AN: This can be connected to Get Me a Wife, look out for hints of what's to come. This was an idea I had when I was eating ice-cream.

Dedicated: Koolmint26, for being such an awesome reviewer.

Warning: Shonen-ai, or some sort.

Oblivious or Not
By: Hiki-chan

Damn it.

Just damn it all to hell!

Sasuke breathed, once, twice... then choked on his breath again.

Turn away you idiot.

Turn away now!

Damn this shit, his body parts weren't listening to him. Hell, they never did!


Sasuke clenched the bench armrest as his eyes stayed glue on that one person that has caught his interest.


Yes, it was a very hot day in Konoha, yes indeed.

They had met at the grocery store. Such coincidence indeed.

So anyway, Naruto had decided to go for a cool ice cream crape treat, having nothing to do, Sasuke followed.

But damn, you know Sasuke hated sweet things. But in this case...

As he watched his dobe from the opposite bench, his hormones were screaming at him to do such naughty things to the oblivious blond.

Naruto had chosen Strawberry flavored crape. Damn, this was just like last time! Except last time was vanilla… at his house… chocolate fudge...

And Sasuke had a little more self-control then.

Sasuke sipped his ice lemon tea, his eyes still glued to the blond.

Naruto, chose that precise moment to throw his head back and groan, obviously very much pleasured by the strawberry crape on this hot summer day. And Sasuke choked on his drink.

So much for always looking like the ice prince.

He bit down hard on the straw in his mouth as Naruto decided to take small nibbles on the ice cream, taking very long and sensual licks. You could almost see his spine tingle in delight.

Sasuke could feel a very... prominent hard-on coming.

Finishing up his drink, he clench the plastic cup till it squashed as Naruto resumed putting the whole crape in his mouth, biting and chewing.

He couldn't take this anymore!

No more!

Sasuke stood up and walked away, as coolly as he can, trying to hide his... situation.

Naruto looked up as he noticed the raven-haired gone before he sighed softly.

He too, stood up and went to the Kiba's house.

Once the dog boy came out, he shook his head sadly, "It didn't work Kiba. Sasuke got up and left half-way."

"Odd," Kiba said, scratching his head, "Shino jumped on me right after that. Are you sure you did everything?"

"Yes! Even the throwing my head back and moaning thing!"

"Maybe it's because he's such a block of ice." Kiba suggested.

Naruto sighed once more, back to the drawing board.


Gaaah, I'm really a pervert!