!" Kiba cheered sticking his tongue out at their competition. Sasuke just smirked in satisfaction and shot a glare right back at the scowling boys.

"I guess we're stripes."

"Whatever we can still kick your ass." The taller of the two sneered as he lined up his shot.

"Don't fuck up!" Kiba screamed startling the boy as he made his shot. The white ball bounced off the table and rolled across the floor ricocheting of feet as it made it's way.

"AH you cheating faggot!" The boy screamed leaping at Kiba angrily. Kiba yelped and ran around the room followed closely by the angry boy. They finally calmed down and the game resumed once the ball was retrieved from under the couch.

The pool game dragged on much longer than it should have as Kiba kept shouting insults at the competition which resulted in him being chased around the room every time. The game finally ended though with Sasuke and Kiba as the victors (no help from Kiba of course). Sasuke quietly declined a second round and put his pool cue aside.

"Hey where's your bathroom?" Sasuke asked Kiba quietly after they finished, noticing Naruto was no longer in the room.

"Oh just go down the hall and it's the first door on your left."

"Okay." Sasuke headed out of the room and down the hall. Quickly finding the bathroom he finished his business quickly and washed up before heading back out into the hallway. He quickly made his way to a door with caution tape all over it and a sign that read 'Naruto's Room Stay Out'. Quietly opening the door he peeked inside searching for the loud blond. The room was completely empty though and Sasuke shut the door and headed back towards the game room.

As he was passing the living room he heard mumbling that sounded a lot like Naruto. Making his way into the room he peeked around the corner and froze in shock at the sight before him. Naruto was curled up on the couch making out very heavily with Sai. Sasuke swore he heard his heart shatter as he stumbled out of the room running into the kitchen as he fought back tears. Leaning against a wall he gripped his hair tightly and squeezed his eyes shut trying not to scream out his misery. Getting himself under control he grabbed a full bottle of rum, being drunk had to be better than being heartbroken he reasoned as he twisted off the cap and began downing the entire bottle.

20 minutes later he stumbled into the game room holding another bottle of rum tightly. Throwing himself down on the couch he continued drinking himself into a stupor, screaming insults at anyone that came too close to him. Kiba eyed the Uchiha warily annoyed with his behavior currently. The boy finally went too far when he lashed out at someone trying to get the alcohol away from him and Kiba decided it was enough.

"Give me your phone Uchiha." Kiba said holding his hand out in front of him.

"Fug offfffff dog breast." Sasuke slurred glaring at him as he took another swig of rum. Kiba huffed and pinned the boy to the couch quickly retrieving the phone before jumping backwards away from the angry drunk. Sasuke tried to get up and chase after him but fell flat on his face hissing loudly when his elbow connected with the hardwood floor painfully. Kiba snorted in annoyance and made his way to a quieter room to call Itachi.



"Sasuke?" A silky voice answered from the other end.

"No it's Kiba, Sasuke is drunk off his ass in the other room I think he needs to go home."

"Okay I'll come get him where is he?" Kiba gave Itachi directions to the house before hanging up and hurrying back into the game room. Giving Sasuke his cell phone back Kiba forcefully took the rum from the inebriated boy and dragged him outside to wait for Itachi. Sasuke continued to scream and curse Kiba as he waited with him on the porch. He tried walking away several times but couldn't make it three steps without ending up flat on his ass.

Several minutes later Itachi pulled up in a deep red corvette. Climbing out of his car he made his way towards Kiba and a very dunk Sasuke.

"He's all yours now." Kiba mumbled hurrying back inside as quickly as possible, completely fed up with the younger Uchiha.

"Whatcha eff you here fer Tachi?" Sasuke spat as angrily as he could shakily standing up.

"Taking you home otouto." Itachi answered quietly before hoisting the smaller boy onto his back.

"Giddy up." Sasuke cheered childishly, digging his heels into Itachi's sides in a spurring motion. Itachi sighed and started walking towards his car.

"FASTER!!" Sasuke screeched loudly digging his heels into his brother's sides even harder.

"You're not acting like a 17 year old Sasuke." Itachi spoke up wincing in pain as Sasuke's heels dug into his sides painfully.

"Shut the fuck up and run!"

"No and watch your language." Itachi effectively ended the conversation by dumping Sasuke into the passenger seat of his corvette. Sasuke whined angrily as the door was slammed shut and Itachi climbed into his seat starting the car up. They drove home in silence Sasuke finally wore himself out and passed out almost immediately.

Once they arrived home Itachi carried Sasuke into the living room, placing him on the couch and tossing a blanket over him. He placed a bottle of water and aspirin on the table before heading up to his own room for the night.


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