Chapter 4

The next day Roy Mustang could be seen making his way through Central Headquarters; hair slicked back, shoes shined, uniform pressed, and a folder in hand. He opened the door to the Fuhrer's secretary's office slowly, hoping not to disturb her. She looked up at the sound of the door and gestured to the Fuhrer's office, "The Fuhrer will see you know Colonel."

"Thank you Ms. Douglas," Colonel Mustang walked through the office, and knocked on the other door.

A few moments later, a faint, "Enter" was heard, and he opened the door to reveal the Fuhrer King Bradley. "Hello Colonel, you wished to speak with me?"

"Yes you Excellency, I came to notify you about a missing State Alchemist, along with several other missing persons and dead chimera sightings."

The Fuhrer leaned up on his desk, "I see…who is this missing State Alchemist, Colonel?"

Colonel Mustang looked at the Fuhrer, "It is Edward Elric, the FullMetal Alchemist, and he's been kidnapped. We believe that his location has been found, and I request you permission to send an armed search party to this location to rescue him."

The Fuhrer leaned back in his chair, "…I do believe I'll accompany this search and rescue party myself. You are dismissed Colonel."

Colonel Mustang saluted,"Thank you sir," and turned on his heel leaving the room quickly. All the way back to his office he was thinking, '

Blank golden eyes blinked owlishly at his capturer and torturer. The madman thought he had broken the mind and spirit of the boy, but behind clouded pupils, the mind of a child prodigy was at work.

'How will I escape? I need my arm to get out of here…' he slowly turned his head to the cage door. It was open slightly, not tied or blocked, begging to be opened. Wincing as he gently slid his coat over his arm and pulling up the hood, he crawled out of the cage, looking slowly from side to side, seeing his captor occupied with something on the other side of the room. Crawling to make less noise, he made his way over to the far side of the room, away from his captor. He was making slow progress but he was going to make it. Every time his captor would move to the side, he would freeze, silently begging for him not to turn around. For his sake, karma had decided not to kick him in the butt, but to be nice to him for once. He continued to slowly make his way to the door when a commotion was heard above him.

Almost all of Central command was surrounding an old rundown apartment building in the slums. Making a hand motion, all of the troops moved in after the Fuhrer, Mustang, and his circle, including Ross and Brosh. After quietly opening the door into the disintegrating main lobby, where Havoc tripped over an old sofa, yelling, "Damn it!" in a whisper, but it was loud enough to be heard throughout the building, including the basement several hundred feet below the lobby, where the kidnapper and Ed were.

'Damn my luck!' Ed mentally yelled as the commotion was heard. He turned to look at his captor, silently wishing that he wouldn't turn around. Crawling away before he hopefully noticed, quickly Ed made it to the door. Ed looked back at his captor who was hastily cleaning up his experiments. As quietly as he could, Ed opened the heavy steal door. It made a loud squeak, but with all of the footsteps and ruckus his captor made it wasn't that noticeable. He quickly slid through the door and walked as fast as he could up the stairs, trying to catch the people that he had heard. Suddenly, the area around his vision grew hazy, and the steps started to blend with one another. "What the-" he fell flat on his face unconscious.

Al had stayed behind at Central Headquarters so it would be less conspicuous investigating the slums. Seriously, how many walking, talking, intelligent suits of armor were walking around these days with no body? He prayed to any entity that his brother was safe.

Mustang made a silent hand motion for all of the party to stop. He had heard a noise to his left behind a bookcase. Motioning for Breda and Havoc to move it with him, Mustang began to push, Breda helping him while Havoc pulled. Slowly the bookcase pulled away to reveal a door, hopefully leading down to the basement. Riza pulled a second gun out of the holster at the small of her back. The Fuhrer waved the troops forward, Mustang going down first. About halfway down he tripped ungracefully and swore softly. He heard a gasp behind him a he sat up, looking at the object that had tripped him. The object as he had thought, was no object, but the body of a very small teenager.

"…FullMetal…" Roy mumbled, looking at the body that was scarcely breathing, let alone moving.

Suddenly they heard a loud yell, "MY PRECIOUS!!! WHERE ARE YOUUUUUUU???? COME HERE MY DEAR EXPIRAMENT!!!!!" The central troops all looked at each other, and the ones with less nerve backed back up the stairs. Mustang could feel Ed's body try to move, to get away from the voice, but he couldn't.

A rat-like, slightly portly man walked into the light at the end of the stairs.

Mustang yelled out, "FREEZE!!!" as he heard Hawkeye cock her guns, aiming at the intruder.

The intruder froze, and his bulging eyes grew wide. He quickly drew a piece of chalk from his pocket, and drew a circle on the floor. You could hear 'snap' before he was even close to being done. Flames erupted around the intruder as even more snaps were heard, along with the firing of bullets.

When the smoke cleared, all that could be seen was a badly transmuted wall that had kept the intruder from getting hurt. Bradley, angry because of the state the precious "human sacrifice" was in…of course, the rest of the military thought it was because he had kidnapped a State Alchemist, charged forward, not waiting for another personnel of the military to go before him to make certain he wouldn't be killed. After picking up the unconscious FullMetal Alchemist, Brosh followed after the rest of the military personnel who had followed the Fuhrer.

The crazy psychopath ran down the hidden hallway to the outside world, hoping that the military dogs would be stupid and go the other way. He had wanted to keep his creation, but know he didn't have him. To put the icing on the cake so to speak, he had captured a State Alchemist, the FullMetal Alchemist no doubt, no other State Alchemist was that young. The crazy man snickered as he ran down an alley way, he'd get his creation back, if it was the last thing he did in this lifetime.

(A few hours later)

Mustang was holding a meeting with his subordinates after finding FullMetal. He turned and looked at Falman, asking the grey-headed man this, "Did you find anything else in the…laboratory?" He shuddered at the thought of the glimpse he saw running past it.

Falman shook his head, "Negative Colonel, we didn't find anything living, like a chimera or another person. …We did however…find…well…"

Roy's eye twitched with the added frustration, "JUST SPIT IT OUT FALMAN!!!"

He looked at Colonel Mustang, "We found…just let me show you sir." Falman walked out of the room for a moment, and walked back in with a large box, that had been sent from the investigations department. He opened it hesitantly, pulling out a whip, chains, and other torture implements.

Ross gasped, putting her hand to her mouth, "My…God…do you think he used it on Major Elric?"

Falman nodded a forlorn nod. "We have reason to believe that they were," he sighed, glancing at the young alchemist that was resting on the couch until there was enough room for him in the hospital.

Hawkeye spoke what was pretty much on everyone else's minds, "Colonel, do you thin we should call Alphonse?"

Colonel Mustang looked at the injured and unconscious alchemist that laid on the couch. "No…not yet," he sighed, rubbing his temples, "We don't want him to go into shock at seeing his older brother, pretty much his only family like this."

Havoc looked over to Edward, and saw something on the ground. Intrigued, he walked over and pulled on the rope-like object. This resulted in the youngest State Alchemist in history to jump up and yelp. Havoc dropped the object and ran over to the others.

Edward turned to glare at the group and ground out angrily, "Who…Pulled…My…Tail…?" Slit pupils were narrowed and the hood of his red jacket had fallen down, to reveal golden cat ears.

Mustang finally managed to choke out what everyone else was thinking, "FullMetal…you're a chimera?"

Ed was ticked off. One, he had been held captive for so many days it wasn't even funny, and two, someone had just mercilessly pulled on his tail. When Mustang had asked him if he was a chimera he just snapped. "OF COURSE I'M A CHIMERA YOU BASTARD! THAT'S WHAT THE PSYCO WHO KIDNAPPED ME DOES!!! I WAKE UP BECAUSE SOMEONE PULLED ON MY TAIL, AND I GET ASKED A QUESTION LIKE THAT, I JUST WANT TO SEE AL!!!!!" Suddenly exhausted after the rant, Ed collapsed onto the couch, huffing and puffing, sunken cheeks expanding slightly at the harsh air movement. Suddenly realizing what he had done he looked to the floor in shame. "…I'm sorry…I just…lost it…after being locked up and experimented on…you probably would too…I'm sorry…" tears made their way from the young alchemist's eyes and he vainly tried to wipe them away without anyone seeing them, the tears of pain and regret he always held inside.

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