Which One, Sasuke or Itachi?

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Chapter 3: "What I really want"


"You don't know me too much Sakura."

He started licking her ear sending some blistering sensation from her foot up to her neck. She squeals and gently pushes him away, glaring at him.

"I don't like it when you start there, start here.' Putting her index finger at her lips as she looks more appealing to him, he's eyes suddenly widened.

"Oh…I see hehehe…sorry…"

End of Flashback:

Sasuke started kissing her passionately; smacking his lips in her then licking her lower lip as permission for him to enter, moaning from the enjoyment, she open her mouth for him as he firmly press inside his hungry tongue to send more emotion, roaming around her he found her sweet tongue…they started fighting for dominance but eventually Sakura failed to attempt so she just go with the flow under him.

Sakura jerk, before they even continue she started to shove him slightly which make him stop, seeing a little disappointed in his eyes.

"Why did you stop? I was having fun and---"


"Am I a bad kisser?" to his dismay…

"No your not…"

'Actually your lips are melting me…'

"Then why did you stop?"

"I stop because we are in a solid ground and I think my back hurt because of your weight."

"Oh…So shall we continue on my bed?"

"With pleasure…"

Sasuke carried her (Bridal style) and put her on the bed, lying above her, he continue his demonstration… while Sakura place her hands on top of his hair gently pushing him down.

"Sasuke-kun…I never knew you've got such a smooth hair, what's your shampoo?" tease the pink-haired woman in the kiss.


Sakura smiled a bit then continue to kiss him. Sasuke stop, looking at the green orbs down him, the pink-haired girl blushes when he saw the look on his face, Sasuke raised an eyebrow at her…


"Umm…You know even up to know…you're still handsome…"

"Did someone ever tell me that I'm not?" Sasuke smirks kissing her neck…

"How could anyone possibly tell you that you're not handsome? All the girls in this town are your fan girls…what's the point?" Sakura smiled knowing that her mate was blushing.

A little bit of silence built around the two…

Then in a second they both laugh, laugh? Does this means…Sasuke's laughing? Yeah he sure does…He laughs with Sakura…but then again the Pink haired girl stops shockingly…she didn't know that Sasuke actually laugh…of all this years they've been together…this is the first time she heard him laugh…

"Was this really Sasuke?...I mean I can't really believe that he-IS-Laughing? Is this really Sasuke?...His voice…so…cute…the way he laughs…oh…how I love it! His eyes…full of happiness…I never felt this emotion…I think…something's wrong with me again…Oh…my God? His…his…"

"What's wrong Sakura?"


Sakura was surprise when he heard his voice…she's not aware that he already stop, thinking that she know him weird. Sakura's eyes met his…full of passion...he lean down again for a kiss…but he discontinued when he heard her suddenly cry…tears forming in her eyes…

"Sakura…why are you crying?"

"No…I'm fine."

"But then why are you crying?"

"I'm crying because I've never seen you so happy before…the way you laugh...oh…I'm just so happy seeing you like this…"

Sasuke smirk, he touches her cheek and tilt a little having their face so close. Then he closes his eyes and gives her a light kiss. Sakura just moves with him…embracing him down to his bed forming heat between them, Sakura gave him the slight smile as an indication of giving him a thanks. Sasuke just welcomed it back. He moves down to her body…kissing her cheeks, down to her neck, nibbling her sensitive veins…Sakura moan. Now the Raven haired guy started going down to her chest…kissing the path down…reaching her soft curves. Still he wants more…his hands was roaming around her body sending blistering sensations…she wonder how his hands are so soft and warm…then again…she desires further…so did he…

Now he's both hands are drifting down to her legs…moving closer to her clit. He presses in…

" Aaahhh!!!! Sasuke-kun!" Sakura screams clutching her hands at the back of Sasuke. She pushes him out…but he stand firm. Sakura's tears ran out. This is the first time she experience this…but still she really wants it.

"S-Sasuke do you really want to do this?"

"Why not?"

"I don't know…"

"You know it really hurts in the first try but I know you'll get use to it" Said Sasuke who's moving his fingers way back in….

Sakura pull out a little, heat forming between their bodies. Sasuke's hormones really want her so badly ending up his fingers move out in her then getting ready for his bigger one. (Wonder what that is?)

"Sakura…would you mind?"

"Are you challenging me?" a sudden change of mood appears on Sakura. . (And I don't know why...)

"Sure do…"

"Oh yeah…Try me!"

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