Author's note: Another chimera fiction, but the ones I've read were so good that I just had to write one!! I can finally post this, Yay! I'm Bunny Grl's co-writer on most of her stories, so I decided to break off and write my own!

On to the story!!!

Roy Mustang sighed. The strange disappearances of teenagers and children and the appearances of beaten and dead human chimeras were getting to him. He hadn't had a good six to eight hours of sleep in at least a week. It also didn't help matters that FullMetal fit the description of the missing, young, seemingly innocent, and hardly around adults outside of headquarters. He sighed again, rubbing his forehead.

"Is something wrong sir?" First Lieutenant Hawkeye asked after seeing him rub his head.

"I'm fine Lieutenant, just a head ache from these missing persons and chimeras," he rubbed his head again. "Maybe I should go get some aspirin…" he mumbled under his breath as he signed more papers.

"You might want to do that sir, Edward has just walked up," Hawkeye pointed out. He turned to look out the window, and saw the short, temperamental alchemist walking through the gate.

"Lieutenant would you-"

"I've already got some sir," Hawkeye pulled out two white pills, and set them on Roy's desk. Sighing gratefully, he picked them up and swallowed them. The effects were almost immediate.

The office door opened to see the FullMetal alchemist, ticked off as ever. "WHAT WAS WITH THAT LAST MISSION MUSTANG?!?! IT ALMOST GOT AL AND I KILLED!!!! IT ALSO DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH OUR RESEARCH!!!!" Edward Elric yelled, letting off some of his kept up steam.

"Well, at least I'm not so small, that I need to get on a chair to look my superior in the eye," Mustang said coolly, fueling the fire.

"WHOS' SO SMALL THAT THEY CAN'T BE SEEN BY THEIR SUPERIOR OFICER EVEN IF THEY HAD A MICROSCOPE?!?!?" Ed ranted, waving his arms around and practically breathing fire.

"Calm down FullMetal, I didn't say that. I don't have a mission for you right now so you'll have to stay here until I find one for you." He knew FullMetal was scowling at him, even without looking up.

"Fine," FullMetal stood and stormed out of the office. Some how he knew he'd regret this later.

As Ed made his way to his dorm, everyone quickly jumped out of his way. All of Eastern Command knew how he got when he was ready to explode. The only person who could calm him down was his little brother Alphonse, but sadly today he was nowhere to be found.

When he opened the door to his dorm, he found nothing, so he walked in wrote a note to his brother, and left again, this time leaving the building.

"Stupid Colonel Bastard, making us stay here while we get further from the stone," he muttered under his breath, scaring a near passerby. Turning a corner, he found himself at an unfamiliar corner. "Damn," he muttered under his breath, and turned around to walk the other way. He took a step and ran into another person. "Hey watch where you're going bud! I've got to be somewhere," Ed growled as he straightened. He moved to the man's left, and the man followed. He moved to the man's right, again the man followed. Ed got tired of this game and pushed his way past the man. He didn't notice the man chuckling as he walked away.

He had found his next target; actually his target had found him. The boy turned around and ran into him, muttering curses under his breath. A feisty one was perfect after all the calm ones he'd taken. The blonde hair and matching golden eyes were appealing as well. 'Let's go get him, shall we?' he whistled three short notes, and out of the alleys came thirty or forty chimeras.
RRRIIINNNGGG…RRRIII-"Hello?... Brother! Are you okay?... Okay, I'll see you later, bye," Al hung up the phone. His brother had been gone for at least an hour. He slowly got up, his armored knees creaking slightly. He left their dorm and made his way to Colonel Mustang's office. He knocked, and when he heard a faint "Come in." He opened the door and stuck in his helmet.

"Colonel, he's on his way back now."

"Good. You didn't tell him he was the perfect candidate for a kidnapping?" Al shook his head. "Go back to your dorm and wait until he gets back, then he can get something to eat. Al, nodding his helmet, left the office, leaving Mustang to his thoughts.

"Al?... Yeah it's me. I'll be back in a little while. No more than an hour…Bye." Ed hung up the phone and turned around. He found the man he ran into earlier standing in the doorway. "Um…sorry about earlier, I was in a really bad mood." He rubbed his head sheepishly, chuckling slightly. He didn't notice the man approaching, and the chimeras around him until it was too late. "Damn it I have bad luck." Was all he said as he fell unconscious.
'Perfect,' the man thought. 'He's just perfect. With his small stature he will make the purrrfect cat. He already has the eyes too, one less thing for me to do.' The man was carrying an automailless Edward over his shoulder, with only his tank top and pants on, to a transmutation circle; however, this was no ordinary transmutation circle, it was the one used to create the Human Chimeras that were made from Marta and the rest. The man dropped Ed in the middle of the circle, and he landed ungracefully; then, the man placed a small golden cat in the circle with Ed. He kneeled on the ground and placed his hands on the circle. Immediately it glowed a strange yellow-orange color. Through the light, you couldn't tell what was happening to the boy, but he soon saw as the light faded.