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This wasn't where he wanted to be. This wasn't who he was. This hadn't been his decision. So why was he going to go through with it?

It wasn't to bring peace between the two Guilds. It was because Bella Donna had been his friend since he was young and she wanted this.

So he was going through with it. For her. Not because he loved her but because it was about time she was happy. Their lives had been hard enough; it was about time she'd got a break.

But what about him? Remy LeBeau just was not the marrying type. And as he stared at himself in the mirror wearing his black and white tuxedo, his chest filled with disgust. He wasn't the formal-wear type either.'

Behind him the door opened and his soon-to-be Stepbrother Julien Boudreaux stepped in. The expression on his face made it clear that he wasn't here for a friendly heart-to-heart. He had something important on his mind. Remy turned around to face him, looking serious and prepared but there was still a hint of amusement in his flashing scarlet eyes.

"Remy," Julien greeted him sombrely with a nod of the head "Getting ready?"

Gambit raised one eyebrow quizzically

"Well, unless there's anot'er reason for meh to be wearin' a tux" He replied, smirking swiftly.

"You better not screw this up, LeBeau" Julien hissed, menacingly "Because if my sister gets hurt…"

"Yah not afraid of li'l ol' Remy LeBeau doin' a runner are yah, Julien? Worried Ah'll break Bella's heart?" Remy cut in stepping forward. His smugness was not unnoticed by Julien who felt a sense of irritation at his superior attitude. What was he up to?

"I'm not kidding. You pull any funny stuff and I will hunt you down and make you pay," He said furiously yet quietly so they wouldn't be overheard.

"Ya don' scare meh, Julian" Remy said turning back around to look at his reflection "Yah can leave now" He added but Julian didn't move, just stared with furious eyes. Remy turned his head to the side and stared right back with one of his eyes. "Aren' we done talkin' now? Or is there somethin' yah wanted to add?"

Julien turned back around and opened the door slightly and exited. But before he shut the door behind him, he gave Remy one last look

"I don't trust thieves, Remy. But it seems Bella does and if this is going to make her happy… just remember my warning" And with these parting words, he pulled the door shut behind him. Remy stood unmoving as he stared at the reflection of the door in his mirror before grinning sneakily.

Well, sorry to disappoint you Julian.

"Hmm… ok, how about this one?"

"Red and white stripes? Are you kidding? You'd look like a candy cane!"

"Hmmm… I guess… ok what about this one? And maybe with that Jacket over there?"

"Orange isn't really your colour Kitty…what about this?"

"Ooh, I like that? What do you think Rogue? Rogue?"

"Huh?" Came Rogue's drowsy reply as she snapped out of her reverie. She looked up at Kitty who was staring at her with an impatient look and Jubilee who was holding up a blue off-the-shoulder top. Kitty sighed and the two exchanged looks with each other.

"We were wondering what you think of this shirt for Kitty?" Jubilee said, holding the top up.

"Oh…um… sure. It looks good" She replied with a shrug. Kitty frowned

"Rogue, are you feeling alright? You seem so out of it lately…" She asked, putting a sympathetic hand on her friends shoulder.

"Yeah I'm fine. It's just…uh… problems with Bobby, y'know," She said, looking away.

"Wanna talk about it?" Jubilee asked, concerned. Rogue shook her head vigorously.

"Nah, I think I'll just go get some coffee and sit down. I'll see you guys back at the Mansion" She said, already stepping toward the door.

"Ok. See ya then" Came their uncertain replies. She gave a reassuring wave before leaving the store with a sigh.

She didn't like hiding things from her friends but sometimes there were just things that one needed to keep to themselves.

There had just been so much going on in her mind at the moment. And yes, Bobby was one of those things. Of course, it wasn't surprising that their relationship had complications. After all, how well did she expect things to keep going with her inability to touch him being such an obstacle? Of course, Bobby was too nice a guy to directly state that this was becoming a problem but Rogue wasn't stupid. What good was a relationship where every time they kissed, she drained his energy?

She found herself outside of Starbucks and went and ordered herself an extra sweet cappuccino. Although, coffee was the last thing she needed, as she was practically a borderline insomniac these days but sometimes a girl just needs her dose of Caffeine.

Once she'd got her drink, she walked back outside and continued up the street, not heading for a particular destination. Just giving herself time to think.

Of course, Bobby wasn't the only thing on her mind. Her sleeping pattern was all over the place. Most of the night was spent awake and every time she did fall asleep, her dreams were haunted from memories that were not her own. And then suddenly she was awake again with a massive headache.

Why did her powers have to be such a nuisance? It was bad enough that she couldn't touch and now it was keeping her awake at night. Gift? More like curse.

Rogue was abruptly pulled away from her depressing thought as she felt herself collide with something solid. She gave a muffled cry out as she tumbled backwards and onto her backside, her drink falling from her grasp and spilling all over the sidewalk.

"Hey!" She said angrily, looking up at the guy who'd ran into her "Watch where you're going!"

But he didn't seem to be listening and continued to walk right by her without saying sorry. Muttering angrily under her breath, Rogue got back to her feet, her hand throbbing slightly with pain. She glared angrily after the man before looking back down at her spilled coffee. She sighed and cast a glance around. Lucky for her, there was another coffee shop right across the road. She made her way toward it, reaching for her wallet in her pocket as she did so. But her pocket was empty. She stopped in her tracks and tried all her other pockets to double check but to no avail. She felt a twinge of panic and tried to recall if she'd left it in Starbucks. But she could remember tucking it safely in her jacket and there was no way she'd dropped it because no matter how distracted she was, she would've noticed.

Suddenly, her twinge of panic turned to fury as she remembered colliding harshly with someone. Of course, there's no way that could've been accidental, she was the only one on the street. He couldn't have not seen her walking.

Turning swiftly on her heel, Rogue sprinted in the direction he'd gone in. There was no way she was letting him get away; there had been over $70 in there! With heavy breaths, she quickened her pace even more, turning a corner. Her eyes flashed dangerously as she saw the back of the man ahead of her. She could tell because he was wearing a long brown trench coat, which she'd been staring at when he ran into her.

"Hey!" She called out, "Hey, you! Get back here!" But he didn't seem able to hear her. She was soon a few metres behind him, which was when she slowed back into a brisk walk. He still hadn't noticed her until finally she reached up and grabbed his shoulder, jerking his backwards.

"Wha' the hell…" He muttered turning around to face the furious look on Rogue's features. The large sunglasses made him look even more suspicious.

"You! You stole my wallet, you thief!" She said, stepping forward menacingly "Give it back!"

The man just raised his eyebrows at her and smirked

"Remy didn' steal nothin'. Yah migh' want proof before yah go 'round accusing people of things they didn' do" he said in an arrogant voice

"Of course it was you, do you see anyone else around here wearing a brown trench coat!" Rogue replied, angrily "Now you better give it back or I'll…" But before she could finish her sentence, the guy- 'Remy' as he called himself- hushed her looking, around warily. Although displeased about it, she fell silent and looked around curiously. Suddenly, appearing out of the alleyway just behind them came three men.

"Huh?" Rogue said, spinning around to face them. "What-"

But Remy wasn't listening. He just rolled his eyes sceptically at the men before him

"I was beginnin' to wonder when you were gonna show up, Julian. Was startin' to think yah'd given up on meh"

"You still have the chance to fix things, Remy," He said threateningly.

"Ah'm not afraid of you. Ah've already told ya that," Remy said, still remaining completely calm.

"Oh yeah?" The guy- Julian- said, his eyes landing on Rogue who'd been silently watching from beside Remy. "And whose you little friend here, LeBeau?" He said, smirking and Rogue, intimidated by his gaze, took a step back.

"No idea," Remy replied, breezily "Don' know her. So there's no use gettin' her caught up in all this"

"Oh really?" Julian said, looking smug now as he pulled a gun out from his belt. Rogue recoiled. "Then I guess you won't mind if I…"

"This is between us. Leave her outta this" Remy growled. Julien laughed.

"But if you don't know her, then it shouldn't matter, right" he replied tauntingly.

"It does if an innocen' bystander gets hurt" Remy replied warningly. Julien just laughed again and aimed the gun toward them both. Instinctively, Remy stepped in front of Rogue who felt a pang of irritation by being turned into the Damsel in Distress.

"I warned you about breaking Bella's heart, Remy" Julien said, his finger tightening on the trigger. Suddenly, surprisingly Remy smirked, his hand reaching into his pocket

"An' I told ya, I ain' afraid of you" He said and with one quick movement he brandished a playing card: Ace of Spades. It glowed a light red before he spun it at Julien who ducked down as the thing exploded. Thinking quickly, Remy grabbed Rogue's arm and pulled her into a run down the street.

"What. The. Hell!" Rogue shrieked between breaths. All she'd wanted was her wallet and now she was being dragged away from angry assassins by a strange mutant. This was just not her day. Just as they turned a corner, Remy yanked her into a small alley to the side. He peered up and down the street before relaxing, although only slightly.

"They'll find us soon" He murmured, more to himself than her

"Us?" Rogue said angrily, prying herself from his grip, "Oh no, I think you mean you. I'm only here because I want my money back!"

"Well, here ya go then," He said, tossing her wallet at her. She caught it and tucked it back into her pocket. "Ya can leave if ya really want but I don' expect they'd let ya get very far."

"Well, I can look after myself thank-you-very-much" She said irritated but didn't move. Remy turned around to look at her, his sunglasses flashing from the light on the street

"Against these guys? Don' count on it, petite" He replied, quietly. Rogue just stared at him before rolling her eyes

"Well, they're you're problem not mine so I'll just be on my way." But before she could leave, her path was blocked by Julian, smirking triumphantly.

"Cornered yourself I see, LeBeau. I think you might be losing your touch," He said and turned to his two partners "Get the girl"

"Oh great" Rogue muttered as the two men grabbed her by each arm, gripping tightly. "Ouch!" She said harshly but it only made them tighten their hold even more. She struggled a bit but it wasn't much use. These guys were two strong for her.

Julien raised his handgun up to Remy's head.

"You wouldn' kill ya sisters fiancé, would ya Julien?" He asked, his voice not showing an ounce of the fear that was beginning to brew in his stomach. Julien pushed the cold metal harshly against his skull

"No, but I would kill the guy who walked out on her" He hissed, preparing himself to pull the trigger. A wicked grin made its way across his face.

Rogue felt a surge of panic. She didn't know this Remy LeBeau but she wasn't going to let him die. Besides, unless she did something there was no doubt she'd be next. In two quick motions she pulled the gloves off on both her hands. Just as the two men holding her back turned curiously to see what she was doing, she'd already grabbed the exposed flesh on each of their arms. It wasn't long before they'd each fallen to the ground. Before Julien could look around at her, she'd already placed a hand around his neck. Flashes of his memory crossed her mind as the gun slid from his weakened grip. A few moments later he slumped unconscious at her feet. With a satisfied smile, Rogue pulled her gloves back on. As much as she hated them, her powers did have their useful moment. She turned back around, now facing Remy who had a look of mild surprise over his features.

"I told you I could look after myself," She said, resting her hands on her hips. His surprised look turned into a grin and he shrugged

"Well, Ah guess ya proved meh wrong then" He said, sounding impressed.

"They're not going to stay out for long so unless you wanna stick around and get shot…" Rogue added, looking down at the three unconscious bodies.

"Gotcha" He said and she followed him speedily out of the alleyway and down the street. Once they'd turned a corner and were quite a while away, he turned to her and stepped forward. On instinct she took one back, pressing herself against the wall behind her. Remy looked amused and promptly took another step forward so that they were inches apart.

"Ah don' believe Ah've introduced myself. Ah'm Remy LeBeau"

Rogue gazed suspiciously at him, her own eyes reflected in his glasses. She hesitated before simply saying

"I figured that out by myself"

"Well, I guess tha' means yah don' wanna tell meh yah name. Still, it's been a pleasure meetin' ya, chere. I jus' wish it were under better circumstances" He said, slyly. He was standing way too close for comfort, in Rogue's opinion, especially since this guy had robbed her not long ago but she didn't say anything.

"So, Ah'm guessin' yah're a mutant too?" He questioned and Rogue just replied with a nod.

"And what migh' your gift be, chere?" Rogue just blinked, breathing in deeply. She felt a shiver go up her spine.

"What I can do…ain't a gift" She said, her voice barely above a whisper as she slipped off one of her gloves again. She raised her bare hand and placed it tenderly over his lips. She saw flashes from his mind and just before he slumped to the ground, she whispered

"My name is Rogue, by the way…"

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