Title: Sam's Disappearance

Summary: John and Wee!Sam drabble

Genre: General

Rating: K

Disclaimer: Sam, Dean and John Winchester don't belong to me. They belong to their creator Eric Kripke and then to the CW network. I'm making no profit off this story whatsoever.

A seven-year old Sam Winchester couldn't remember the last time he had, had so much fun. He didn't normally like all the moving around, but since moving to this apartment complex had met more children his and Dean's age then he could remember. John had griped about their new home, complaining about how close knit and into everyone else's business the neighbors were, and Dean always trying to please their father and sound grown up complained about the same thing, but Sam was quite the opposite. He loved the little playground with the steep, metal slide that was so much fun to slide down on a piece of wax paper with. He enjoyed the summer night games of hide and seek the neighborhood kids would engage in, and more than anything he liked the nursery behind the apartment complex where he could climb giant piles of sawdust.

He was even enjoying his time right now with his new friend Dylan. He had spent the day at the kid's apartment doing things like playing with Legos, watching the "Back to the Future" movies, and just talking and being a normal seven year old. Things he didn't feel he really got to do with Dean. Whenever it was Dean and him just being kids and having fun, it was sparring, talking about dad, or playing like they were on a hunt, things that embraced Dean's imagination but did little for Sam's.

Sam had completely lost track of the time and was surprised when late into the afternoon Dylan's father walked into Dylan's bedroom where he and Sam were playing a game of "Connect Four," and told Sam his father was at the door and looked upset. Sam hadn't thought much of it but hadn't really seen his brother or dad all day.

Sam had woken up that morning earlier than Dean to find their father gone, not thinking about it too much as John was usually gone on the weekends part of the time anyway, Sam had gotten dressed, watched "The Smurfs," and wandered outside where he ran into Dylan, and decided to spend the rest of the day with him.

Sam shook his head, not believing he had forgotten to tell Dean where he was. He quickly got up, said bye to his friend and followed Dylan's father to the front door. He had been scared. He expected his dad to be furious, but instead as soon as John saw him, he grabbed him, hugged him and embarrassed him by picking him up and walking with him in his arms back to their apartment, all the while crying and kissing Sam on the top of his head and saying he thought he lost him, and not to run off again. John and Dean had spent the last few hours looking for Sam in every possible place but the most obvious ones. Sam couldn't remember ever feeling so loved by his father.

The End.

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