Title: Seeds of the Pomegranate

Genre: Harry Potter

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and I am making no money form this story.

A/N: Hey all! I know I've been absent for a loooong time, but there are reasons for that. See, I started medical school. Yeah. And that has pretty much consumed my life. So I am writing, just not as much or as fast as I used to (and I was never a fast writer.) So here are some drabbles I wrote awhile ago to try to appease you. I am think of continuing a few of them- tell me which ones you like.

Draco held out the split pomegranate to Hermione, the crimson seeds glistening in the cold light of Hades.

"Here," he said, silver eyes gleaming, "Eat something."

She reached for the fruit as if in a trance, her eyes fixated on the pomegranate resting in his hand. She touched it delicately, but then her hand snapped back, as if burned.

"I… I shouldn't," Hermione said breathlessly, her amber eyes meeting his for a long, uncertain moment, "My mother said…"

Draco smiled, "Just eat a few seeds. You haven't eaten anything since you came. And I picked this just for you…"

"It is beautiful," Hermione said, her lush mouth curving, "I suppose a few seeds couldn't hurt. I have been hungry."

She took the pomegranate and munched happily on the sweet, ruby-red seeds.

As she ate, Draco felt the weak bond between them solidify.

He smirked triumphantly.